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04-11-2011, 13:05
Hello All

I really wnat to do a all mounted / cavarly based list for me next project but cant decide between O&G or Empire.

Written 2 lists (See other post for O&G) but heres my Empire list c&c

Templar Grand Master, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command, Iron Curse Icon = 230pts (Inner Circle)
Wizard Lord, Warhorse & Barding, Talisman of Endurance, Dispell Scroll, Luck Stone = 256pts (Knightly Orders)
Total = 486pts / 24%

Captain of Empire, Warhorse & Barding, Shield, Full Plate, Lance, BSB, Armour of Destiny = 153pts (Inner Circle)
Warrior Priest, Warhorse & Barding, Great Weapon, Shield, Heavy Armour, White Cloak = 149pts (Great Weapons)
Total = 302pts / 15%

8 Knightly Orders, Preceptor, Musician, Standard Bearer = 224pts
7 Knightly Orders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Standard of Discipline = 200pts (Lances & Wizard Lord)
7 Knightly Orders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Gleaming Pennant = 190pts (Great Weapons & Warrior Priest)
Total = 614pts / 31%

8 Inner Circle Knights, Preceptor, Musician, Standard Bearer, Razor Standard = 293pts (Templar GM & BSB)
8 Pistoliers, Musician = 151pts
8 Pistoliers, Musician = 151pts
Total = 595pts / 30%

Main Total = 1997pts

04-11-2011, 13:25
Brave I'll give you that...

I've seen weaker lists, but I struggle to think of any list I've fought the last year where you wouldnt be the underdog.

You either need to be very good or very lucky to win here, and I don't rly think Knightly Orders are a very fluffy list (so I'd go O&G if I was you).

At least I'd recommend swapping Gleaming Pennant for Banner of Eternal Flame...

electors champion
13-11-2011, 12:48
cant see this army doing much tbh, units 8-9 strong even with characters arent going to do anything against hordes and big steadfast infantry blocks, especially since you only have one unit with hatred. the pistolier units will be unweildly at that size, theyre perfect for sneaking inbetween gaps and out of lines of sight and the repeater pistol is a must imo for an extra two shots at +1 to hit and he can sacrifice himself in a challenge to save the rest of the squad if needs be. the army will have a good first turn but once you hit the enemy and your initial damage is done then you're glorified swordsmen with a decent save. personally using a mix of mathhammer and trial and error units of sizes 5, 16 or 30+ are the best options to fulfil different roles. 16+ can break the big steadfast blocks with a WP for hatred getting say against your standard skaven 25-30 strong block 9-10 kills putting them in the region of losing steadfast on the charge, they kill one back and you're still on 2 ranks and so your virtually assured of beating them that turn or the one after. they also hold there own against woc blocks if provided with support. captains add some much needed constant punching power if you can spare it.

hordes of 30+ can be horrible, as a mick take in one game at my local GW for the release of 8th i took around 50 knights with karl franz, kurt helborg and a WP. killed its points in chaos, 2 units of 20 warriors, one of 15 chosen, lord on dragon, 5 knights, 2 spawn, 3 of those bloodletters on juggs and the remnants of a 20 something strong bloodletter unit which got decimated by one of my 4 hellstorms. i love big games.