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03-11-2011, 21:20
So i realize i am most likely over thinking thing but i figured hey why not give it a shot.


lvl4 savage orc shaman 275
-lucky shrunken head
-potion of toughness

Goblin warboss (general... i know right wtf?) 65


Night goblin Big Boss 70
-Leadership Banner

Lvl 2 Orc shaman 125
-dispel scroll

(100) Night Goblins 450
-full command
-3x fanatics

(40) Savage Orc Big Uns' 475
-Full Command
-Extra Choppas

(18) Night Goblin Archers 54 (BUNKER)


(18) Trolls 630

(40) Black Orcs 575
-Full Command
-Flaming Banner

Boar Chariot 85

Troll 35


(2) Goblin Doom Divers 160


Alright now the explanation. I realize most people are going to ask why not just make the Shaman your general. Well being a new player i find it extremely hard to keep my Ld depend units (Trolls and Night Goblins) within the bsb and leadership bubble. So this plan is Inspiring presence and bsb in a close maneuverable unit. should give trolls and NGs rerollable ld 9 that can stay close. Next the choice of the Lvl2 shaman came from the fact i want a dispel scroll caddy and Animosity destroying my magic phase when the savages failed. Gives the ability to cast something if animosity is fail and two casters are harder to eliminate than one.

Comments are welcome and appreciated

04-11-2011, 05:55
IS this for a competition? Otherwise I can not understand why each and everybody need to use:

Horde Savage Orc Big Un with Great Shaman shrunken head
Horde Black Orcs
100 Night Goblins
Fill up the list....

Honestly why do you even need to post that list?