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08-11-2011, 11:20
In my dream, I watched an ocean of muted, earthen colors shift and flow. I had no body, and there wasn't any source of action. The waves slow undulation put me to rest, and let my mind finally close. It was peaceful and smooth, and dark, and in the few embers of consciousness I maintained in my dreams, I swear the scent of soil came off the sea. It felt like eternity. I watched the waves for eternity. And for a moment, I felt at home again.

Retreating from sleep, reality came back like a puzzle; where each of my senses flickered on and their information began to trickle in, my brain sought to make sense.

There was a hard floor beneath me, for one. A smooth surface, comfortably warm but hard. No noise filtered in through the chamber, but it felt thick. Something was coyed, begging at the back of my head with each breath. And I could taste it. Whatever hit my tongue made me feel hollow inside - like a creature denied, it tested the boundaries, trying to find what it wanted.
But this retreated quickly as I felt my body protest for food and water, for movement. Stretching an arm in the air, I reluctantly rose from my spot, and ambled to the far corner of the room.

My eyes still adjusting, I saw the raised plinth that my daily bread, meat and water lay upon. Muscles still weary, my hands fumbled in tearing the bread and crumbs erupted against my shirt. Devouring the piece in short order, I turned to the meat and raised the pink flesh to my lips, eating delicately. Lastly, I poured water from a brown urn into a crystal glass, and enjoyed a long moment where I sat, focused, and drank.

Gradually, I found strength. And as I did, I finally turned my eyes to the canvas.