View Full Version : Friendly Starter WoC v Dwarfs 1000

03-11-2011, 18:51
This is my first attempt at building a pair of armies for myself and the missus. She loves dwarfs as she used to paint them as a child and I love the look of WoC. This is based on a hero, one battalion box and one other box to make each army. I already ordered slayers from Avatars of War as she loves those models so the armies will look like this


Exalted, barded steed, nurgle, favour of the gods, dragon helm, sword of swift slaying

20 Marauders, flail, khorne

12 Warriors, halberd, shield, nurgle, command, banner of swiftness

5 Knights, nurgle

2x5 Dogs

5 Marauder Horse, flail, slaanesh

970 total I think


Thane, shield, runes swift, fury, cleaving and stone (Thane of Pain I believe)

16 Thunderers

20 Warriors, great weapons, standard, musician

12 Longbeards, great weapons, full command

Organ Gun

10 Slayers

992 if I added correctly

This is for fun and learning (I am a gamer so have picked up the rules alright, I need to teach her). Will this be enjoyable and a fair contest?