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05-11-2011, 14:46
Hey all, so reading through the book (and totally loving it i must say) it got me wanting to go for the chaos dwarfs once iv got my WoC to a suitable point. Theyve got some cool sounding stuff and its hard to pick a direction (as they tend to be really expensive points wise) but iv got this list and wondered what anyone whose got the book thought.

level 4 (Hashut)
the mask of the furnace (talisman of preservation+dragon helm+fear combined in one item)

Daemonsmith Sorcerer
level 2 (Metal)
talisman of preservation

Infernal Castellan
armour of destiny
enchanted shield
fireglaive (halberd with handgun shooting)

20 Infernal Guard (bsb here)
banner of slavery (goblins nearby ITP)

39 hobgoblin cutthroats (level 4 here)

39 hobgoblin cutthroats (level 2 here)

6 Bull Centaurs

iron daemon war engine (a train, uber chariot esque multi shot cannon armed death)
hellbound (increases toughness and wounds of machine as well as offensive bonuses)

Dreadquake mortar (kinda hell cannon shot with some extra funky rules)
slave ogre (enables guaranteed firing every turn)
steam carriage (can be towed by train and grants defensive bonuses)

total 2498

so obviously not everyone has the book so ill try and explain the basic ideas behind the units.

the sorcerers have funky magic weapons, the lord versions roll on a table and the results are all good, half are close combat bonuses, one breath weapon and 2 are spell related. the level 2 is just a sword of might. all characters in this list have a 4++ and a min of 4+ armour. they join the units as noted already and the level 2 gets a champ to help cover him from too nasty challenges.

the dwarf block goes in the middle and is flanked by the goblin blocks flanked either side by the warmachines and the centaurs go where ever the threat is greatest. these guys seem to rock, 2+ saves and decent stats they should provide a decent hammer for my "gun" line.

the warmachines being near to the sorcerers allows them to re roll one of their dice per turn like engineers (i think) and the dwarfs are stubborn due to the castellan.

so yeah a gun/bow line with some hammers in the centaurs, dwarfs and daemon train.

anyway if youve read the book or can get enough from my explanations then id welcome your thoughts.