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A while ago I received the Imperial Armour vol.9 Badab War book, and I've been hooked ever since. I was a huge fan of the Badab War and the mythos surrounding the whole history of the war and the chapters involved ever since I first got into 40k, and since then it's been the focal point in several rpg scenarios and table-top games over the years.
Upon the release of Badab War part 1 I decided to split up my marine army into smaller fragments and do some of the chapters in the book, since I rarely get around to gaming with all of it at once anyway.
I've already posted most (if not all) of this on ammobunker, but I thought I might as well expand a bit and let it spill over into the Warseer-community.
Anyhow, this is how it goes:

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The year is 910.M41 and it has been seven years since Lugft Huron declared the secession of his realms from the Imperium of Man, taking with him four entire Adeptus Astartes Chapters into open rebellion and plunging the entire sector into bloody civil war. The Loyalists, led by the ever resourceful Carab Culln of the Red Scorpions Chapter, are on the rise again. Having taken the Lamenters out of the war at the battle above the feral world of Optera in 908, the heavy raiding activity against Loyalist shipping was somewhat curbed, and Culln could turn his eyes toward the remaining Secessionist activities in the greater Maelstrom zone, not to mention the final goal: The Subjugation of the Badab-Sector itself. But then something happened...

Armsman Squad Alpha
Led by Senior-Sergeant Vaian the squad is depicted here during the defence of Defence-Station 61/5, or "The Five" as it was know by the crew due to the particular shape of the hull. Armsman Kaftan (right) is armed with a Gryphonne-pattern Assault Shotgun and wearing the standard issue gear distributed to the Navy Armsmen of the Maelstrom Zone, while Senior-Sergeant Vaian is equipped with an officer-variant of unknown design. The base of the gear is Gryphonne, but clearly modified by the armouries of the squads home world of Badab. The squad survived the battle, although with a 50% casualty rate. It was later shipped with the rest of the Golgothan sector-survivors to participate in the final fighting around Badab Primaris.

Navy Rating Boarding Party
A group of gunnery-ratings, often used to form the bulk of boarding parties and utterly expendable. None known survivors of the battle of "The Five".

Unknown Astartes Devastator Squad
Believed to belonging to the mysterious Carcharodons Astra Chapter, these Astartes were key in the taking of Defence-Station 61/5, breaking the Secessionist counter-attack in Level B hangar at a critical poinf of the action.

A closer examination of an unknown of the aforementioned squad, signs of the heavy close combat can be seen all over his armour. Victims believed to have suffered extensive trauma, judging from bio-material examination.

++++Transmission Ends++++

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After the battles of the orbital defense-stations, the unknown Astartes moved on to assault the mines in the mineral-rich wastes of Golgotha Primaris itself. Testimony obtained from several members of the Loyalist clear-crews and Secessionist prisoners who escaped the actions that took place in the orbit of Golgotha Primaris points to the battles there as little more than massacres, with the massively under-equipped and undermanned defense-stations being overtaken in less than three STH. The following pic-takes are taken from the meme-crystals of the few surviving satellites and the first Loyalist forces to make landfall around Golgotha Primaris.

Omega Pattern Drop Pod of the Carcharodons Astra
These images are drawn from Unit 11G of the Loyalist expedition force. The Drop Pod was found in the wastes of Golgotha Primaris, very near the mining station settlement of Ulympa. None of the settlements inhabitants here found alive, neither were any member of the local garrison. It is estimated that the garrison consisted of about 100 indentured soldiers originating from different worlds in the system, press-ganged into service of the Tyrant and operating under the administration and command of a small cadre of officers and local military personnel.

Unknown Scout-squad of the Carcharodons
Nothing is known of these scouts other than they took part in the actions around the Fri-Gan Space Station. The turret upon which the camera was mounted was destroyed soon after taking the picture.

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Blood in the Void.
It soon became obvious to both the Secessionists and the Loyalists that the Carcharodons Astra had joined the war, and in doing so pledged their allegiance to the Loyal Astartes Chapters already engulfed in the fires of what was now known as the Badab War.
The brutal sack of the Golgotha-sector was designed by the chapter to send a message that would not go unnoticed by the Tyrant, although far away in the Badab System.
The Imperial clear-teams and occupational forces arriving shortly after most of the action was over were appalled by the level of slaughter and destruction made by the Carcharodons, especially Captain Montrede of the Fire Angels 5th Company. The Fire Angels are not known for their squeamishness regarding the horrors of war, and so the reports of Montrede made a great impression on Carab Culln when they reached his headquarters aboard the Red Scorpion Battle-Barge "Sword Of Ordon". The utter disregard for civilian casualties and the singular cruelty towards the enemies of the opposing Legion forces were proved through several pic-takes and testimonies made by the relatively few survivors.
Culln, a hard man shaped by the realities of war, is said to have spoken the very words which would define the Loyalist policy towards the Carcharodons Astra throughout the war upon reading Montredes report: "We have been granted a new weapon in this war brothers, but one which we must wield with care, lest we cut ourselves upon it."
Thus the Carcharodons Astra were embraced by the Loyalists as long lost brothers, but with a reluctance that not even fine words spoken in High Gothic could hide.

Shortly after the operations around Golgotha Primaris the Carcharodons, now back onboard their flagship "Nicor", advanced towards the Endymion Cluster in the Northern Edge of the Malestrom Zone. The Strike Cruiser "Skirnir" was designated vanguard-ship of the main fleet and as if by chance they encountered a convoy of five civilian and military ships in the service of the Tyrant on the far reaches of the Cluster, laying at anchor near the moon of Grotek IV. The ships were spread out in a standard holding-pattern, as if they were waiting for something to join them. That 'something' was not the "Skirnir". The Carcharodons offered the enemy convoy to surrender themselves or face the consequences, but they only reply they got back was a loud stream of curses and refusals. As the Carcharodons would soon find out, the convoy was not entirely defenseless...

Unknown Carcharodons Astra Scout Sergeant
Leading the first boarding party from the "Skirnir", this Scout Sergeant was the first Carcharodon to set foot on the civilian freighter "His Glory". Note that he is equipped with a delta level auspex, designed and programmed for use in ship-to-ship combat. His main armaments are the standard scout-pattern bolt-pistol (origin of manufacture unknown) and a smaller version of the Astartes Powerfist. The Powerfist is highly useful in boarding-actions such as the one who took place on "His Glory" due to its ability to tear through bulkheads and enemy barricades.

Unknown Carcharodons Astra Scout Squad
A section of the Scout Squad leading the attack on "His Glory". Note the use of close-combat weapons over ranged armaments usually carried by neophytes of the Adeptus Astartes. Evident here is also the very pale complexion of all members of the Carcharodon Astra Chapter, tying them to the Raven Guard Chapter, the only other known founding chapter to have a mutation in the Melanchromic Organ, causing the skin of the Astartes to become very pale, almost white.

Retaliator Squad Kol-Veii
Aboard "His Glory" was not only civilian personnel, which the Carcharodons would soon realize. The freighter was also carrying a small contingent of Legion Retaliators, led by Veteran Sergeant Kol-Veii of the Astral Claws. Soon after setting foot on the freighter the scouts would report of savage fighting in the narrow passages, and would ultimately have to pull out the remnants of their forces in the face of the brutal onslaught of the Kol-Veii and his veteran marines.

Veteran Sergeant Kol-Veii
An experienced Astartes, Kol-Veii was promoted to the rank of sergeant after his deeds in the wars with the orks on the edge of the Maelstrom, the same wars that later saw Lugft Huron himself propelled into the rank of Chapter Master of the Astral Claws.
Kol-Veii was handpicked by the Tyrant himself to form a squad of Retaliators to bolster the Legion forces around the Endymion Cluster at the outset of the Badab War. He was chosen for his skills of hand-to-hand combat in the close confines of void warfare, and at Grotek IV these skills would come to deadly use.
Kol-Veii was noted to have slain eleven Carcharodon neophytes and three Battle-Brothers aboard "His Glory" before succumbing to his wounds.

Retaliator Andropov
5 Confirmed Kills, Survivor, Picked up by Frigate "Tyrants Might"

Retaliator Ignis
3 Confirmed Kills, Lost to the Void, Defence of "His Glory"

Retaliator Choldrov
6 Confirmed Kills, Slain, Defence of "His Glory"

Retaliator Bozon
5 Confirmed Kills, Slain, Defence of "His Glory"

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The Canaan's Eye - Part 1
Referred to by many in the Loyalist camp as the 'Teeth of the Canaan System', the Ramilies void-fortress of Canaan's Eye was the centerpiece in the Secessionist defence of the Canaan System. Though not as powerful or well maintained as The Raptorus Rex of the Fire Hawks Chapter, Canaan's Eye was still very capable of putting any invading force to the flame and crippeling any would-be attackers in the void. It was estimated by Loyalist Tacital Command that any capital ship of their fleet would only last mere minutes in the event of an assault, if going up against the Canaan unsupported by at least a dozen or so escorts. A number the Loyalists could ill afford to spare at this point of the war.
As a full-scale assault would be too costly and too far out in the future it was decided that Canaan's Eye would be singled out for a siege. Elements of the Minotaurs Chapter, the Red Scorpions and a few of the Carcharodon Astra ships and their crews would provide a standing fast-reaction force in the event of any attempts of breaking out, while the main line would be held by a large contingent of loyalist Battlefleet Maelstrom ships and supporting Naval and Guard infantry units.
The siege itself began light-years from the Canaan's Eye, at the outskirts of the Canaan System, where the small Carcharodon force would once again provide vanguard to the larger fleet, now comprised of Imperial Navy units bearing nothing but mere Guardsmen to the fighting zones, and not their own Battle-brothers.
Unlike their previous engagements earlier in the conflict, the Carcharodons did not arrive at their first objective, Canaan Secondus (designated Objective Delta in the few scraps of information on the Carcharodon actions in and around the Canaan System).
Instead, the few scout squads the Carcharodons had availiable were landed by stealth around the known bases of the Tyrant Legion units known to be occupying Canaan Secondus. The information on what happened on the surface is very vague, but it would seem that the scouts utilized the dense forest terrain and the sprawling city-scape on Canaan Secondus to their advantage, comitting to a campaign of assassination against the leaders of the Legion elements. After just a week of operations the military structures of the Legion presence on Canaan Secondus were in tatters, its leaders dead and the civilian authorities paralysed. The rest of the Legion forces were thus easy pickings for the invasion fleet that followed....

Unknown Carcharodons Astra Scout Squad designated Kill-Team 105
The team is wearing grey, urban fatigues and camo-cloaks, placing them in our reference as members of the teams sent to the cities and town of Canaan Secondus northern hemisphere, conducting raids and assassinations amongst the senators and governors in the captials.

Unknown Carcharodons Astra Scout Squad designated Kill-Team 102
Also part of the northern teams, these scouts have been fitted for taking down larger targets, probably convoys of Legion commanders, or even assaults on Legion bases.

Tyrants Legion Command Squad
Led by Prefect Ostmann, this command squad consists of veterans from the Tyrants Legion, granted permission to wear carapace armour and carry Badab-pattern Hellguns. Standing Legion Order #2 state that no member of the Tyrants Legion can ever rank above the Astral Claw elements of the Legion, and so even though these veterans and their officer were likely to command respect from their men and peers, they would still bow to the rulership of their Astartes masters, often leading to confusion on who outranked who when no Astartes Centurion was around. This affected the defence of Canaan Secondus, as there was no Astartes stationed on the planet when the Carharodon kill-teams started their bloody work. The death of several high-ranking Legion commanders in the first few hours left the Legion elements in disarray, bickering over ranks and titles, which led to further confusion and a severe drop in morale of the Legion soldiers.

Tyrants Legion Veteran Baskji
A close-up of the uniform worn by Legion soldiers and non-coms alike, the gear of trooper Baskji provies insight to gear available to the more senior soldiers in the Tyrants employ.

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The Canaan's Eye - Part II
After the loss of Canaan Secondus the Secessionist command of the Canaan System received direct instructions from the Tyrant himself to go on the offensive. Overall in the Maelstrom Zone the former Wardens were losing ground to the renewed onslaught of the Loyalists, and a show of strength was needed to silence his critics in the ranks of the former Wardens and to calm the growing unease in the civilian populations across the Zone due to the increased rationing of vital resources.
Even though the Tyrants propaganda machines worked tirelessly to withhold any news of their defeats at the hands of the Loyalists, planetary governors and system-councils were not blind to the amounting pressure laid on their worlds to keep up with the growing need of supplies as more and more worlds fell out of the Tyrants grasp, denying him of much needed resources with which to retaliate. Nor could they ignore the strangled cries and pleas of former allies as the fell to the Loyalist warmachine.

To back up his demand of counter-actions in the Canaan System Huron sent Ahimelek Muranu, Captain of the Astral Claws 4th Company. With him followed most of the 4th Company and an entire battle-group of the Tyrants Legion, consisting of the 342nd Regiment ("Sons of Badab"), 54th Armoured ("Steel Claws") and the 55th Regiment ("Tyrants Due"). This battle-group would serve as auxiliary support of the 4th Companys actions, and would be under direct control of Muranu.
Hurons reinforcements arrived at the Canaan System five months after the fall of Canaan Secondus, docking at Canaan's Eye just in time for the next Loyalist push towards Canaan Primus and the void fortress, the small moon of Bel-Shum. Bel-Shum orbited Canaan Secondus and would serve the Loyalists well as a stepping stone for the inevitable attack on the Eye itself, when the time came.

Bel-Shum was lightly defended, only a handful of Legion companies manning the moons small gun-station on the surface. These companies were furthermore under-strength and ill-equipped to ward off a full scale Astartes attack, as most of their void-scale weaponry had been shipped off to Badabs "Ring of Steel" a few years before.

Ahimelek Muranu was a shrewd character and a captain who had fought in the Badab Wars since their beginnings in 904.M41. Seeing an opportunity to surprise his adversaries, he immediately responded to the first reports of attack on Bel-Shum by ordering his fleet into the nearby nebular Helms Bruise, where they would wait for the Loyalists to finish up their attack on the Legion base.
The Loyalists quickly overcame the small garrison, lasgun-shelters and small hardpoints dotted around the base providing no obstacle to the Astartes of the Carcharodons and the veteran Imperial Guard units supporting them.
Then Muranu struck. Coming out of Helms Bruise the leading Astral Claws Strike Cruiser "Pride of Huron" and the supporting gunships and frigates quickly chased off the unprepared group of troop-ships and line-class escorts, a complete massacre only denied Muranu by the Carcharodon Strike Cruiser "Emperor Nox" fighting a desperate rearguard action.
The Astral Claws and their Legion auxiliary then deployed to the surface, drop-ships and Thunderhawks screaming through the atmosphere. Captain Muranu was committing his full force in a single, crushing blow, taking the fight to the Tyrants enemies in the thin air of the small moon, where they could not escape...

Captain Ahimelek Muranu of the Astral Claws 4th Company
Clad in Mk.VIII Power Armour, Muranu stands 8 feet tall and is here depicted with his Power Sword "Lions Fang". Muranu means Little Lion in the ancient Badabian language spoken only by the aristocracy of Badab Primaris, and the name was given to him by his tutor Felranor after being inducted as a neophyte into the scout company at the age of 13. It is said that Muranu was the fiercest of all the young Aspirants, and that he tore out the throat of an adversary in the early initiation-duels with his bare teeth.
Mounted on his backpack is his banner, a copy of the Tyrants own, it is evidence that Muranu remained Hurons favorite untill his death at the end of the war.

Land Raider, Attached to the Astral Claws 4th Company
This Crusader-Pattern Land Raider participated in the Ambush on Bel-Shum, and might have been the personal transport of Captain Muranu during the retaking of the moon-base and the following skirmishes around the Loyalist landing zones.

A close-up of the Heraldry
In the first picture we can see the winged lion, a ancient symbol of glory and victory hailing from Terra. It was used extensively by the Astral Claws artificers.
The second picture shows the frontage decoration, a shield upon which the laurels of victory is depicted. Again, this motif was common within the Astral Claw Chapter.

Unknown Carcharodons Astra Assault Sergeant
This Assault Sergeants of the Carcharodons Astra Chapter was part of the Loyalist Strike Force Daggro, and so was likely one of the first to fight in the initial invasion of Bel-Shum. It is not known whether this Astartes survived the following ambush by the Secessionists.

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And that's pretty much it for now. Right now I'm working on some Assault Terminators for the Carcharodons, they'll most likely form the bodyguard for Tyberos The Red Wake, and I'm also looking at a land raider in which to transport them.
As for the Astral Claws of the 4th company I've got some more vehicles and a tactical squad in the pipeline, they're actually done but I need to come up with some fluff on them.

The Tyrants Legion is on a blow burner at the moment, I'm just pretty much just looking for suitable models to represent the Legion Auxiliary units and going through my IG stuff to see if anything could need a revival and a new paint job.

04-11-2011, 18:17
Great stuff Dullmohawk, these are some of the best Astral Claws I have seen! Fantastic weathering and bases, and the skin tone is superb, job well done :D

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Enemies Unlooked For - The Green Tide Falls on The Endymion Cluster
We now retrace our steps a few years in the conflict to deal with a matter that would prove to be decisive in the later stages of the Badab War. Though not recognized by later Imperial scribes, the fall of the Mantis Warriors bastions in the Endymion Clusters cannot be wholly attributed to the Adeptus Astartes of the Carcharodons Astra alone. No, to get the full picture of the ensuing conflict it is vital that we turn our eyes to another event that befell the Secessionists in the mid of 907.M41.
As most of the Secessionist archives was either destroyed as a result of either the war or the later Edict of Obliteration, I have recently come across sources that speaks of a terrible Ork warlord named Orglock Gore-Chompa, leader of a large clan of greenskins in the Calah-system, who is said to have invaded and given battle to the Mantis Warriors at Endymion itself. What most Imperial records tend to overlook is the failed offensive by the Secessionists in early 907.M41 to curb the Warlords enthusiasm for creating a socalled Waagh, that would engulf Secessionist space and force them to fight a war on two fronts.

It has long been thought that this Orglock Gore-Chompa was a mere pirate, responsible for only minor incursions into Imperial shipping-space, but recent studies show that the warlord was actually the leader of several tribes, who had been infesting several worlds in the Calah-system, among them a minor forge world and a large penal colony, of which much of the Maelstrom Zone fleet sub-crew hailed from. It is now evident that Orglock was building up strength on the former forge-planet of Braction to launch a massive invasion of the nearby Endymion Cluster.
The Tyrant recognized this threat early on, and having fought the Orks, or swinekin as they are called in the Maelstrom Zone, on many an occasion in the past he decided to make the first strike against the growing Ork clans befor ethey could pose a serious thread to his allied chapters home-system.

As ever, time and resources was against Huron, and so he despatched only a token force of his own Astral Claws and Legion forces and instead turned to his allies, the Lamenters Chapter for help in this matter.
Being displeased with the Lamenters strategic policy towards the Loyalists, especially the Marines Errant forces, he spoke to their Chapter Master Malakim Phoros using outmost diplomacy, for he knew that if he was to show any sign of ingratitude or anything that could be seen a slight upon the Lamenters honour, it would make the thinly stretched bonds between their chapters snap and leave him even weaker. He needed the Lamenters Fleet, and he needed the Lamenters affinity for raids and hidden paths through the veiled Maelstrom.
it was decided that Malakim Phoros would ready a single strike cruiser with a strong battleforce of Lamenters to lead what was to become a raid on Orglocks growing empire, to cripple his warmachines and thin out the hordes of boyz at his command and thereby stifle his ability to make war.

Chosen for the mission was Captain Volturno, a veteran of the shipping raids in the Maelstrom Zone. With him would come Librarian Medes and Chaplain Diocletian leading a force of 50 battle-brothers and several machines of war with which to heap destruction upon the swinekin. It would be up to Volturno to design the plans for the attack and to commission auxiliary forces that would aid him in his scheme of attack.
Volturno, a veteran of the attack on the ork-held planet of Slaughterhouse III during the Corinth Crusade in which he participated as a novice of the chapter, knew that his small force could not stand against the ork horde in a straight battle. Though each battle-brother was worth more than a 100 orks, he knew that alone and without the backing of his entire chapter, his small strike force would be crushed beneath the pressure of the might of an entire swinekin clan. A lesson that had been dearly bought at Slaughterhouse III.
Thus he put together a battleplan based on the known facts of orkdom, and put forth a list of requested forces to Huron. He would require a small but capable regiment of the Tyrants Legion forces. It would be equipped with fast transportation in the form of the Secessionist Navys dwindling stock of Valkyrie Air-Assault Carriers to match the speed of the Lamenters own strikeforce, and it had to consist of the best Badab had to offer in terms of manpower and martial pride, short of the Astral Claws Astartes.
This force would assist the Lamenters in a coup-de-gráce on the Ork hordes command structure, Orglock himself. Hopefully this would pitch the ork forces into their usual power squabbles and panic, and therefore allow the Secessionists to wreak havoc on their construction sites and supplies.
Before the force could be mustered Volturno sent off a small band of scouts to locate Orglock himself and get the lay of the land before the main force arrived. Speed was of the essence, as Volturno knew that as soon as the humans were spotted, the entire horde would soon be swarming all over his small force.

As the Tyrants Legion forces were reviewed, many were found to be of too poor quality to the standards set by the Lamenters captain. Eventually it was decided that the regiment required to launch such an operation simply did not exist or could not be released from other engagements across the Maelstrom Zone. Captain Volturno, not trusting the Tyrants Adepts, therefore seconded Veteran Sergeant Parmaron to personally go over the forces available, amongst them the survivors of depleted regiments not yet assigned to a new front-line duty. Veteran Sergeant Parmaron quickly saw that here was the men and women whom he could conscript into the service of the raiding force.
All of them veterans of battles with Loyalist Astartes, many had the experience needed to face the xenos thread, all that was needed was new equipment and additional training in airborne insertion operations.
Before long Parmaron had signed more than 700 men and women up, and they were all handed over to the Lamenters by the Administrator Adepts and quartered on the large Commerce Raider Regicide where they would be equipped and trained for the mission in the Calah-system.

Above is a group of greenskins known as Swineguard. It is common for Ork warlords to surround themselves with the biggest and most brutal Orks under his command, and they become a form of bodyguard. Others, usually the weaker of these Orks, are used as enforcers amongst the horde and will often compete with each other for a spot in the Swineguard, as to be close to their chieftan is seen as a privilege and a symbol of ones might(and therefore also ones right, in Ork society).
Visible in the pic-take is the tribal paint with which Orks use to differentiate amongst themselves with. These particular Orks are of the Gore-Chompa clan, Orglocks own clan and a sub-clan of the Goff-Orks, the biggest clan in the area. Orks wear their tribal paint loud and proud.
They are all armed with various scrap-metal weapons, but don't be fooled by the ramshackle look of these 'choppaz'. A single blow from one of these weapons will easily cut through even the mighty armour of the Astartes.

This pic-take hails from the Lamenters ill-fated mission to stop Orglock Gore-Chompa. It was taken by the Lamenter Scouts sent to the former minor forge world of Cralynx in an attempt to identify Orglock himself. This, however is not Orglock, but a lesser Swineguard enforcer keeping watch over the scrap-gatherer teams supplying Orglocks mechanics with materials. Again, notice the warpaint worn to underline allegiance.
This Ork is armed with a primitive power fist and is accompanied by one of the lesser greenskins known as grotz in the ork tongue.

Demi-squad Golotov
Here is a small part of the token Astral Claws force sent in support of the Lamenters to the Calah-system. The squad is led by Sergeant Golotov, who according to the Lamenters plan of attack has divided his ten-man strong Astartes squad into two demi-squads consisting of five man each. He thereby gave over command of the second half of his squad to Battle-Brother Azar, his most trusted Brother. This practice is not uncommon in the Adeptus Astartes, and gives the advantage of movement and mutual cover actions over the usual advantages of near-unbreakable strength in both attack and defense.

Demi-squad Azar
The other half of Squad Golotov, led by Battle-Brother Azar. In this squad we find the more static element of the squads armaments, the Mk.VII pattern Missile Launcher. Demi-squad Azar was used as an anchor point in the Astral Claws engagements, from where Demi-squad Golotov would strike out and rely on for support when faced with heavy armour that the squads meltagun and anti-armour grenades could not get close enough to neutralize.
As depicted here you will notice that Battle-Brother Azar is missing his left arm. This was cut off during an encounter with a group of Ork walkers, but the Battle-Brothers Astartes constitution allowed him to fight on and lead his squad during the rest of the raid.

Here you see the only two Astral Claws vehicles that took part in the operations around the Calah-system, Mk.III Razorback. Notice that the first vehicle has draped its twin-linked heavy bolters with a Tyrants Legion camo-net. The intense fighting in the destroyed hive-manufactorum of Cralynx where the attackers were often outnumbered and outgunned demanded that the Astartes forces adopted certain defensive measures. The surprising high rate of ork fighter-bombers made it a priority to shield the few vehicles available to the attackers at any cost.