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03-06-2005, 18:21
Tander groaned as several more artillary shells impacted against the concrete bunkers. Usually the Ghosts would be okay from all but an airial strike, but the Tyranid's artillary was something altogether different. Their ammo was an organic lifeform, and it would get inside the bunkers and then explode into a poisonous cloud, or like a fragmentation grenade.

"Sir!" Shouted Private, before he was sent flying from the blast of the Spore Mine.
Tander looked at his weapon, then at the remaining squad members. "Okay, with me, we need to get to a more defensive location," Tander reloaded his lasgun and said. "Follow me."

Name; Tander
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Rank: Guardsman Sergeant.

Equipment: 3 Frag Grenades, Lasgun, four extra ammo packs.
Appearance: Cadian uniform, only the cloth is grey and the armour is black.

History: Data Files CVII - A/3.

04-06-2005, 06:55
From his position on the floor, arms wrapped around knees drawn up to his chest, Milton looks to Sarge with haunted eyes. He wipes his nose on his sleeve, and looks to the lasgun lying in the dust and debris on the floor beside him.

"But...but where sarge? This is a bunker ain't it? Where can we go? They're everywhere!" Milton's voice rings with panic, and barely avoids cracking.

Name: Milton Biggs
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Rank: Noob.

Equipment: Lasgun, five ammo packs, all unfired. Knife, unused. Canteen, empty.
Appearance: Cadian uniform, only the cloth is grey and the armour is black. The helmet is too big, and most of the uniform fits just as badly.

Milton lied about his age to get into the Guard, and boy is he regretting it now. He thought it would be glorious, and girls would like him, but now he's wondering if he will live to see another girl, even that Martha from down the road, who looks like she was hit my a bus.

Oh, and where he is going to get a fresh pair of shreddies.

04-06-2005, 18:23
"To the command bunker, unfortunatly, the alternative is staying here and getting blown to dust and having our corpses used to feed the enemy. NOW MOVE PRIVATE!" Tander looked out the small window of the bunker. "And someone bring that Autocannon," he added, pointing to the large heavy weapon.

04-06-2005, 19:21
Skalth grimaced. "What the hell could we..." He shook his head, and crawled over to the heavy gun on his belly. The trooper pushed himself to his feet, teeth gritting as he hefted the Autocannon, lifting the tripod feet off the ground and cradling it in his arms, muscles straining as he followed the Sergeant. "Due respect, Sarge, where are we goin'? This thing's bloody.." He panted. "Heavy."

Name: Valentine Skalth (pronounced Valenteen)
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Rank: Trooper

Equipment: MkV Mars-pattern Lasgun and three clips, heavyweight backpack with seven autocannon ammo drums, combat knife in sheath, 2 Frag grenades
Appearance: 6'1" and more muscular than most of the Black Ghosts, black armour over grey tunic. Doesn't wear a helmet (has one but it's never been seen in combat by other Black Ghosts, only on parades-what he does with it is the subject of much debate in the squad), preferring a black cloth bandana.

Valentine's been in the Guard most of his life, surviving his early years after his conscription and being inducted into the Black Ghosts. He is an experienced heavy gunner and loader, with a dry sense of humour.

04-06-2005, 23:28
Scott Williams ran over to Skalth, grabing half of the autocannon and nodding to Skalth. Half a ciggarette dangeling from the corner of his mouth.

name: Scott Williams
Sex: Male
Age: 32
rank: trooper (sniper)

Equipment: Lasgun, combat knife

Williams has been in the guard for seven years, only just surviving to this day. Quite a crack shot, usually has a sniper rifle but tyranid ate it. Same uniform as everyone else but his helmet replaced with a red bandanna.

"Never known you too struggle with an Autocannon before, must be getting old." Williams grinned.

04-06-2005, 23:41
Skalth grimaced. "Maybe because I usually have some other poor bastard to help me lift the things. And I notice you took the barrel end-where it's lighter." A lop-sided grin split his muddied features. "So shut it and move yer scrawny ****."

05-06-2005, 06:44
Miltons jaw dropped as he saw Val pick up the autocannon by himself. He had enough trouble with all the crap they were expected to carry when not in combat. Val looks like the kinda guy who gets chicks Milton thought to himself.

Standing shakily, Milton looked at the muzzle of his lasgun, and wiped the dirt off of the lense with his sleeve. Moving over, he stood with the autocannon carriers. Looking anxiously at the door, and not wanting to have to be the first out of it.

05-06-2005, 13:01
Tander nodded to the remaining squad members. "Good, now then, Miltons, cover them, this position is going to fall to the ground ay minute..."
As the squad moved out several more Spore Mines came screaming from the skies. Tander aimed at one as it started moving towards them, and it exploded, making the others nearby explode as well.
"Move it," he ordered, just as a wave of Spinegaunts broke through the few Imperial Guard defences left. He pulled a vox communicator from a dead soldier and said. "This is Sargeant Tander, requesting artillary bombardment at sector's Four and Five, repeat, this is Sargeant Tander requesting artillary bombardment at sector's Four and Five."
"Aknowledged, Sargeant," said a voice from his communicator.
Within seconds several shells exploded by the Spinegaunts, sending them into confusion and what little of them remained fell back to a group of approaching beasts.
"Come on," said Tander, oving his way though the trench systems...

05-06-2005, 16:37
Skalth strained, hauling the bulky Autocannon as he staggered after the Sergeant. It's alright for some.. "C'mon, put yer back into it!" He looked at young Biggs: the boy looked terrified. "On you go, son! get moving or give us a hand with this bloody thing. Wish I'd had time to take the tripod off."

05-06-2005, 19:30
Williams grinned, classic Skalth all right. Williams shifted his grip on the autocannon barrel.

All of a sudden a large explosion erupted next to williams and he was showered in spinegaunt blood

"fraggen' fragger!" He cursed as the blood spashed out his cig and he had to light up again, dropping the cannon on the ground.

skalth turned round:

"Will you hurry the frag up?"

"Okay, okay jeez." Skalth was so impatient some times.

OoC/hope you don't mind me using your character for a second Antaeus, feel free to use mine. That goes for the reest of you as well :p /OoC

06-06-2005, 02:09
Jenkinssaw the others walking nearby and crawled out his crater, with his his two laspistols drawn and aimed at the sky. "Sgt, whats happening just seen all these bugs start falling from the sky, we tried to hold them up, but we were overwhelmed, an artillery shell hit here and cleared the area for a few seconds, im the only one left fom my platoon though."

06-06-2005, 12:13
"Name, son?" Tander asked.
"Jenkins," the Guardsman replied.
"Right, well join us, and what happened was we were surprised. Our scanners weren't working, so I think there's some mutants on their side in the main base. Only a hunch, though."
At that moment a Chimera drove past and halted. The rear hatch opened and two other soldiers came out. "Sergeant Tander," said one of them, by his long trench coat, it was obvious he was a Commissar.
"Commissar Breca," replied Tander. "The Infection has reached the lines, I'm getting my squad back to a more defensive position. With your permission, of course."
"Fine, get in the Chimera. You," said Breca, turning to the Guardsman beside him. "Signal all units to fall back in patten Alpha Dash 1 Dash 2 Slash 4."
"Yes sir," said the Voxman, relaying the Commissars' orders.
When the Chimera stopped again it was by a large central building, four units of Guardsmen were milling around defensive positions.
"Sir, with you permission I'd like to take a Chimera specially fitted with flamers to cleanse the Tyranids from the front lines," said a Sergeant from another platoon.
"Permission denied, we need out forces here," said Breca. "Now, Tander, take up position in the main base's gun tower, from there you are to give targets to our artillary units, support our ground forces and signal retreat if the Infestation get's too close."
"How far is too close?" Asked Tander.
"However close you feel like signalling the retreat to Omega Base," replied the Commissar, grinning. "OKAY YOU LUGGARDS! GET IN TO FORMATION!" The Commissar roared, giving orders to the Guardsmen.

When Tander and the rest of the squad got to the gun tower they found another Guardsman.
"Name?" Asked Tander, he checked the radar as the squad started to take up positions.

06-06-2005, 14:10
Skalth sighed. "Here we go again. Right, someone get the tripod." He had dismantled the Autocannon while inside the carrier, and hefted the gun, grunting as he lifted it up to chest height. "If you could give me some room, would be most appreciated. Or if some weakling feels like pretending to help by looking like they're carrying it by the barrel, better than nothing. Can barely see where I'm goin' and that tower looks bloody high."

06-06-2005, 17:41
'You'll be ok' Sesca smiled at the trooper in front of her, even though she knew he was doomed. Tyranid wounds were tricky at best.

Name: Sesca Enshabel (pronounce exatly the way it looks)
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Rank: Medic

Weapons: Las pistol and a Melta due to the occupational hazard of being a medic when fighting Nids and their live ammo

Checking her supplies, she knew this was going to be difficult. With a sigh, she hefted the Melta she's commendeared and did her rounds. Checking everyone was ok, while keeping an eye out for trouble.

As always, there was a lot going on, but she remained apart from it. Her duty was to care for the wounded as well as just fighting.

'Damn bugs!' she grumbled.

06-06-2005, 19:10
"I'll carry it". Williams took the tripod from Skalth, and pretended to struggle under its weight. Skalth growled at him.

"Skalth I don't think I can hold on much longer."

Williams threw it too the green looking guardsman, who only just caught it. Williams went over to him.

"Whats your name?"

"Biggs s..ss...sir"

"Mines Scott Williams, and don't call me sir, I'm a trooper the same as you." He slapped Biggs on the shoulder.

"Just stick with me and you will be fine. you can also stick with Skalth if you want but don't listen to anything he says. Williams laughed. Biggs let go a quiet chuckle too.

Skalth heard them and said:

"Will you two girls knock it off, in case you didn't notice we are getting attacked, theres time to braid each others hair later, now move!"

Williams smiled and continued to march on.

06-06-2005, 19:22
Sesca cocked her eyeborw with some amusment at the three troopers messing on with the autocannon. She nodded to a few troopers that noticed her and she contined along the line, keeping out of the way of those three troopers.

One was Skalth, it was hard not to miss him. the other two, she wasn't sure about. Possibly William's...but she couldn't tell.

With all the hussle and noise, it was easy for confusion to set in. Faces became similar. But she managed.

06-06-2005, 22:08
Skalth grumbled as his boots clomped on the steps leading to the top of the tower. The large gun obscured his line of vision: it was a bit like only having one eye, he decided, except the impediment was divided horizontally rather than vertically. Unable to see his feet, he staggerred on up the steps. hoping he could get there without tripping over his feet.

Sadly, this was not to be the case. Boot met the side of stair, and Skalth's right leg gave way, knee smacking into the stone step. His elbows slammed into anothet step, and Skalth gritted his teeth as he held onto the Autocannon.

He heard Williams's laughter and turned to rebuke the other Guardsman. "If you're quite finished giggling..." He broke off as his eyes noticed a newcomer: the cursory glance was enough to realise that said newcomer was feminine, rather than the masculine company he was used to in this outfit. An eyebrow raised, automatic instincts making a brief move for control of his mental actions before sense kicked in, moving his gaze to meet that of Williams and the young Biggs. A wry grin again crossed his face, and Valentine Skalth shook his head, sighed, and hefted the gun once more, staggering to the top of the tower and resting it on the wall. Plenty of time for that kind of thing later.

He stood up straight, his back making a cracking noise as he resumed a more sustainable posture. "Where's girl-boy with the tripod? Oh, got rid of it have you? Lazy bastard. C'mere son" he nodded to Milton "stick it down here, let's get this baby set up."

"What, you mean..."

Skalth gave Williams a withering glare as he saw the mischeivous glint in the other man's eye. "The gun, smartarse. The gun."

06-06-2005, 23:52
Sesca cautiously followed the troopers with the autocannon. They were the last once to be checked.

She poked her head around the door of the room they'd gone in.
'Everyone ok in here?' she asked with a smile.

07-06-2005, 00:06
Skalth looked up from the Autocannon at the newcomer. He raised an eyebrow. "Hi." he offerred, before killing his smile. Business. Looks nice, but only nice when you're still alive.

He grimaced, before finding his tongue again. "Aye, everyone's fine, unless these two jokers have broken something from laughter. If so, feel free to put them out of their misery..."

07-06-2005, 00:08
Jenkins followed a few steps behind the girl, and tapped her on the shoulder. "Private Jenkins and you are?" he offered her a hand to shake.

07-06-2005, 01:13
Sesca laughed at Skalth. 'I'll remember that.' He was everything she'd been warned about. 'And I'm sure you're in perfect shape' she winked at him.

She knew she shouldn't wind the soldiers up as much as she did. But she couldn't help herself. Teasing them was just too fun.

A tap on her shoulder made her turn suddenly, her melta at the ready. But no threat was there so she lowered it and shook the hand Jenkins had offered her.

'I'm Enshabel. Sesca Enshabel. And I'll your drug dealer for this course of action.' She turned slightly to show Jenkins her arm patch that signalled she was a medic. She grinned. 'Are you feeling ok?' she asked Jenkins.

07-06-2005, 04:24
"i think you could make me feel alot better if i wasnt" Jenkins winked at her,

07-06-2005, 10:09
"Enough chit chat, Jenkins, get on the communications and relay my orders," said Tander, taking a pair of binoculars. "Scale Mark Three, Private, followed by Scale Mark Nine, Seven and Five, then repeat that order."
Tander looked at the Medic, then at Skalth. "Get that Autocannon killing xenos, would you? Aim for the big ones. No point in wasting a heavy shot as that on a small thing."

A few minutes later the loud chudder-chudder-chudder of the Autocannon and the continual bombardment from the Basilisks, Bombards and Manticores was crushing the landscape. "A big beast," commented Tander. "Order a Deathstrike Missile on that thing there. I've a feeling it's nothing good." A few seconds later there was a snap-bang of a Missile being launched at the Speed of Sound, and a second later it exploded right infront of the Liathain, bringing it to the ground. "Good job," Tander remarked. "Keep this up, Jenkins, I'll see you're promoted."

An red bulb flashed. "They've got through main defences. Signal front lines to move back to Position Bravo and have all weapon teams cover them," said Tander. As the order was relayed, he pulled his lasgun out. "We may just have to fight them, boy," he said to the boy, then he looked out the window and said. "We WILL have to fight them. Leave the autocannon, reset these orders and let's get the hell out of here! Signal the retreat to Base Echo Nine Delta."
"What's the rush, sir?" Asked Skalth.
"Carnifex. Six of them, close together, going straight for Scale Mark Five, but there's too tough for a shell to wound them. Those things could tear down this building in seconds..."
As the team assembled outside the weapons tower they saw the nearest Carnifex crash into it....

....and smash it to peices.
"Covering fire!" Shouted another Sergeant who's regiment fired at the Carnifex.
"Boys, help them out," said Tander, aiming his lasgun at the Carnifex.
Within a minute of combined firing, the Carnifex still looked healthy enough to kill both squads. It moved towards Tander.

And as it closed it, Tander popped a Fragmentation Grenade into it's mouth and ducked beneath it's legs. A second later the Carnifex's head exploded and showered everyone with Plasma. "Emperor damnit," said Tander. "Move out..."

07-06-2005, 11:15
"But I've only just got it set up.." Valentine Skalth gritted his teeth at Tander's back. "Typical." He charged down the steps, accompanied by the others, turning just as the massive Tyranid slammed into the position they'd been fortifying seconds before and tear it apart with its titanic claws, stone shards flying through the air.

Val heard the Sergeant's order, shaking his head to clear his shock at the size of the infernal thing, jerking up his Lasgun. He aimed at the beast's head and fired again and again, scarlet lasbolts apparently doing as much damage as raindrops to the armoured Carnifex.

The beast's head came apart as a grenade thrown by Sergeant Tander detonated in its mouth. Bio plasma hissed as it spattered the ground, Skalth gritting his teeth as a tiny drop splashed his arm, burning through tunic and skin. He clutched at the hissing hole in his tunic, looking around at the rest of the unit. "Well. That was fun." He slung his Lasgun back over his broad back, slinging the strap around the heavyweight backpack that carried the ammo drums for hte presumably now deceased Autocannon.

07-06-2005, 11:58
'Damn bugs!' Sesca cursed as the plasma spattered everyone, inculding herself. But the wounds were minor to all.

One or two had heavier burns but she saw to them as best she could. Nothing immediately life threatening by reducing any of the troopers effectivness in combat. But the Bugs would take care of that. It was always hard to think that this might be the last time she saw some of them alive.

She reached Skalth and firmly took his arm as she noticed he was cluthing it. 'Bah! It's hardly even a flesh wound.' she joked to him and squirted on something to ease the burning and pain and then a quick spray of synthi-flesh to seal the wound.
'I'm under no doubt you'll defy logic and live.' she smiled at him and went to report.

'We're all good sir. Casualties light and still combat effective...' she spared a glace at the fallen carnifex '...all things considering.'

07-06-2005, 13:38
"Old tactic I used on Marthacab IX, works, because the beast eats anything given to it," said Tander. "Come on, we're moving out," he started to work his way over the wreckage of several freshly impacted mortar shells.

An hour later when the Squad reached the Echo Nine Delta area a second Commissar, named Holt, ordered Tander's squad to be on the walls.

Within another hour, the Tyranids were attacking again, this time it was only a lot of small ones, with long ranged weapons.
"We could be in a spot of trouble," said Skalth.
"Cut chatter," said Tander. "Take aim and take out any with larger weapons than the others, after that, shoot the nearest on.... urgh."
Tander fell to the ground. "Bio-Plasma...." he muttered. "Medic...."

Another soldier joined the Squad, carrying a large pack and a rocket launcher. "Lance Corporal Xenkh," he said. "I've been issued to help you guys!"

OOC: Anyone interested in an NPC? ;)

07-06-2005, 14:27
Cool as she ever was, Sesca ducked and weaved her way to Tander as she had heard he'd been hit.

'Don't worry sir! You'll be alright.' she spoke confindently as she started to check the wounds with all the speed and skill of her training.

OOC/ nasty? Badish? how mashed would you like to be Darmot/OOC

07-06-2005, 14:31
"Sarge!" Valentine Skalth cursed as Tander hit the floor. He snapped his Lasgun to his shoulder and held down the trigger, loosing off a volley into the small, skittering creatures. He saw one of them rear its head back and drop to the ground, twitching.

He noticed the newcomer. "Don't just stand there, man! Use that flaming what rank did you say you were?"

The man grunted. "Lance Corporal."

Skalth nodded. "Right. My apologies." He slammed a new clip into his Lasgun. "Don't just stand there, man, use that flaming tread fragger on something, sir!" I'm going to regret that later, aren't I? he thought. No time to worry about that, though. He rose up from his crouch, and loosed off another volley at the smaller Tyranids, with no obvious success.

((I'm not claiming the NPC, by the way, just felt like having a go at him. Bloody officers :p))

07-06-2005, 16:46
Williams fired off a couple of shots at the tyranids, not really looking where he was shooting. He ran a few meters down the trench and repeated it again.

He looked for higher ground, spotted a small mound of rubble a few meters away from the trench, and moved tothe top of it. He croughed at the top and took aim at a few tyranids. The fell almost instantly, letting loose a small cry and a spurt of bio plasma.

He saw a larger creature lumber about a few hundered yards from where they were. He could kill it if he had a sniper rifle but the lasgun was all he had and it was out of range.

Almost all at once Williams relised that he was crouching in broad daylight, out of the trench, on a small hill. An easy target. A tyranid obviously thought that as well as a shot of plasma came shreeking towards him.

"Frag!" Williams dived out of the way just in time, bio-plasma just mising him. He shot at the firer, felling it in two shots.

"Williams get the frag back in here! You'll get killed!" The medic whom he had only seen once before shouted at him. But he knew what he was doing , he had done it a thousand times before.

Now if he could only get his hands on a sniper rifle.

07-06-2005, 16:56
OOC: I was his by a Bio-Plasma shot! How badly do you think I am!? :P

IC: Xenkh looked over the defences. "You wanted some dead bug? Here it comes! Here comes Rocket death!" He didn't even bother aiming, but fired at the termagents....

....and sent seven to the ground, each of them dead.
A roar of basalisk fire later and that saw off most of the Termagents coming towards the Squad.
The Lance Corporal spoke breifly, "an Inquisitor, Inquisitor Nold, is coming down, along with some of the Death Watch and a Space Marine task force. We need to hold this Space port so they can land, then we're going to go to the heart of the Tyranid invasion."
"That's suicide!"
"Not my orders, Commissar Holt's orders. Anyway, they're attacking again..."

07-06-2005, 17:09
OOC/ You could be dead!/OOC

Tander was a burnt bloody mess. He needed help, much more than she could give him. So she patched him up as best she could and pumped him full of pain killers. That would have to do. And gung-ho idiots were making her job a lot harder as she had to shout at someone who was an open target.

Men were going down all around her. And it seemed like help was on its way. They'd need it. Especially as the Termigants came tumbling towards them. Satisfied that her patients could do without her attention for 30 seconds, Sesca leveled her melta and pulled the trigger. She grinned at the result....only vapor where three gants had once been.

07-06-2005, 21:04
Skalth blinked as a trio of smaller creatures disappeared in a flash of light. What the hell was.. He turned to see the medic cradling a Meltagun. Ah. He gave her a brief nod, a small smile twisting the corner of his mouth. Spirit. "Nice gun. Thought you were more into lying to people about how injured they are than killing bugs."

He turned again, levelling his Lasgun and loosing off a quick burst. His level of success emphasised his previous point about his own equipment. Wish I was carrying one of those things... "Hold the line, boys! You heard the Commissar's orders!"

07-06-2005, 22:53
Sesca shrugged and grinned at Skalth.'Occupational hazard' she shouted over the din. 'Better safe and alive than sorry and dead!'

She slapped synthi-flesh patches on another trooper and gave him the thumbs up to go back to his death. Hopefully it would be quick as the bug toxin that was in the wound would make death slow and painful.

Las weapons cracked all around her and she ducked and waved her way to the fallen men. She shuddered at the inhuman screams and screeches she heard. They chilled her to the very core of her being. But as long as there was men fighting, her place was with them.

Taking shelter for a moment, she looked around her and despite everything she felt proud to be here with these troopers. Seeing everyone fighting against such terrible odds. A small brood of gargoyles flew over head and Sesca leveled her melta once again and the brood was lost to the ball of superheated gas that errupted from the end. She smiled and patted her weapon.

08-06-2005, 12:55
Jenkins stood behind a barrel with his two laspistols resting on the top of it, firing into the gaunts as they rushed at them, almost simultaneously they stopped and he had to slam one into a gaunt that was upon him, while his other hand reached for a lasgun and blew out the beast brains. He brought his hand out of the beasts mouth and found that it was badly scratched, the saliva mustve had some sort of pain killer that numbed the victim cos he could feel what should have been seering pain. He called to the medic."Help im in trouble here, medic." this wasnt just another ploy to get near Sesca.

08-06-2005, 18:42
'Here let me see' Sesca ordered Jenkins, taking hold of his arm in a firm yet gentle grip. She looked at the wound. It was clean with no visible trace of toxins.
'Can you feel this?' Sesca pressed around the wound. He shook his head. She nodded.

'It's just a few scratch.' she told him 'Count yourself lucky.' A quick field dressing and she smiled at him. 'You're good to go trooper!' The sensitivity in his arm would return in time. But by then he'd either be dead or help would have arrived.

08-06-2005, 21:44
Skalth grimaced as he rolled to his side, a Tyranid's charred remains bouncing to a halt where he had lain seconds before. He was surprised to find that he continued to roll another couple of rotations, into a shell crater he hadn't noticed he was lying next to.

Bloody hell, this is twice as good a position. He crawled up to the lip of the shell hole, firing off a three-round burst at a group of skittering Termagants. Their biological weapons spat, and Skalth ducked, acid slamming into the lip of the hole and flying over his head. He snapped a Frag grenade out of his combat webbing. "Fire in the hole!" Skalth flicked the detonator and hurled the small charge over the lip of the crater, ducking as the explosive's dull krump filled the air. He gave it a second, then crawled back to his firing position, Lasgun ready.

He turned his head towards the rest of the Black Ghosts. "I'm all for following orders, boys - and girls, sorry ma'am - but we need more bloody firepower down here!"

He gave a half smile as he levelled his Lasgun, lying probe on his belly. "And yes, I am biased, since I'd probably get to use it."

((Darmort, could you give a more detailed description of our surroundings? Not criticising, it's a good RPG so far, just not quite sure whether things like the shell crater are appropriate. Is it grassy, muddy, is there treeline nearby? Would just make my life easier :)))

08-06-2005, 22:03
'No apology necessary.' Sesca joked. 'Here!' she threw him her melta. 'It'll be more use upfront with you than it will be back here with me.'

She pulled out her las pistol with a flourish and grinned. 'I'll be ok, but I want that beast back when you're done with it.' She nodded to the melta. She sighed and hoped the Astartes would get here soon.

08-06-2005, 22:51
Val's eyes widened as he neatly fielded the larger weapon, dropping his Lasgun and levelling the meltagun. He was more experienced with Grenade launchers and heavier weapons, but he still liked the feel of the cylindrical-barrelled anti-tank weapon.

"You sure about this?"

She nodded. He smiled. "Alrightey..."

A small brood of critters burst out of the treeline, screeching as they skitterred towards the Imperial lines. Red lasbolts slashed into them, felling a couple of Gaunts. Skalth took aim, and depressed the trigger. The gun hissed, superheated pyrum gas billowing from the barrel in an invisible wave of incredible heat. He walked the beam across the brood: four of the Tyranids evaporated, heads or torsoes missing from their remains as they hit the deck.

Skalth grinned at her. "I love you. Almost as much as this gun..." His eyes scanned the treeline. "Where the blue hell are they...wisearse! Cannon trash!" He directed at Williams and the young Biggs. "What happened to the Sarge, he in one piece?"

((good old 40K rulebook giving me nice descriptions of what they work like))

08-06-2005, 23:30
Sesca shrugged. 'He's alive....but he's not pretty. Though I've done all I can for him out here.' She shook her head. 'I'm only a medic. Not a doctor...' she added her pistol to the firing.

'And certainly not a miracle worker!'

She shot the power cel dry and ducked down to do her job again, after she'd slapped in a fresh cell.

09-06-2005, 17:30
The Lance Corporal looked at the Black Ghosts. "You lot, with me, Medic, stay with the Sarge, make sure he lives."
As the Lance Corporal led the Black Ghosts over the muddy battle field, they heard the roar of a Heavy Bolter nearby, and then suddenly, it was silenced.
"Val! Get on that Heavy Bolt, shame it's not behind some cover. The rest of you, cover him and give him some protection!"
"Sir!" The Ghosts said.

OOC: Make that barricade and hold that Heavy Bolter. All around there's mud, trenches and ruined bunkers, no trees, and a lot of dead bodies.

09-06-2005, 20:27
Skalth nodded. "Aye sir! Alright boys, give me some covering fire!" The big Trooper ducked his head and charged towards the makeshift barricade towards the silenced emplacement. The crash of artillery shells and the screeches of alien beasts filled his ears as he ran across the slick mud, his boots threatening to slip at every step. He dived behind the barricade, dirt spattering his arms. Skalth oushed himself up from his prone position onto his knees, crawling towards the heavy bolter. He felt a pang of sadness as he pushed the corpse of the gun's previous user off his slumped position on the weapon, and took control of the weapon. There was still a belt of rounds in the gun, but to keep upa good rate of fire he'd need a loader.

He also realised he was carrying two rifles: the medic's Meltagun was still in his hands. He rolled his eyes, but there was not time to worry about it - he'd give it bake later. Just now, he had to kepe himself and his squadmates alive, and that meant gunning down as many of these infernal bugs as possible. He swung the heavy bolter around and pulled the trigger, the gun choking and coughing as mass-reactive rounds roared into a clump of Tyranid creatures he'd managed to draw a bead on.

"Could use a loader here!" he shouted as he continued to walk the line of shells across the Gaunts, churning up mud and destroying skittering creatures in explosions of dark blood.

11-06-2005, 04:27
Horrible light flashed back into life as the Carnifex slowly knitted itself back together. It waited, hungry. Hurt. Angry. The beast knew instinctively that the small meat-foods had dealt it a grievous wound, and that they were currently ignoring him. The horrible, crushing will of the hive asserted itself. The Carnifex roared back into deadly life. It charged at the feeble meat-foods, preparing to smear them across the landscape.

The rag-tag squad turned in horror as the living tank charged their unprepared flank. From off to the side, they heard a hoarse battle cry. Altan lept onto the back of the Fex from a run, and proceeded to drive a full span of monomolecular goodness into the back of the creature's head. Sawwing fiercely, he decapitated the monster. "Don't just gawk, fraggers, shoot!" he yelled.

Name: Altan Belisan
Rank: escaped trooper from the 22nd "Blax's Rats" Penal Legion
Description: Altan is a mountain of a man. 6'4", 250 lbs of rock hard prison toned muscle, few dare to look twice at Altan. He has dark, sun-tanned skin, is totally bald (shaved), and constantly wears dark form fitting goggles so that no one can see which way he's looking (think welding/swimming goggles almost). The goggles have built in light amplification systems, as well as flash supressors, so stun grenades and the like do not affect him. No one quite knows where he aquired such a choice piece of tech, but few have decided to ask. Altan has a tight, white sleeveless muscle shirt, dark fatigue pants, big ole boots, and a pouched bandoliere for his effects.

History: Altan was originally inducted into the Blax's Rats legion after fragging his CO. There really was no doubt who did it, Altan has a flair for explosives, and cogitators estimate that the Lieutennant's Chimera had been rigged with roughly 750 Imperial kilos of high grade plastique. All they found of the ill-fated man was his helmet, roughly a kilometer and a half away. Altan never admitted or denied his involvement.

Altan is your classic street thug. Razor smart in a fight, instinctive, brawny, he's the perfect hired muscle for whatever dirty deeds you need done. He is totally amoral. Need someone introduced to their own insides? He'll take care of it. Altan lives for intimidation and confrontation, although if and when he befriends someone there is not a better man you want guarding your back. He is a born leader, although if you can't match his pace don't bother trying to keep up.

Altan is, however, a compulsive thief and looter. He just can't help himself.

Wargear: 12" monomolecular combat knife, belt fed autogun, extra ammo, grenades, anything he can loot.

11-06-2005, 10:10
Jenkins kept low and ran to Skalth, handing him the first belt of ammunition, while firing one laspistol into the horde.

11-06-2005, 17:27
tyranid05, no offence but don't controll and kill something as big as a carnifex. And I don't know what you're doing, seeing the 'Fex died about a mile away from the battle at current, that area's swarming with 'Nids now.

IC: Xenkh looked back at the position that Tander had been left at.
"All officers, back up has come in through the atmosphere."
The Lance Corporal grabbed his comm and said. "Roger that, over and out."
Within another several seconds, three Thunderhawk Gunships came speeding past, as they went over the Tyranid lines their weapons opened up.
"That's the way to kill a bug," said Xenkh.

Another minute passed before the Termagents had been beaten back and the Thunderhawks landed.
By then Tander was on his feet.
"Commissar Holt," said a mechanized voice. "I am Chaplain Xaphine of the Black Eagles."
"Good to see we have backup," said the Commissar.
"My Space Marines have come prepared, as have the Death Watch and the Lord Inquisitors Retinue."
"Good, let's go meet them then."

Tander looked at Xenkh and asked. "Your squad?"
"Join us then."

11-06-2005, 19:52
OOC: So Sue me. I looked for a good way to get a rogue character in, it appeared people just added whenever with very little structure. Carnifexes CAN get regenerate, so who knows if its really dead? Might be a mistake to try to join if you get so butt hurt about creative roleplaying.

11-06-2005, 20:04
((to be fair though, none of us killed a Carnifex (one that had been killed off very emphatically by the GM) single-handedly. At a stretch, a Space Marine might have a tiny chance of killing it - with a gun. A human at close range wouldn't have a chance. And sawing its head off? The head's the size of a man. Personal opinion, I call that power RPing in the extreme. Anyway, sorry Darmort))

Skalth wiped his grow, shaking sweat out of his hair in droplets. His back made a cracking sound as he straightened from his gunnery position, wincing. He looked around, dead Tyranids littering the ground.

He offered his hand to Jenkins. "Good job you got in there mate, they'd have been all over us. Let's join the rest of them."

11-06-2005, 20:51
Already heavily wounded, and this RPG seems to be nothing but power gaming. Destroying whole broods outright in single volleys? I'm out. Forget I posted.

13-06-2005, 16:19
tyranid05; if they were God gaming, I'd say so. They can kill squads with a Heavy Bolter because we're looking at it from a fluff point of veiw. But even at a fluff point of veiw, no Guardsman, even with chucking a grenade down it's gob, can kill a Carnifex without a Lascannon.
If you want to join, join, just no dictating something as big as that please.

IC: Tander looked at Skalth. "Good job, private," he said, and looking at Sesca he said. "Get me to a medbay." Fatigue was evident, and his wound was still causing him pains.
The Lance Corporal looked at them and said. "Do it, and get some rest ASAP."

15-06-2005, 12:00
Jenkins grabbed something from his pocket, a silver powder, and swallowed it. He felt alot more relaxed afterwards, and the battleseemed to slow down around him, offering a capsule to Sesca."What is it, she asked back."hesitant to touch something she didnt know.
"I dunno what its proper name is, but i buy it as Fairy Snuff, feels great though." he offered the capsule again.

15-06-2005, 12:23
Sesca raised a questionning eyebrow at Jenkins. 'I'll pass then.' she pushed past Jenkins and managed to slip her hand into his pocket, stealing one of the capsules. She would look at what it was later, it didn't feel right. Plus it was her job to care for the health of the troopers in this regiment, so she had to know what they were pumping into themselves.

15-06-2005, 12:25
Jenkins looked at her as she walked off, her loss he thought to himself, he walked up beside skalth and offered him one then.

15-06-2005, 12:38
Skalth turned as Jenkins approached. "Our esteemed medic not approving of your little addiction, eh?" He grinned, taking the offered capsule. He wasn't particularly keen on such things, but surely the Emperor's loyal servants were permitted a little vice after a hard day's work in His name?

15-06-2005, 14:02
Three hours later, Tander fully healed, or as fully healed as he could be, the Black Ghosts, accompanied by Xenkh, sat in a breifing room with Commissar Holt.
"The Death Watch and the Inquisitor have of beating the xeno threat back, however, they need to get into the heart of the Tyranid attack, what we might call, the brain. Ariel Attacks don't penetrate the living organic shield they've created, however, we believe a small team, 50 or so troops, might be able to punch their way through into this brain of theirs, and the Death Watch, along with the Inquisitor, will do this. However, they're too few in number, and if we add any of the Black Eagles in, we'll be weakening our defences here. So, we're sending in two Guardsman units, and you, the Black Ghosts."
"Any questions?"
"Why my unit?" Asked Tander. "Sure they've seen all kinds of Bug and lived through it, but doesn't that mean they'd be more effective for our defence?"
"Negative," said the Inquisitor. "Your knowledge of Tyranids could prove invaluble to me and my team."
"Of course, sir," said Tander.
"Now that's sorted out, we're going by Thunderhawk at 0900 Hours."

OOC: People, it's 0100 hours, so you've 8 hours to get ammo, sleep, a last meal, and anything else you need.

15-06-2005, 14:16
Sesca was scratching through the medical supplies. It looked like she was going to be all they Black Ghost had as far as a doctor went. Supplies had been bolstered somewhat by the arrive of the Inquisitor and the DeathWatch.

Sesca felt a little giddy thinking about working along side the heroes of the Adeptus Astartes. She shook her head and finished her task. Her medical kit was going to be heavy, but she'd manage.

Last minute checks of her kit revealed a startling truth. 'The swine!' she hissed. She got up and went on the prowl, searching for her missing trusty side arm. She'd told him to give it back, and it had had more than enough time to put it back where it belong.

She spied Skalth and sneaked up on him.
'Forgetting something?' she inquired with a raised eyebrow

15-06-2005, 14:31
Sesca's stealthy arrival caused the target of her sneakiness to jump slightly at her revealing her presence. The query posed to Valentine Skalth prompted him to copy the medic's eyebrow movements. A few seconds passed, then realisation struck. "Oh." He nodded. "Aah." His expression changed to one of sheepish guilt. "Yes. That. I shall return."

The trooper pivoted smartly, and scuttled away towards his billet. Had the Emperor, in His wisdom, chosen His men to be equipped with tails, it is likely that Valentine Skalth's would, at this point, have been between his legs. He moved his equipment pack aside, lifting his standard-issue Lasgun to reveal the larger weapon he had been given. The Trooper cradled the gun in his arms, sighed, then headed off back to where the medic stood. He patted the anti-tank weapon's cylindrical barrel one more time, then handed the gun over. "Sorry 'bout that. Not used to borrowing stuff. Just hope the Munitorium give us the next shipment of nice guns instead of you lot."

15-06-2005, 14:37
Sesca laughed and gave Skalth a mock insulted look.
'Who says the Munitorium gave me this beast?' she patted the gun fondly.
'Plus I'm still just a trooper at heart and I have to protect myself and His Blessed Domain. So what better way to do that than with super-heated gas that can fry anything in seconds?'

She stifled a yawn and grinned 'Plus heavy weapons would be a tad inconvenient in my line of work' she shrugged and smiled. 'I guess I better go find somewhere to catch some shut eye. No doubt I'll be stuck on one of the field hospital beds AGAIN. Since you lot always steal all the billets while I'm getting stuff together to save your hides.'

She yawned again and rubbed her eyes.

15-06-2005, 14:47
OOC: lol! Someone's been miffed! :P

IC: Tander saw Sasca walk past. "Medic," he said. "Because of all the casualties, there's a free room over there. I suggest you take it before another greedy Guardsman does," said Tander, winking, before going back to his own room to sleep.

15-06-2005, 14:55
Skalth shrugged. "Ach, I'll take anything that come my way in the firepower department. Big bolts, Grenade launchers, anything works for me. Whatever His divine wisdome provides me with to slay His enemies, or something. Glad I don't have your job though."

The Trooper smiled. "Well, our job's more dangerous than yours. Besides, there's usually one available after some poor bastard gets killed..." He sighed. "Been a long day, don't blame you for wanting to get some sleep. Hopefully see you later." Skalth flashed a broad grin at the medic, then slung his Lasgun over his shoulder. "I'm off down the armoury, see what they're throwing at me for this next piece of action. Hopefully something bigger than this..." He patted the gun. "No offence, dear."

15-06-2005, 16:55
'Oh, thank you sir!' Sesca was a little surprised by Tander's information. Usually she was luck if you just got a bed in the field hospital. But to get a room, that was something else.

She turned her attention back to the trooper.
'No taken. I don't get offended easily' she smiled at Skalth and stifled yet another yawn. 'I think the recaf is starting to wear off. So i best get off now. See you around....and hopefully in one piece!'

She turned smartly and left for the room, baring the door to the room as best she could and flopped down on the pallet and feel into a peaceful sleep, her melta beside her.

15-06-2005, 17:37
Skalth cast a curious look at the medic's retreating form. I meant the gun.. He supposed that most people wouldn't consider the possibility that someone might converse with a piece of metal. He shook his head and walked off, Lasgun slung over his shoulder. He felt as tired as she had looked, but he wanted to get stocked up before they shipped out, and better to make sure it was done now than risk forgetting later. Still looked nice enough, though... He smiled, and continued his walk. We shall see, we shall see... Now was the time for weapon collection.

He walked into the outhouse that served them as an armoury in this blasted battlezone. He raised a hand in greeting to the man behind the sturdy, metal desk. "Garrik. Need a couple of Lasgun clips, good old size Vs. Got any special orders in for our squad's equipment? Was hoping they'd issue us some bigger weapons for what we're being asked to do."

15-06-2005, 18:03
The trooper grunted an afirmative. "Got several carriable beasts."
Showing Skalth the new stock, the Private couldn't help but gasp.
MK III Rocket Launchers, An Omega style Repeating Slug Thrower from the Dark Ages, Beta Pattern Grenade Throwers, Easy Grip Handled Bolters, an Alpha Class Power Axe, and even an Easy Grip Handled Plasma-Bolter.
"Good stuff, isn't it," said Garrik. "Take your pick, but with what you're doing, I'd go for a Bolter and the Plasma-Bolter, good Emperor's Death Dealing Machinery, that's what that is."
Leaving the Private to look at his new arsenal of weaponry, Garrik also said. "Check the Grenades as well, we've managed to get some full of acid from the enemy blood. Might be usefull."

OOC: Armoury - Full
Belt - Nothing

Take your pick of weaponry. Have Fun!

15-06-2005, 18:22
"Right, so this is all mine. What do the others get?" Skalth smiled. "Nice. The Emperor has clearly been listening to the prayers of His subjects. That, or the Munitorium have realised that we need more than glorified firelighters to get the job done."

Garrik looked offended. "A Lasgun'll never let you down, son."

"I know, Garrick. However, sometimes they just don't do the job. I prefer this kind of thing." He looked over the weaponry. He wasn't familiar with the slug thrower, so he decided he'd leave that for someone else, interesting as it looked. Maybe he'd get to try one out on the practice ranges at some point, if he lived long enough. He lifted the Boltgun: it was well-balanced, refreshingly chunky, and Skalth liked Bolt weaponry. However, as the squad's heavy trooper, it would make more sense for him to carry a bigger weapon. The Grenade launcher was the next one he picked up, and Skalth smiled as he levelled the weapon. Not much heavier than the Bolter, with a large drum magazine, this was his kind of weaponry. He placed it down again, hefting the missile tube. The biggest weapon there, and the thing the Guard most commonly look to for stopping the heaviest enemies. Satisfyingly devastating.

"The agony of choice. I'm caught between the tread fragger and the Grenade launcher."

A thoughtful look crossed the quartermaster's face. "Well, obviously I wasn't at the briefin', but it sounds like the kind of situation you'll want to be mobile in. On those grounds might want to look at the Grenade launcher since it's a bit lighter and easier to fire while movin'."

"True enough." Skalth picked up the Grenade launcher again. "Then again, the missile launcher will have a longer range. Aargh!"

"Maybe leave it for now and look at the 'nades."

"Fair point." The Trooper went over to the Grenade racks, and picked up a handful of explosive devices. He went with Frag grenades, deciding to keep things simple, then went back to the heavy weapons. A tough decision, indeed.

He took a cred coin out of the back pocket of his tunic trousers, and flipped it. Satisfied with the result, he announced his choice. "Missile launcher. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. besides, any of the others could probably use a Grenade launcher." He hefted the weapon, and opened up his backpack, slipping some sheathed missiles in.

16-06-2005, 01:39
Jenkins looked at his two pistols, both empty. Wandering around he startd asking people if they knew where he could replace his weapons.

16-06-2005, 12:39
One of the troopers grunted to Jenkins; "Check the armoury, got a bit of equipment in there. Including a few Rocket Launchers and that."

17-06-2005, 01:41
"Which way is the armoury" Jenkins barked at the trooper, who just pointed in the general direction. It took a minute or two to find it, but once in there Jenkins quickly looked around for something that would suit him. He grabbed two duel chamber bolt pistols, and a handful of grenades before came across the weapon that really made his mouth water. The heavy flame thrower was lying there as if it wanted him to take it. He checked it over, and found it did have the extra functions he would probably need, including a grape shot and fireball launcher. He grabbed it and left.