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17-04-2006, 04:43
Titled: Xenos military intelligence; ref Tyranid Hive Fleets

I write this to my honored sirs in a dark hour. We have been battling the scourge swarms of a Tyranid Hive Fleet for the past fifteen months, and time and again they have pushed us back, repelling all manner of attack and launching brutal blitzkrieg strikes on strategic positions (without the initial Genestealer/Lictor scouting raids that experience compels us to expect, though the two are not absent from the enemy's offensives). It would appear that the enemy is being driven by some implacable will; a force that sees every weak point in our battle line, every flaw in our stratagem, and exploits it to the utmost. Too many brothers have fallen already before even I would admit to this:

Alone, we cannot hope to stand before this unstoppable tide.

Every strike force we have assembled has been met with disastrous failure. In the past three months alone they have already assimilated a dozen planets, several of which were guarded by orbital stations (that I must remind my learned readers, are not readily and lightly cast aside). Our fleet has been crippled twice over, and we are no longer capable of mounting a sufficient ground offensive. Even now our revered Tech Priests are struggling to repair the damaged suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor, and we are hard-pressed to find Veterans enough to take to the field. Even with our Orbital Cyclonic Missiles, we seem unable to press back the enemy. It is because of this implacable advance that we have dubbed this new Hive Fleet “Extinction”. Everything before it simply…dies…

And so I put forth this request: that we fully analyze this new threat (full autopsies of each geno-species will be required) before we organize another ill-fated offensive. An understanding of what each creature is capable of (although our preliminary estimates are shocking data enough) will be of great aid if we are to combat this old enemy reborn.

Penned, Epistolary Bastiaan
Ultramarines 1st, Strike-Force Excalibur

Fluff aside (written, might I add, from the perspective of my Ultrawing commander), I have decided that, over the next few years, I will slowly collect up my very own Hive Fleet, dubbed "Extinction". I won't begin collecting the actual army until a month or two from now (although I do have a FW Winged Tyrant sitting around at home that I'll start painting soon), but I am going to need ideas on several things:

Color scheme - anything 'cool', bright or grim. Nothing absurd though, as I do want a cohesive force that will look...well..in a word...terrifying.

Models/units - Everything that isn't a Gaunt will have Feeder Tendrils sculpted/converted. My dilemma is what units to take? How should I equip them? My initial thoughts, I want a fast army :P. Something capable of taking the fight to the enemy very rapidly, and once stuck in, inflicting horrendous casualties. In terms of gameplay, I want some Lictors ahead so I can coordinate charges with Gaunts to get the Feeder Tendrils/Prefered Enemy bonus. Brood Lord with Genestealer retinue up front. Some Ravenors to provide a second wave. I'm not going to take too heavy a slant towards the TMCs, if only because they aren't fast. Not to say I won't take any, but my focus will definitely be the faster units.

So, take it away, and let the bio-engineering begin!


17-04-2006, 14:36
Sounds interesting, One thing though, You can always just sculpt feeder tendrils on all your units, but declare to your opponent before the battle that 'this and that' really cannot take feeder tendrils and will not count as having it and that you just put them there to create a theme for the army.

I've seen a pretty nifty gaunt with 'feeder tendrils' sculpted on him on some GW site... I can try to dig out the picture of it for you.

EDIT: Here's (http://ne.games-workshop.com/news/geneius/Images/27.jpg) a link to the pic I was talking about, and here (http://ne.games-workshop.com/news/geneius/default.asp) is some other schemes that hopefully will help you come up with a scheme for your army.

I know how hard it can be to find a fitting scheme for the damn bugs... I have about 1500-2000 pts of mostly unglued 'nids, I have already made the 1500 pts army list I will have for them and now the only thing that's stopping me and have been stopping me for the last year is that I haven't got a clue about what scheme I want for them, been trying dozens of schemes for them but I just can't find something that I feel comfortable with.

EDIT2: Now when I think about it, I really don't want another person fall down into the deep pits of insanity that not finding the perfect scheme will cause you, so here's some additional links with different 'nid schemes;

Staff painting contest on us GW site (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/40k/tyranids/painting/contest/contest.htm)

Warpshadow's (great 'nid site btw) members albums (http://album.warpshadow.com/main.php)

A thread I started over on WS (http://forum.warpshadow.com/viewtopic.php?t=3800&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0)

Hope that this will be to some kind of help.