View Full Version : Illegal? on TK 2.5k if so ideas?

05-11-2011, 21:51
Hey guys 8th edition semi competitive list. Apparently someone said my list is illegal I don't see it ? And does it matter for friendlies... Can get any model needed ... Trying to use very little magic items although i realize i probaly need a ward save on the high liche priest
Tear it apart guys ...as you can tell cast augment on tomb guard to keep them regenerating ... Figure by the time sphinx and knights are killed alot of their major stuff will be too javascript:emoticon(':)');

Settra - mounted on a chariot -

3x chariots

Tomb king

High liche priest - lord of the nekkahara



16 tomb guard -banner of the undying legion
(176) plus banner

20 archers

20 skellies
(80 )

20 skellies archer
6 necro knights -entombed beneath the sands

Necrolith collisus - giant bow

2x screaming skull catapults

1 casket of souls

total points = 2500
Tomb king will be with TG and necrotech will be with bone giant close by obviously .. It's a solid list just need some tweaking hoping you guys can help.

07-11-2011, 13:09
Your list is illegal because it doesn't spend atleast 25% in core. At 2500 you need 625 and you have spent 485. I would go into units and choices untill you fix that as that will change the rest of the list pretty drasticly.

07-11-2011, 18:11
I updated the list in the thread that says mummies are people too ... I need magic items in that list