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08-11-2011, 08:24
Vampire lord 440 points
+magic level
Dark acolyte
Forbidden Lore (Light)
Avatar of death (Heavy armour and shield)
Skull staff
Crown Of The Damned

Vampire 200 points
Forbidden lore (Death)
Armour of destiny

Vampire 225 points
Forbidden Lore (Shadow)
Wristbands of Black Gold
Channeling staff

Necomancer 70 points
Chanelling staff

25x skeletons 245 points
Full command with warbanner

25x skeletons 270 points
Full command with banner of endless nightmare and spears

10x Ghouls 88 points

Corpse Cart 100 points

10x graveguard 160
Full command with great weapons

Varghulf 175 points

Total points 1973
The plan for this army is simple. The death wizard flies around looking for bsbs and characters to snipe getting rid of them pretty quickly and thanks to the lore of death he has a easy way of killing warmachines. The shadow vampire has a similar role with the exception of that he flies where the battle standard is needed or where his shadow magic debuffs are needed. He can reduce a units I to make his own pit of shades more affect while using the base spell to reduce toughness weapon skill and strength so that combat is easier for the skeletons. The lords job is to basically buff units with spells like bironas timewarp and the speed of light meanwhile protecting units. He goes in the small graveguard unit. Varghulf also war machine hunts. The necromancers just gives me the extra channeling attempt and lets me van hels away after all my other vampires have done their big spells :D I know a list with so many characters in at such a points level isnt great and my unit sizes aint great but im hoping to cause most of my damage in the magic phase

09-11-2011, 01:43
I'm thinking of starting a VC army and I was just wondering how you are going with this army?

I really like your list, it looks like a lot of fun :D

09-11-2011, 06:18
I have not tried it out yet. hopefully I will get to try it out today against a skaven player. Normally I dot bother with the vamp lord and just take the lord level mannfred instead but I have decided that Manny simply dont cut the bill anymore only a 5+ armour and no ward means he is pretty easy to kill. Hopefully it should work as its going to hopewfully force you to be taking alot of panic tests :D

10-11-2011, 14:07
10 Ghouls, nor 10 Grave Guard are going to accomplish much if anything.

Not nearly enough feet on the ground, at 2000 points I have nearly twice your numbers (You have 76 models, I have 134). The list is far too top-heavy, too much invested in Heroes especially with not much coming out of it, you won't have the Power Dice to maximise all 3 full Lores you have access to. At least one of the Vampires should have Master of the Black Arts to save you from the dreaded double 1s for Winds of Magic, Channeling will not save you, and you can't take the same magic item twice. I'd give MotBA to the Lord, he doesn't need to be Level 4 if he already has Loremaster, and you can get armour via magic items (Flayed Hauberk, Flayed Hauberk...). Black Periapt can be useful for this also. You need to minimize poor Winds of Magic rolls for an army so heavily reliant on magic.

Skeletons do not, ever, need magic banners. It makes them more expensive and they're going to lose combat anyway. Take more Skeletons instead, or spend the points to buff up the Grave Guard. If you're going to take a BSB, give him a banner worth having, like Banner of the Barrows in the Grave Guard, or Strigoi Banner, or even the Drakenhof Banner.

Onto more positive notes. The Lore of Light is awesome! Flying suicide Death Vampire is costly but could work. Armour of Destiny seems a bit much when you could risk it with a Charmed Shield instead. Varghulfs rule, use it to dominate a flank and avoid ranked infantry.

10-11-2011, 14:39
Well the death vamps job is generally to first snipe off characters then go for the big PURP bomb

10-11-2011, 14:49
Well the death vamps job is generally to first snipe off characters then go for the big PURP bomb

A Level 1 wizard casting Purple Sun? It's going to take a lot of power dice just to cast it... Still have the 'Low roll for Winds' problem.

10-11-2011, 15:10
Ideally thats why he does a bit of character sniping first then goes for it

11-11-2011, 00:29
yea. A sniping death magic vamp eats skaven. you probably can win even using so many skeletons.

how do i say this.... You have nothing 'hard' in your list. Even if you plan to play only Skaven you troops will get eaten. 10 GG? either get more, or save the points and build up your ghoul block.

By the looks of it you plan to shoot monsters with your light magic... that will be the only way you could kill a HPA. good luck.

Also, lord really should have Master of Black Arts. Fit that ish in there.

Your caster death magic guy. I would recommend this build

Forbidden Lore (death)
Tailsman of Lynchi
Charmed Shield

comes out to 185. Its cheaper, can join squads of nonflying units (that is a rule) can live through a cannon/stone thrower a 2+.... its the way to go man!

hope that helped!

11-11-2011, 06:16
I have no more ghouls which is why I only have 10 same for grave guard. I might just have to use that vampire build to be honest just to see the look on his face when ive snipered his bsb warlord and grey seer :D