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Prince Nuada
05-11-2011, 04:54
Hello Tau Commander,

Like you I am eagerly anticipating 5th Edition Codex: Tau Empire.
It's like being really dehydrated and seeing a nice big bottle of spring water but not being able to get at it. Aaarrgh! :eek:
Anyway, rumor has it that we might expect early-mid 2013. :shifty:

With this in mind and not knowing what goodies lie in store and trying hard not to wish-list, I am instead writing some fluff to support my new 5th Ed army when I re-build it.

So here are some of my ideas. Obviously they will change to suit the 5th Ed fluff when it is released, so please take my ideas with a pinch of salt...

I'm logically anticipating an awesome re-hash of Ethereals, making them the leaders they should be. I plan to include one Ethereal, but here is some supporting fluff:


Aun'or D'tak is a powerfully charismatic ethereal who is famed for his explosive outbursts and moving discourse. D'tak is also a skilled military tactician and his achievements are renowned throughout the empire.
D'tak is one of a rare set of twins born in Tau society and the only such twins ever born to the Ethereal caste. They are called the D'Aun, "Twin Ethereals".

D'tak's twin sister Aun'ko D'sunyi is equally charasmatic and extreemly wise in the ways of politics and diplomacy, especially amongst the empire's caste system. As D'tak understands the ways of war, so D'sunyi intimately understands each of the castes and she is highly regarded by all as an inspirational leader and unifier.

To the elders of the Ethereal caste the D'Aun are scions of the age, enegmatic leaders whose devotion to the empire and the Greater Good rally the Tau and the empire's subjects to the cause and seek to mend the rifts wrought by O'Shova's split.
However, as the new expansion phase gets underway, there are those within the empire who seek to avert its course and there have been attempts made on the lives of the young D'Aun. As such, Aun'ko D'sunyi is protected by an Aun bodyguard at all times and Aun'or D'tak commands a personal cadre of dedicated Shas.

And because every cadre needs a commander:

Shas'O Renan is the consummate commander of Aun'or D'tak's personal cadre, which is extensively drawn from the Vior'la, Sa'cea and Tau'n sept worlds.
Hailing from Vior'la, O'Renan was blooded as a firewarrior at the end of the Third Phase Expansion. O'Renan distinguished himself as battlesuit pilot and commander under the command of O'Shaserra throughout the Fourth Phase Expansion, particularly noted for his temperence under pressure and for his sound judgement and timing.
As Aun'or D'tak's commander, O'Renan leads from the point, personally driving every thrust and marsalling every retreat.

And just for fun:

Very little is known about the monat simply known as Y'denta, "The Spirit". Although he theoretically holds the rank of Shas'El in Aun'or D'tak's cadre and leads all stealth raids and sabotage missions, Y'denta's origins and identity remain a mystery to all within the cadre but Y'denta and Shas'O Renan.
In truth Y'denta's name is Ar'Kais and his past is inexoribly linked to Aun'or D'tak. As a Shas'saal on Tau'n, Ar'Kais out-distanced his peers but ultimately failed his trials, deemed by his instructors to be too independant and insubordinate. Destined for a life in the service of his former peers, Ar'Kais felt humiliated and grew bitter. However, little did he know, but Ar'Kais's speed and agility had come to the attention of senior instructor El'Tash who was the vigilant agent of Aun'or D'tak. Ar'Kais was promptly withdrawn from the academy and secretly trained for two Tau’cyr by a series of senior instructors on Tau'n and then on Arthas Moloch. When it came, his trial by fire was an assassination mission in which he was seconded as a monat stealth pilot to a Sa'Cea rapid-deployment stealth strike force. The mission was a success and Ar'Kais was subsequently promoted to the rank of Shas'El and the code-name Y'denta. All records of the firewarrior known as Ar'Kais have been erased.

And of course, the cadre:

Aun'Or D'Tak's Cadre is an evolution in Tau tactics; a flexible fighting formation geared to serve both tactical and strategic goals, in a range of operations and capable of conducting agressive offensives and defensive counter-measures.
Most significantly, the cadre is multi-lateral, drawing its contingents from numerous sept worlds.
The force's Firewarriors and battlesuit pilots are primarily drawn from the high volume and quality of Vior'la and Sa'cea. The cadre's pathfinders and Fio engineers on the other hand are reliably drawn from Tau'n as they are highly regarded for their pioneering spirit. All Stealth assets are drawn exclusively from the Shadow Academy on Sa'cea. The cadre's tanks are drawn from Vior'la and the force's fleet assets are drawn from Sa'cea and Tau'n with new generation ships arriving from Fal'shia for imminent deployment.
For its various operations in a variety of theatres, the cadre draws upon a plethora of auxillaries and mercenaries on a basis which suits operational perameters and local conditions.
Often these are Kroot from Pech as they are appreciated for their ready availability, reliability and conditional adaptablity.
Long-term garrison reserves are generally drawn from Ke'lshan, Tash'var and D'yanoi as these troops are preferred for their tenacity and resourcefulness.