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06-11-2011, 16:47
I recently had the opportunity to get hold of all my old armies... some pieces are missing and some are broken :( but this is what remains:-

Lord on Forest Dragon

This is a cool model (resaon I bought it tbh), but how many points would I need to have in the army before it is *worth* using it?

1 Warhawk Champion w. sword/shield
1 Warhawk rider with Spear/lance

1 Great Eagle
1 Great Eagle w. wood elf lord rider (can be removed)

These are the old (and much cooler) warhawk models; I had orginally started to purchase them as a fast (very fast) strike force lead by a lord on a great eagle (rather than glade riders) however I don't think they even can come with spears now. wood elf lords on warhawks a possibility?

11 archers full command
4 waywatchers

4 Dryads
1 Treeman

These are the old dryad/treeman models and therefore much cooler :P

6 wardancers

mixture between 3rd edition and 5th edition models.

As you can see this is from the old 4th/5th edition (herohammer) rules so a focus on characters rather than units; so... if I wanted to expand this army somewhat to make it a viable gaming force... what are peeps suggestions?

06-11-2011, 17:17
Tricky question as we are going to need to take into account of 8th edition AND the slightly weaker Wood Elf armybook....

Still a solid core of Gladeguard is a must!

I think you've maxed out your hero/lord choices - i'm not sure tho.

Plus some Dryads (when you say dryads do you mean treekin??

If you pick up the Battalion at online discounters you can add 24 glade guard, 12 dryads and some glade riders you could use as wild riders.

I would add much more Wardancers, extra waywatchers and another treeman aswell (upgrade him to ancient)


06-11-2011, 21:15
It is not really a case of I have maxed out my hero/lord units on purpose./.. this is from my old collection about 15 years ago when the most successful armies were 75% on lords on monsters :/

As for what counts as treekin/dryads/ancient treemen these are the models I have: Dryads (http://www.dorkwars.com/images/Dryads.jpg) | Treeman (http://wizbangs.parks.officelive.com/images/we-treeman.jpg)

You haven't mentioned anything about the warhawks... back in 4th/5th edition I had planned to buy 2 units of warhawks... one with spears and one with bows... the "spears" I planned to use as *very* fast strike cavalry in the flanks of other units and/or monsters if supported by a character is it worth trying to expand these?

Wardancers: more?

Glade Guard / Archers: I was definatly going to invest in more.. it was always a plan but when I was collecting them ... well they were expensive as all mine are lead :P

This is more of a suggestion for a long term investment thing... I'm in the middle of stripping all the old paint ready to be cleaned/painted as a working army.... mainly for my g/f to play with as I can;t seem to persuade her to use HEs :P