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07-11-2011, 20:07
I am thinking of getting back into Fantasy after a few years, and I have put together a force with models I have or want to get.

Grey Seer - Screaming Bell, Shadow Magnet Trinket, Pipes of Piebald (makes it difficult to shoot and charge, so I would hopefully be in a good state when I get into combat)

40 Stormvermin - Shields, Command Group, Warpfire Thrower (pushes the bell around, making it tougher to crack, and can do a bit of damage back hopefully)

50 Clanrats - Shields, Command Group, Ratling Gun (big block to hold stuff up, be nasty, and because I kinda like the idea of a big horde of them)

30 Clanrats - Spears, Command Group, Poison Wind Mortar (Hold an end of the battle line, bit really there to be a road block if I need it)

Plague Priest - Level 2 Wizard, Plague Furnace, Blade of Nurglitch, Warp Scroll (Model is amazing, so I wanted this in there, plus the cloud helps against high arm models)

40 Plague Monks - Command Group, Plague Banner (pushing the furnace around)

Doomwheel (Cool model, looks fun to play, but dont know how reliable it will be)

Warplightning Cannon (have a converted one with the old boneripper model carrying the cannon and the warpstone strapped to his back)

Warlock Engineer - Level 2 Wizard, Warpmusket, Warlock Optics, Doomrockets (use him as extra spells, big rocket shot for fun, then sniping models in units with the musket and optics).

total is 2500pts on the head.

I would love constructive comments and crits please. Here are a few questions I have, but if there is anything else then please sing out.

Are there enough units?
Are the sizes too big or too small?
Do I have too much or too little magic?
Are my Rare choices any good?
Am I been a fool putting two carriages in the list?
Is there anything I am going to have major problems against (big monsters, magic, hordes, etc)?

Thank you all in advance. I am just coming back to this and some guidance will be really helpful.

One more thing, I am not a big fan of the HPA model. If everyone says they are essensial then I will convert 1-2 up but with two kids, finding the time to do this + build around 180 minis is going to be tough.

08-11-2011, 09:06
What no slaves? :P

I'm pretty new to 8th (and skaven in general) but that SV pushing the bell is looking like a pretty tasty target 910 points all in one place!

Wouldn't Clan rats be performing the same role ... but for less points? - afterall that unit is pretty much going to act as a bunker more than being a strike force for your army plus you could keep the gatling gun with them (it being a move or fire weapon).

Your 40 SV with a Poison Wind Mortar (move AND fire) could act as an independant threat then....

At least those are my thoughts :)

08-11-2011, 20:04
My I immediate thoughts:

No BSB, Skaven need that bad boy, especially towards the end of the game when rank bonus' are not a guarantee.

The Warlock Engineer is too many points in my opinion, for a 15 point model I get one for each job. I.E
1 level 1 with a warp energy condenser (Always take the sig spell)
1 Doomrocketer
1 Warpmusket with optics (I wouldn't actually bother with this. It costs a lot for not much gain)

Storm Vermin pushing the bell isn't ideal, you want the storm vermin in combat mullering things while you want to keep the bell out of combat really.

The blade of Nurglitch is generally a waste, against a furnace/monks multiwound models won't really survive that long to make it worth it. I give my monk a flail, works like a treat.

08-11-2011, 20:34
With your stormvermin if you can try and find the point's for razor standard str 4 with armour piercing is nothing to get snippy about and forgive me if im wrong but doesn't the bell make the unit unbreakable. That is a good thing for skaven to be as you may well know your base leadership isn't the best now is it.

09-11-2011, 01:52
If you are dead set on taking both Bell and Furnace then I'd drop the big unit of Clanrats and turn it into slaves (150 if you think you are up to it), I know thats a daunting task but mix some Giant rats in there and some goblins to vary up the painting and they will serve you better.

The rattling gun I generally find to be lacking.

Razor standard on the SV would help, but I don't use them so I'm not the best guidance for that unit.

Plague Priest gets killed like he has a deathwish on top of that thing, Give him the 4+ ward and flail.

I swear by my Doomwheels but use them in a pair, so I don't know how one will do. If you dropped it for another WLC they would be scary.

BSB is almost required but I think you might be able to get away with not taking it if your opponents don't have a lot of cannons.

My two tokens