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Dirty Mac
07-11-2011, 13:54
I have a few questions, How differently does it play from WHFB, And What do people think of space marines? Also what are the main differences between them , Blood Angels, and Chaos Space Marines?

Thanks in advance.

07-11-2011, 14:03
It is not as tacticle and is more fast paced due to its more simple rules. Space Marines are a good starting army, as they a well rounded and balanced, allowing different tactics and playstyles to be used. The different chapters offer slightly different playstyles, i.e. Blood Angels are a more combat orientated army.
Im no expert, so hope this helps :)

07-11-2011, 14:25
Marines ( of all flavours) are by far the largest selection of armies. A couple of the Marine codexs are the most powerful in the game- Ask people for the strongest 4 books, and the common answer would be, in no particular order..

Imperial Guard
Grey Knights ( marines)
Blood angels( marines)
Space wolves ( marines)

Most of the newer Marine books have been written by Mat Ward, a self confessed marine fan boy. His name is widely cursed are reviled as a result for:
1)Writing background that is aweful. Worse than a trawl of random internet fan fiction
when drunk.
2) Writing frequently unbalanced, overpowered rules, and giving units tons of fiddly special rules

A Mat Ward codex is liking serving chaos- great power for a while, until you get forgotton about, but with a terribly high price you pay forever, and you are warped into some foul mutation that has a few pitiful hints of your original form beneath layers of hideous growths.

They're not quite as bad as the fantasy daemon book, but that's the most positive thing that you could get most people here to agree on.

It plays very differently to fantasy, best way to see the difference is get a friend with 40k armies to show you.