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08-11-2011, 10:56
Hi and welcome to my tale!

I have a Warcraft III based Vampire Counts army, led by none other than Arthas Menethil, an accomplished fighter and reasonably powerful caster. This was my first game using Vampire Counts, and my opponent was a grizzled Dwarf veteran in the past but new to 8th Edition so it was a learning experience for both of us.

Onto the lists;

Arthas Menethil, Vampire Lord
/ Red Fury, Master of the Black Arts, Flayed Hauberk, Crown of the Damned, Sword of Strife

Kel'Thuzad the Necromancer, Vampire
/ Forbidden Lore Beasts, Helm of Commandment

/ Vanhel's Danse Macabre

Falric, Wight King Standard Bearer
/ Drakenhof Banner

48 Ghouls
/ Ghast

30 Skeleton Warriors
/ HW&S, Full Command

30 Death Revenants, Grave Guard
/ Banner of the Barrows, Full Command, Great Weapons

Sapphiron the Frost Wyrm, Terrorgheist

Anub'arak the Crypt Lord, Varghulf
Please note I don't know his entire equipment, only what was relevant.

Dwarf Lord
/ Rune of Immune to KB&Poison, Rune of +1 Armour, Rune of Flaming Attacks

/ Rune of 1+ Armour, Rune of 4+ Ward

/ Rune of Spellbreaking


18 Ironbreakers with Full Command

25 Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons, Full Command
25 Dwarf Warriors with HW&S, Full Command
16 Quarrellers with Full Command
10 Thunderers with Full Command, +1 to hit

Bolt Thrower with Rune of Hit on 2+
Cannon with Rune of Re-rolls
Stone Thrower with Rune of +1 Strength, Engineer
Organ Gun
Mission: Blood and Glory
Oh great, if the Grave Guard die, bye bye game...


Grave Guard go dead center next to forest on my right. Ghouls on Grave Guard's left with flank safe due to ruin. Skeletons behind. Sapphiron and Anub'arak double-team the right flank.

Dwarfs set up Ironbreakers dead center, flanked by Dwarf Warrior blocks and Organ Gun. Quarrellers take my left flank, Thunderers and artillery park on right flank opposite my monsters...

Dwarfs received First Turn.

Dwarf Turn 1
The arrogant Dwarf Lord advanced towards the Undead lines, confident of his missile support's ability to thin the dead before he could crush the remnants under his bodyguards gromril weapons. Unfortunately for the stoic general, the Dwarf warmachines were far off the mark with their hail of deadly shrapnel, and the Organ Gun fired so awkwardly it would take some time to reload the machine.

Undead Turn 1
Arthas chuckled at the stunted soldiers attempts, though he could have surged forward into combat, he opted to advance, inevitable as death, towards the Dwarfs, aiming to surprise his enemies. Sapphiron swooped overhead intent on demolishing the warmachines before they could swat him out of the sky with Anub'arak threatening below. Arthas nodded towards his spellcasters, and backed with magical support Arthas' guard surged towards the Dwarf Lord. Kel'Thuzad put particular emphasis onto the frenzy on Arthas, blasting through the poor Dwarfs pathetic magical defenses, however the magical feedback took it's toll on the venerable Necromancer, knocking him unconscious as he lost hold on 20 of his Skeletal guard.

Unfazed by the sudden loss of his most trusted servant, Arthas cleaved apart fifteen of the Dwarven elite (A9, S8, re-roll to hit, each kill gives another attack... awesome) while his Revenants demolished the rest of the gromril armoured bothers. The Dwarf Lord stood alone against the Scourge.

Dwarf Turn 2
Demoralized by the loss of their veterans, the Dwarf Warriors flanked the Revenants, and Arthas, hoping to intercept the death of their Lord. The gunpowder corps managed better this turn, blasting into the armoured shell of Anub'arak and seriously hurting, but not downing the infernal beast. The Quarrellers scythed down a rank of Ghouls, to little effect they were still far too numerous. The Dragonslayer paid note of his target, the mighty Frost Wyrm and charged headlong towards the beast. Sapphiron turned and with little focus stomped the naked fanatic into the dust.
The intervention of the Dwarf Warriors proved futile, while they downed half a dozen Revenants the crazed magically enhanced Death Knight, Arthas cleaved his way through 11 of these reinforcements, only for another couple to be downed by his bodyguard.

Undead Turn 2
Kel'thuzad's magical weavings worn off, Arthas was returned to his usual, but still dangerous state. The Ghouls rampaged forwards to aid their lord. While the Varghulf edged ever closer to the artillery battery, Sapphiron decided to freeze the Bolt Thrower, and it's crew, into an eternal cold. The Dwarf Warriors held well taking little damage, but the Dwarf Lord turned and fled in the face of unyielding horror, as Arthas raised his fallen warriors back into his ranks.

Dwarf Turn 3
The missile corps panicked, firing scattered and broken. Though they fell the mighty Anub'arak, they yet failed to harm the ice drake ruling the skies. The Shieldbearing Dwarf Warriors finally joined the assault on the Revenants, but their stubborn nature and skilled axe blows were not enough, and both the regiments fled as the Runesmith was cut down.

Undead Turn 3
Sapphiron was no mere drake, it was blessed with a mighty intelligence, and with victory in its sights, he turned on the fleeing Dwarf Lord. Diving down with talons outstretched, the master crafted armour of the Lord was no protection and he was eviscerated. With their leadership demolished, the rest of the Dwarves turned and retreated... there was no hope against the inevitable march of death.


A mighty victory for the Undead Scourge!

Savage Beast of Horros is absolutely disgustingly good on a Vampire Lord with Red Fury. Well, against rank-and-file troops anyway.
Drakenhof Banner didn't really affect this game much, but nevermind.

48 Ghouls are a pain to move around, especially in horde formation.

Terrorgheist scream attack is amazing, especially vs. small targets.

Explosive miscasts are hilarious, and I only lost a hero Vamp and Skeletons so who cares anyway. :evilgrin:

08-11-2011, 12:29
Great!!,I like your idea of Arthas

10-11-2011, 01:36
go VC! nice report. on hindsight do you plan on taking both MBA and RF on the lord again?

10-11-2011, 06:53
go VC! nice report. on hindsight do you plan on taking both MBA and RF on the lord again?

Everyone seems to disdain hybrid Lords, because to maximise Red Fury you need Infinite Hatred, and to maximise spellcasting, you need Level 4 and Master of the Black Arts. I actually forgot to put in that the Lord is also a Level 3 Wizard, meaning he comes in at a hefty 455 points!

MotBA makes the Lord the equal of a Level 4 in most cases, those extra two dice let you dominate magic phases much easier. Roll 2 4s on the Winds of Magic? Great, now its 10 Power v 4 dispel.

As for Red Fury, with the spells available to me, specifically Vanhel's Danse, I can easily get re-rolls to hit. Red Fury combined with the Savage Beast is just plain wrong. I can't think of any other non-monster in the game that can kill 15 Ironbreakers in a single combat phase. It's a truly superb ability that I dearly hope we get to keep.

11-11-2011, 14:14
Glad you like it! It is pretty strong. My only problem with it is the frog scroll (feedback scroll? can't remember name). Likely game ender for 50 points.

Also, did you include the +1 magic level? aside from necro (whom I am sure had VDM) do you just rely on luck to hit VDM for your lord? MBA would not have a lot of use if you rolled Gaze and Raise Dead!

11-11-2011, 14:22
Glad you like it! It is pretty strong. My only problem with it is the frog scroll (feedback scroll? can't remember name). Likely game ender for 50 points.

Also, did you include the +1 magic level? aside from necro (whom I am sure had VDM) do you just rely on luck to hit VDM for your lord? MBA would not have a lot of use if you rolled Gaze and Raise Dead!

Yeah the Feedback Scroll is scary, but my opponents find it too situational so I don't come up against it often.

And yes, the Lord is Level 3. It gives me a decent chance to get Vanhels, what with rolling 3 dice and any doubles lets me choose. I'd rather Red Fury than guaranteeing Vanhel's (and I have the Necromancer to fall back on). Besides, some of the other spells in the Lore of the Vampires are also nice, such as Wind of Undeath, Curse of Years and Summon Horde.