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07-11-2011, 08:59
The Krakenlord 576 points
Dreadlord with heavy armour shield sea dragon cloak black dragon pendant of khaeleth lifetaker black dragon egg.
This guy is basically a flying terror causer who has a 2+ armour (a 1+ against shooting) and has the reverse wardsave. He also has a range 30 crossbow which always hits on a 2+. for one turn he can be Toughness 6 and use a breathweapon which when combined with the dragons breathweapon could really hurt a unit.

Elise von mageweath 185
Sorceress with level 2 upgrade tome of furion and crystal of midnight. She uses shadow magic.
This sorceress has 3 spells from the lore of shadow. Her crystal means that on a single enemy wizard if they fail a leadership test on 3d6 that they then lose a random spell so potentially I could get rid of one of those game changing spells.

Karnon von straith 185 points
Sorceress with level 2 upgrade sacrificial dagger and the gem of nightmares. She uses dark magic.
This sorceress acts as a support sorceress to Elise.I chose dark magic for her as it makes a great combination with shadow magic as with the debuffs from shadow these spells become so much more powerful.

The Kraken Lords finest 390 points (Karnon goes here)
50x dark elf warriors with shields full command and the banner of murder.
This unit basically holds the middle of the battle line starting out in horde formation and reforiming if needed to go into a smaller formation.

The sea serpants finest 300 points
25x corsairs with full command and frenzy.
This unit basically guards the flank and generally acts as a big scare to enemy units thinking about coming up the flank.

The krakens heralds 255 points
10x dark riders with full command and crossbows. This unit guards the other flank and acts as a deterrent to any unit that wants to come up the flank to try and flank my main force.

The bolts of the storm 240 points
20x crossbowmen with full command and shields. This unit basically sits and gives fire support to the army.

The Krakens teeth 240 points
20x crossbowmen with full command and shields. This unit does the same as the bolts of the storm.

The ravens feast 110 points
10x harpies

The crows nest 110 points
10x harpies

The beasts prey 55 points
5x harpies
The deadly beast 175 points
The sea beast 175 points
This list isnt trying to be that competitive its meant as more of a fun list to give me a chance to try out some units which I have never used before. I havent got a bsb because I believe I will be able to avoid most tests panic tests as the harpies and the lord will be engaging war machines shooting units and lone characters and monsters. Any criticism is welcome. I personally think this is a good list because it can do everything so I can atleast compete in every phase :D

07-11-2011, 09:24
I'm not sure you need 25 Harpies for warmachine hunting - especially given that you have to assault the warmachine with a reduced party. With 2-3 units of 5 you still have the flexibility to attack multiple units but save some points towards getting a BSB.

The reason I'm pushing the BSB is that the majority of your army is Ld 8, without a reroll. It's not an urgent thing that you have a BSB, but it means that unit is now Ld 9 with a reroll - I'd want to reduce the chance of that big block of Warriors running to as little as possible.

07-11-2011, 12:43
I hadnt thought about that I may just have to re jig the list to get a bsb in

07-11-2011, 16:44
Just out of curiosity but apart from the lord what in your army will cause a lot of damage? You have to remember this army is t3 with very little in the way of armour save's So how do you plan on dealing with big unit's of say warriors of chaos or a big dwarf/empire gunline?

07-11-2011, 17:03
Lifetaker on the Dreadlord is a waste- he's geared for combat, and he also can't march and shoot the weapon. Give him a magic weapon, at the moment he can be pinned down by a single ethereal.

You've currently got your Shadow Mage in a block of 50 spears. There are 2 big problems with this- the first is that she's very vulnerable, and the second is that you have a block of 50 spears. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned taking a bunker a few times, you really should.

No Cauldron? Or even a BSB?

I've said a few times why I don't rate double hydra, really don't want to type it out again though.

Also, blocks of 10 dark riders may be nice, but they won't do anything other than die and give away a whole load of VPs. Same with units of 10 harpies.

08-11-2011, 08:14
I was just trying to get as much shooting in as possible while keeping alot of combat in the list because the people I play either use daemons, orcs and goblins, lizardmen, skaven or other dark elves. So I was trying to make a list which could match all of these without changes.