View Full Version : Video Report - WHFB - High Elves Vs. Tomb Kings - 2000pts

07-11-2011, 20:43
2000 pt Annihilation!


Wow... nasty magic.

07-11-2011, 21:17
nice to see a video report once!

Like I also said in the youtube comments, I really dislike the high elf list. Tomb kings have very low stats compared to high elves (except maybe the tomb guard). Swordmasters for instance have 2 attacks, and alot higher initiative which gives them the ability to reroll failed hits. Say you got a line of 7 thats 14 + second rank = 21 attacks on S5 which can be rerolled if missed!. Thats almost a certain 20ish wounds. non of them reached combat though, looked like you held back.

Bolt thrower could have hurt something aswell


08-11-2011, 06:40
Interesting choice of lists. Seems like the TK were able to outmanover the HE, and none of the HE units did what they were suposed to do.

I've never seen that large a block of reavers before. Seems like a lot of points sunk into a unit that didn't do much.

08-11-2011, 10:42
They Reavers tried real hard- they just needed a character for support since the chariot ONly won cause of magical support

11-11-2011, 21:17
Yeah... They were both playing a 'friendly list' and Kenny, while picking a friendly list, pulled a index card out of a stack at random from his 'trial lists' and ran that one in particular.

Also, that 'over the building ambush' from the TK's MC, was pretty good... mainly because the High elves didn't want to go anywhere near it and the TK's player didn't care (cause he thought it was reversed... -1 to the enemy's to hit, lol)... but it worked out for him.