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06-11-2011, 06:54
So as the name says its a 1500 point strigoi list.

Vampire Lord 340 points
Infinate hatred red fury ghoul kin crown of the damned

Vampire 195 points
infinate hatred supernatural horror talisman of preservation

30x ghouls 248
crypt ghast

30x ghouls 248
crypt ghast

corpse cart 100 points
Varghulf 175 points

Varghulf 175 points
so this list comes up a total of 1481. its just I wanted to do something different and well I thought what is more different from the usual vampire counts lists than a strigoi one feel free to comment this list is mainly just for fun which is why I have no grave guard in there

06-11-2011, 08:26
Firstly your vampire has a 4+ ward save, T4 and 3 wounds. And he's 340pts. Almost a quarter of your army is invested in one guy. Not a good move IMO.
I'd drop red fury, doesn't do all that much really - very luck dependant and an equal amount of ghouls would be a better investment.
Instead get summon ghouls. In an all ghoul list, why would you not jump on the opportunity to make your ghoul units even bigger??
I'd consider losing infinite hatred as well. But that's of less significance than red fury.

The second vamp is okay, don't think terror is worth the points, drop it for summon ghouls. Again. All ghoul list. Raising ghouls above their starting size will be pretty awesome. And getting +1 to cast is great too.

Corpse Cart: I prefer lodestone to balefire. Keep this just behind (in range) of your ghoul units and your vamps will both have +1 to cast nehek on them (form summon ghouls) and then they'll raise D6+1 ghouls. AWESOME. Compared to balefires less inspiring abilities (IMO)
Also dont forget the bound spell it can do, especially if you're fighting I3 or less things - then your ghouls will be re-roll misses as well as striking first.
Rerolling misses + poisoned attacks ..... :evilgrin:

2 Varghulfs are great.

Hope that helps. :)
I ran a strigoi themed vamp list for a year or so.

06-11-2011, 08:55
Thanks for the help. The reason for no raising powers is because I dont have enough models to use for ghouls as I am planing to use my skeletons for the ghouls bcause I have had enough of my skeletons and the fact I cannot get them to work. I was trying to stick as close to the strigoi theme as possible which is why none of the army has a armour save. Also since I got the idea of a ferral vampire lord who is more beast than man I went with red fury, Its basically themed. As it gets to bigger points levels I plan to add stuff like graveguard in and wolves and of course MORE GHOULS

06-11-2011, 18:46
Just to let you know the lord is T5 not 4.I wouldn't give him red fury though, unfortunently you dno't have any banners which means static combat res is gonna hurt you, why not add walking death to your lord for +1 combat res and then you can spend the extra 15 points on summon ghouls on your general and find a use for the remaining 10 points.

06-11-2011, 20:20
Oh yeah man, no banners. You play blood and glory and you're insta-dead. Maybe lose supernatural horror on the 2nd vamp and make him your BSB. Then you'd at least be able to not lose instantly in blood and glory, you'd just have to be careful with your vampires.

06-11-2011, 21:08
To be honest my group dosent really play scenarios we just generally play a normal game haha with the basic rules