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06-11-2011, 09:45
What does an ogre eat?Oh, what does an ogre eat?
Well men they is lean and sweet
An' Gobbo's is gristle an' stringy
Them Elves is thin an' mostly skin
An' Dwarfs is all blubber an' hairy
But don't gi' us skaven, Oh no more skaven
Cos' them Skaven they tastes o' rat.

Extract from a very long ogre marching song.

Hi all, as you've probably guessed, I'd like some advice on my ogre list.

LORDS - 387

Slaughtermaster (Lore of the Maw)- Lvl.4, Grut's Sickle, Greedyfist, Dragonhelm, Additional Hand Weapon
A lot of people aren't keen on the sickle, but the way I see it you'll only likely need to use it 4 turns of a game(1st turn there's not a huge push on as there's no combats happening, which is where his augments will be focused, likewise it's not often that a +2 bonus will make or break a game on the 6th turn), therefore, over the course of 9 games he should die once to the sickle, which is fairly decent odds I think. Aside from that, 5 strength 5 attacks makes him fairly hard-hitting and he'll sit in the Ironguts unit for some more high strength attacks and LD9 from their banner.

HEROES - 378pts

Bruiser - BSB, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking
Fairly straightforward. 3+ save, 5+ ward and a shiny sword to wave about.

Butcher (Beasts) - Lvl.2, Great Weapon, Hellheart
Everyones favourite anti-magic item, plus the butcher himself sits in the 2nd rank behind the BSB and belts out 3 strength 6 attacks from relative safety, despite his lack of a save.

CORE - 625pts

7 x Bulls - Ironfists, full command, lookout Gnoblar
BSB and Butcher go here, generally rank up 3x3 with the bruiser making way to the frontline once combat starts.
Protects the 2 Heroes and provides some much needed bulk to my list.

5 x Ironguts - full command, Lookout Gnoblar, Banner of Discipline
Slaughtermaster goes here, generally rank up 3x2 with Slaughtermaster making way to the frontline once combat starts.
The Slaughtermasters bodyguards and bearers of the +1 LD banner to up the generals LD to 9.

10 x Gnoblar Trappers
10 x Gnoblar Trappers
Chaff deployments, redirectors/ stallers. they're in there to mess with my opponents and maybe whittle down one of the enemies greater threats with their Dangerous terrain tests.

SPECIAL - 858pts

4 x Mournfang cavalry - full command, Ironfists, Heavy armour
Generally deployed 4 x 1 for maximum killiness
One of my heavy hitters, I ran out of points to give them a magic banner, but with their impact hits and weight of attacks they should put an ogre-sized dent in whatever they run into... also want to try Wildform on these guys for even more fun!

8 x Maneaters (Poison, Scout) - Heavy armour, 4 x Additional Hand weapons, Banner of Swiftness
Generally deployed 4 x 2 with the 4 Additional hand weapon users in the front rank
Cheap (for maneaters) and cheerful. Scouts adds another layer to my deployment, and with 33 strength 5 poisoned attacks I'll be trying to get into the flank of something juicy.

1 x Sabretusk
1 x Sabretusk
1 x Sabretusk
Chaff deployments, re-directors/ Stallers, artillery hunters... what's not to love!

RARE - ***pts

1 x Stonehorn
Love the model, plus he should add some solid counter-charging punch to support one of my core ogre blocks when necessary.

So, what do you think? 5 chaff deployments/ harrassers to be able to guage and control the flow of the battle somewhat, 3 heavy hitters to tear a whole in the enemy army, and 2 solid (though I know by no means powerful by today's standards) blocks to house my characters and mop up once the dust settles.

06-11-2011, 19:48
pretty good, I dont think you need so many deployments though. They are not that many points but I feel you could use a few more core ogres so maybe choose either the sabertusks or the gnoblas not both.

07-11-2011, 00:40
Wonderful list. I will be poaching this, fyi. :)

I approve of the use of Grut's Sickle, but I think you should bulk up the IG unit if you plan on using it a fair bit. I'm not too sure you'll get much use out of the Dragonhelm on the Slaughtermaster either. If you paired it with an Ironfist, sure, but a 6+ AS by its lonesome probably won't help you a lot.

I'm a fan of the Hellheart, and I think Beasts on a Butcher is the way to go. Consider dropping him down to a level 1, though. Normally I'd be all for a level 2, but I'm not sure the +1 to casting rolls is ultra vital considering you'll likely just be pushing Wildform.

Trappers are great fun. If you want to bulk out your IG or pick up the Dragonhide Banner for the Mournfangs consider dropping one unit of them, though.

Are you planning on using your Maneaters to do some monster hunting? I only ask because you are using Poisoned Attacks on an S5 unit, which generally implies you are going to be facing down some high T enemies. If that is the plan consider bringing the Banner of Eternal Flame. Negating regen never hurts.

07-11-2011, 08:16
Thanks for the replies!

I'm with you on the number of deployments, I can probably look at removing the Gnoblars to bolster the 2 other core blocks?

re: Dragonhelm - The objective is primarily for the flaming ward to really stick it to characters/ units who think they can get through my regen saves with flaming attacks. Wasn't really sure what else to grab with the floating points but it is optional.

re: Lvl.2 Beasts - He'll actually generally have a +3 to cast as I'll be focusing wildform on the Mournfangs (or the Stonehorn, S/T 7 should be tasty) and thus, Beasts signature +1 to cast comes into play. Also, there's a couple of Beasts spells that I'd really like to have as an extra layer of support, Curse of Anraheir, Savage Beast, Amber Spear or even Pann's Pelt would all be useful additions to my magic phase.

re: Maneaters - The poison is for allround killiness combined with their high number of attacks (Incidentally a horde of 18 Maneaters in this configuration is ~ 1050pts... yes, I contemplated the potential 61 attack goodness lol). I wanted them to be able to perform against as many enemies as possible, and auto wounding with 1/6 of your attacks with essentially -2 to enemy saves is too tasty to pass up, even a 2+ to wound fails sometimes, especially with my luck lol! Flaming banner would probably be a better investment then the extra pip of movement though...

I'll wait for (hopefully) a few more comments before re-jiging the list but thanks again for the replies and any further advice would be much appreciated!

07-11-2011, 12:00
I don't think you would get the additional hand weapon bonus on your lord as it says you have to use your magic weapon as it's the pride of place for the owner, and the only way you would get an additional hand weapon would be if your magic weapon counts as paired weapons.
Just out of curiosity but why didn't you go for sniper on your maneaters, and poison and then give them brace of pistle's

07-11-2011, 14:58
I'd do as suggested and swap the gnoblars for some larger blocks of ogres/IG. Especially if you plan on using the sickle on the IG

How about giving the Gleaming pennant to the maneaters?
Scouting maneaters often end up outside the LD-bubble, and losing 8 of them to a single failed panic test would hurt.

Failing that you could give them ItP instead of poison, though I'd rather give them a banner.

07-11-2011, 19:14
I would consider turning the Butcher into a lvl1 Firebelly. Wildform is pretty hot, but so is a strength 4 breath weapon. I'd also turn the banner of swiftness on the Man eaters into Flaming Banner. They can choose their fights pretty easily thanks to scouting. Set them up near a hydra or Abomination and watch your opponent cringe :)

07-11-2011, 21:30
I don't think you would get the additional hand weapon bonus on your lord as it says you have to use your magic weapon as it's the pride of place for the owner, and the only way you would get an additional hand weapon would be if your magic weapon counts as paired weapons.

The Greedy Fist isn't a magic weapon, it is a talisman.

07-11-2011, 23:36
The Greedy Fist isn't a magic weapon, it is a talisman.

Yes I know that but he has a greedy fist, additional hand weapon and the sickle.

07-11-2011, 23:48
The sickle's an arcane item. The Slaughtermaster in this list has no magic weapons, just two hand weapons.

07-11-2011, 23:56
oic my bad then.
My advice with this list just watch out for some ethereal creature's

25-11-2011, 11:57
Thanks for the input all!

Been thinking about options, what if I drop the trappers and the Stonehorn for:

Swapping Additional hand weapons for brace of pistols on the maneaters and swapping the banner of swiftness for flaming.

An Iron Blaster

4 more Bulls ( total 11+characters) or 3 more Iron Guts (total 8+characters)

the reason to keep the Ironguts down is for the sickle. less then 5 RnF models means I can allocate shooting attacks onto the Slaughtermaster. Meaning I can take a wound off him with the sickle and heal it with the lore attribute. alternately though, more guts, more glory! lol

flaming/ poisoned shooting from the maneaters combined with the ironblaster to bring down regenerating gribblies of all types.

thoughts on the proposed changes?

29-11-2011, 01:09
I try to incorporate the flaming MEs/IB combo in most of my lists, it's very good.
The stonehorn isn't a bad choice, but the IB is simply better, and adds something the ogres otherwise lack.

I think I'd go for the bulls.
Then again, if you use the sickle on such a small unit, it will really lose a lot of CC effectivness, since every casuality will lose you 3 S6 attacks.
So if you intend to use the sickle (which I wouldn't) on them, I'd bulk up the IG.

Lastly I wouls suggest a dispel scroll on the SM (drop the helm) and swap the butcher for a FB.

Hope this may help :)