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06-11-2011, 20:21
Hey everyone, I'm thinking of getting into the woodies and so I've come up with a proposed army list.

Noble @ 105pts
Hail of Doom Arrow

16 Glade Guard @ 220pts
Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Eternal Flame

10 Glade Guard @ 126pts

12 Dryads @ 144pts

8 Wardancers @ 144pts

7 Wardancers @ 126pts

5 Wild Riders @ 130pts

Total: 996pts

What do we think?
The Noble joins the large Glade Guard unit, so he gets flaming attacks on his HoDA.
General tactics are to stand back and shoot, with dryads and dancers on the flanks, then run away with the glade guard (or in the case of the 16 unit, maybe hold if the attacker isn't too deadly looking) and flank with the dancers and dryads. Wild Riders go after war machines and/or assist in the flanking and possibly rearing
Only problem I can see I have is a lack of anvils (Treekin or Eternal Guard) but is this really a problem? (I seriously don't know, nor do I know where I'd get the points)
I know some people frown upon Wardancers too but in my metagame (currently) I think they would work as the majority of armies I play have little to no shooting (lizardmen is the shootiest army amongst the group I play with)

Thanks very much for reading, all feedback appreciated

the gribbly
07-11-2011, 04:30
Caveat- its been many years since I've played at 1k so my eyeball for this size may be off. That being said the list looks pretty efficient and I don't see anything inherently wrong with it. I use 3x10 wardancers at 2.5k and i bet they are far more effective at lower pt games. otoh treekin would work really well at this level.
I'd actually consider dropping the wild riders for 2 eagles, this alone will make your army better and leave you 30 pts to play with. This could go towards splitting the dryads into 2x8 out even making a 3rd unit of gg.
If you really want an anvil drop the dryads and a wardancer unit for a unit of 4 treekin but honestly I think the msu approach is stronger here and would be more fun a well.
Lastly if you go with more gg consider swapping HoDA for the moonstone. Teleporting wardancers are great.

09-11-2011, 21:03
The issue is you don't have a mage so you would want your noble to snipe your enemies mage (pagaent, hunters talon is good).

A single Great Eagle would help too. Maybe for the cost of some Dryads. The difference between 8 and 12 dryads is nominal if you pump enough fire into your opponent and combo charge well enough.