View Full Version : 1000pts Warriors of Chaos vs OK

04-11-2011, 10:49
Hi there,

It's me again!

I now must face 2 new ennemies (and new strategies) with my friends who changed their armies.

I must fight against Ogres and High Elves but both lists are based on battalions (like me in fact) and still in 1K games.

So I made some changes in my list and I'd like you to give me some advice (por favor).

Sorceror : Level 2 + MoT + Disc + 3rd Eye + Eye of Tzeentch + Power Familiar
Nice wizard at this point level and I'll probably have to deal with a High Elve Mage...

35 Marauders : EMC + Light Armor + Shields + MoT
Yes, this is a Tzeentch themed list cause I need resiliant stuff!

12 Warriors : EMC + Hallberd + Shields + MoT
Tzeentch and still really effective against both OK and HE...

5 Dogs
Quick & cheap!

5 Dogs
Quick & cheap!

5 Chaos Knights
A must have for WoC armies and will give some punch (against OK)...

04-11-2011, 13:32
Drop the light armour on the marauders and spend the points on more marauders.

05-11-2011, 16:52
Dont you think I'd better go with GW or Flails?

I must admit that light armor is useless against OK but it can be nice against HE archers no?