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08-11-2011, 23:37
My list:

Arch Lector, War Altar, Fencer's Blades, Glittering Scales, Speculum, strong odor of cheddar

Captain BSB, Full Plate Armor, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Command, Rubber Sword
Battle Wizard of Light, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, fond memories of when he was a level 4
Warrior Priest, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon, not a racist - hates everyone
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield, Extreme affinity for parry saves.

27 Greatswords, full command, marketing slogan: "We die a little slower than regular state troops!"
27 Greatswords, full command, violent allergy to fear causers
38 Halberdiers, full command, 8th edition rulebook open to the "horde" page
40 Swordsmen, full command, bitter envy toward strength-boosting weapons
10 handgunners, marshmallows instead of bullets
5 outriders, death wish
2 mortars, defective rangefinders

On scoring: players split 20 points based on margin of victory. There was an objective or two in each game that could get you 300 VPs, which counted as part of the total. Maximum 5-round score was 100. Fleeing units give half points, and so do units reduced to less than 25% of their original model count.

Round 1: Warriors of Chaos. The scenario gave one core unit based on a d6 roll: 1-2 WS, 3-4 Str, 5-6 Toughness.

His list: Chaos Lord with a lot of attacks, Hellcannon, Level 2 of Tzeentch with the puppet, BSB with the banner of rage (!) 11 Trolls (!!), 30 Tz marauders with flails (!!!), warshrine of Tz, 20 Tz warriors with shields.

My veteran unit roll: ws4 for my halberds. :snore:
His roll: T5 Chaos Warriors. :bleep:

Deployment was thus (I've vanguarded). I go first.

Empire 1: I set up a concave to catch anything that pokes its nose past that building and march the handgunners forward to be able to shoot a bit. The outriders go stand in front of the warriors. Burning gaze puts some wounds on trolls and shooting is inconsequential.

Chaos 1: His warriors failcharged the outriders (fled), and his marauders (with bsb and lord) marched forward. The trolls carefully stopped with their flank still sheltered by the building. Magic was inconsequential, but the hellcannon killed about half the right-hand greatsword unit.


Empire 2: In one of my worst decisions of the tourney, I charge the depleted greatswords into the trolls. I had some vague thin idea of using magic to make them impossible to hit, or something. The outriders fail to rally, but nobody panics and they don't make it off the board. I roll 3 power dice and then the chaos sorcerer channels, which doesn't matter because my only spell to be attempted is a failcast. The mortars shoot some marauders. In combat, the trolls go postal on the completely unbuffed halberdiers, but the last few stubbornly hold. I do just enough wounds to get him an Eye of the Gods roll, which makes the trolls s6 and negates my armor save.

Chaos 2: My bad decision with the greatswords turns to my benefit, as the marauders with lord, and BSB double-fail their frenzy 9 check and charge the flank of the few remaining greatswords. The chaos warriors move forward. His magic is buried in a blizzard of dice and the hellcannon scatters to nowhere. Combat sees the chaos lord predictably destroy the greatswords, but the lone troll who still gets to punch him fails to kill the priest through his 1+ save. The priest puts two wounds on a troll with his great weapon, decides this isn't really so hard, and rolls double ones to stick without even looking at the BSB. :wow:

Empire 2:
If you are a marauder with your flail used up, and you get front charged by halberdiers, flank charged by swordsmen, rear charged by greatswords with hatred, and your general forgot his stubborn crown back at the chaos house, you are officially having a bad day and you may go home now. The popemobile proceeds off leftward to entertain the chaos warriors and prevent them crashing the party.


Magic is inconsequential, but the mortars manage to pick off a chaos dwarf and also put a wound on the big beastie itself. The handgunners eat popcorn and cheer. In combat, although the plucky priest takes a chaos lord attack to the face and croaks, the 3 remaining marauders (woot hatred!) and their characters can't hang on and are run down. The trolls weren't in the combat any more due to the dead priest, so i only pursue with the swordsmen, who catch the marauders and also hit the trolls. Everyone else reforms appropriately. The pope kills the chaos warrior champion but loses combat anyway.

Chaos 3: The hellcannon flips its wig and moves about 15 inches toward the greatswords (the nearest unit). Magic sees pandaemonium cast, which was going to be important. In combat the trolls kill a considerable number of swordsmen but they hold (the trolls pick up Ld6 at this point from Eye of the Gods). The pope wagon (left of this photo) finds out that, jeepers, the chaos sorcerer also has crappy stats, and consequently nothing happens in their challenge.

Empire 4: The greatswords contemplate three targets: the hellcannon, the warshrine, or the chaos warriors. With a 300 point reward on their heads, the chaos warriors draw the short straw and get flank charged. Some idiot forgets to remind me to dispel pandaemonium in the magic phase. I shoot the hellcannon again and pick off another dwarf. Combat sees the swordsmen break on their steadfast 7 check, by rolling 8 both times (meaning they'd have passed if they could use the general's LD.) The trolls catch them and also hit the bsb's halberd unit, which coincidentally had also been the most depleted in the combat with the marauders. However, the greatswords and pope manage to break the chaos warriors. The pope wagon chases them down and the greatswords turn to face the warshrine and hellcannon...

Chaos 4: Which duly charge right on in.


No more turn-by-turn, because I don't remember. The warshrine eventually breaks and runs, but the hellcannon unbreakably stays put and ties up the swords for the rest of the game, eventually dying in the final round. The trolls eventually kill the BSB and break the halberds, but do so one turn too late: in my last turn, the pope flank charges them, wins combat by 1, and gives an object lesson in the value of steadfast 6 with no re-roll, running the trolls down.

16-4 win to me, which would have been 18-3 if the warshrine hadn't rallied on the very edge of the board.

Round 2 vs. Dwarfs. The scenario is Blood and Glory, with a breakpoint of three: breaking your opponent is worth 300 vps (no auto-win).


Absolute nightmare scenario for me on an absolute nightmare board. Anvil gunline, maximum allowed war machines for this tourney (2 organ guns, grudge thrower, 2 cannons), and the squigpen on the left and the pile of barrels on the right are both impassible terrain. The halberdiers, helped by a miscasted timewarp that ate my wizard) eventually killed the warriors they're facing in the photo, overran into the grudge thrower and killed it, and then got obliterated by both organ guns when they couldn't quite make it off the board. I ended up losing one unit of greatswords, a mortar, the bsb and the priest with the halberds, and half points for the swordsmen due to them fleeing at the end of the game. 14-6 loss, and thankful it wasn't a lot worse.

Nothing against my opponent, who was kind, polite and reasonable, but this was my least fun game of the tournament. I hate gunlines.

Round 3 Vs. Vampire counts. The scenario has one 300 VP objective right in the middle of the board, and the deployment is diagonal like meeting engagemetn (although it still alternates back and forth rather than the whole-army single-drop). His list was a vamp lord (level 4, MotBA, blood drinker), a necro, 2x40 ghouls, one unit of ~30 grave guard with the hatred banner and another identical unit with the +1 to hit banner, plus a corpse cart.

Proving that fate has a sense of humor, the terrain now proceeded to screw my opponent over as thoroughly as it screwed me the previous game. This photo, taken after my turn 1 charges, will demonstrate:


The great big rocks on either side of his army are impassible, forcing his hordes to come in two waves rather than dogpiling on me all at once. This certainly cost him any chance of winning the game (although the number of bodies I can throw at them makes me a tough matchup for vamps in any case).

This is the end of turn 2. Until now not much has happened. He made the mistake of poking his flank out from behind the impassible rock, where I had my swordsmen waiting (facing sideways) for just such an eventuality. The swordsmen were able to deliver 5 points of combat res without getting near too many nasty great weapons. On top of that, the pope wagon timewarped the halberds.

Over the next couple turns, three things happened. First, greatswords and ghouls ground each other up in a very statistically correct manner: he rolled the right number of wounds and poisons and I rolled 50% 4+ saves, and then killed the statistically correct number of ghouls. It was uncanny. Meanwhile, timewarped halberds chewed up grave guard and got chewed up in return, and the other grave guard (in red) sat there absorbing a 25 handgun shots per turn (and the last two turns, they were all in close range). Meanwhile I crushed his magic phase like a bug.

We will skip ahead to vampires 4. Here two things happened: the last few grave guard, having reformed in their previous turn, charged the outriders, taking a further 15 shots from outriders (we're up to 90 now if you're keeping score), which shot them down to ONE guardsman. He wasn't lonely though. At the same time, the halberds had finished off the blue grave guard. The lord's ghoul unit charged them and they fled, so the ghouls redirected into the luckless outriders.


He found a glimmer of hope here by having his first respectable magic phase of the game, bringing back nine more grave guard to join their champion. The outriders killed one ghoul and then perished nobly. The ghouls flanked the greatswords and the grave guard hit the handgunners. In the same combat, though, the greatswords at the top left finally finished off their rotten foes, and turned to face the rear of the grave guard.

Empire 5: A short turn sees me simply charge into the rear of the grave guard with the greatswords, charge the pope wagon into the flank of the ghoulstar, rally the halberds with the BSB, and skip magic and shooting for combat. The game ended after I killed enough grave guard that they were statistically guaranteed to crumble from the combat res. He knew he wasn't about to win the game with one unit of ghouls and a corpse cart, particularly when I held the objective and had only lost 105 points.

This opponent was a very classy player with not much experience, since he is an aid worker in Uganda working with orphans in real life. So now I feel like a huge tool and it's time for game 4 after a 20-0 win.

Game 4 vs. Vampire counts. Battle for the Pass deployment with two objectives on the midline of the board, worth 150 vp's each.

His list: Vampire lord with level 4, infinite hatred, loremaster: death, blood drinker. Thrall vamp with hatred, necro with scroll, 40 spear skellies, 40 zombies (!) 3 cairn wraiths, 4 felbats, and the standard regenerating gravestar: wight king BSB and 30 or so grave guard.


The big thing in the middle of the board is a tower of blood, which helpfully gives me hatred I've already got and gives him frenzy in addition to hatred he didn't have yet. Awesome. It's also impassible, so it made sense for him to put his flyers and his ethereal behind it. I was a bit surprised he castled up in one side of the board, though.

Empire 1: I move my outriders up to mess with his movement and start swinging my guys in to trap him when he goes forward. I crisp a number of skeletons with burning gaze, but the miscast kills almost as many halberdiers and wounds the wizard. The mortars don't do much.


Vamps 1: He charges the skeletons and then the zombies into the outriders. I hold for the one (shoot some skellies) and then flee for the second, causing both units to failcharge. The bats and wraiths leap over the tower. The grave guard move as far as they can. He miscasts on invocation and brings back most of the skeletons I killed before.

Empire 2: I continue my swinging door motion and rally the outriders, who go stand by the tower of blood for some reason. magic and shooting accomplish little, as he scrolls banishment on the wraiths. The handgunners shoot a felbat though.

Vamps 2: The bats are angry. They charge the handgunners, who don't flee far enough. This puts the bats right in front of the big rock there (impassible). The wraiths make it into the halberds. His zombies and skeletons move straight forward (capturing the objective) and the grave guard turn at an angle toward the tower and my other two units. He can't do any magic. The halberds lose a few guys and crumble away one wraith with combat res.

Empire 3: the pope charges into the bats and the greatswords and swordsmen both fail charges against the zombies and skellies respectively. I place the outriders in front of the grave guard at such an angle that if they charge the outriders and wipe them out, frenzy will make them overrun into the tower of blood and stop. I land a mortar right on the skellies, although they save a lot of 6+ armor saves. Magic doesn't help me much. the pope runs over the bats and the halberds banner another wraith to death.

Vamps 3: He charges the zombies into the greatswords and skellies into the swordsmen, so my failcharges didn't mean much. He also takes the bait and charges the outriders. Magic raises some skellies back. The Greatswords kill a lot of ghouls and the swordsmen and skellies go nowhere. The outriders are pureed and just like I thought, he forgot the rule about frenzy and overruns, so he's facing most tragically the wrong directions. I combat-reform the swordsmen into a horde formation.

Empire 4: The greatswords finally finish their long trek across the board and flank charge the skeletons. the depleted halberds head off to stand on the objective, leaving their wizard behind because he keeps exploding all over them. (alert readers will notice that my opponent's objective marker is a really cool custom-made tombstone, and mine is a Miller Lite cap on a 40mm base) I managed to sneak timewarp through his magic defense, targeting the swordsmen, so what was a very questionable move with the formation becomes a stroke of genius.


I kill a very considerable number of skeletons in combat, lose a few guys back (mainly to the thrall vampire) and crumble him down to one skeleton and the necromancer. The necromancer kills the swordsmen champion in a challenge despite his 3 ASF attacks :( Greatswords kill more zombies and lose about one or two of their number.

Vamps 4: he does a swift reform with the grave guard and puts all his power dice into trying to vanhels them into the flank of the greatswords. I barely manage to stop everything even with my scroll and a failcast on his part. In combat, the necromancer accepts the greatsword champion's challenge and kills him too :bleep:
Somebody manages to kill the skeleton though, but with the greatswords just sitting and watching, he doesn't crumble (the BSB is close enough to soak up his one wound)

Empire 5: I charge the pope wagon into the grave guard. I also make him -1 to hit (effectively negating the banner of the barrows on the grave guard) in the magic phase. The wizard, his magic missiles now useless, waltzes over to stand on the objective. His Vampire lord decides that getting beaten to death with his own stats is a bad idea and feeds the arch lector a champion, which he kills and actually wins the combat, killing a total of 4 grave guard. The other combat sees the vamp lord finally wiff for once, and although the ninja necromancer kills a swordsman (he's on 3 kills now if you're keeping track, with one s3 attack), the two vamp characters crumble away. Grave guard wound the wagon a couple times but can't hit the arch lector.

Vamps 5: He refuses my challenge and I force the vamp to run away. he has no more "back row" but he moves to a spot out of b2b with my chariot. This will be important later. He can't get any magic through. In combat, the grave guard put two more wounds on the altar, bringing it down to 1.

Empire 6: I charge my greatswords into one flank and my few remaining halberds into the other. This was very stupid. I put all my power dice into healing the wagon, but nothing goes through.


I win the combat, crumbling some guys away. You can't tell, but in the photo, his vampire lord is the second guy in from the left in the front row of the grave guard. He does not modify this with his combat reform.

Vamps 6: He also doesn't move his vampire lord back into base to base contact during his own movement phase, although the FAQ seems to say he can. In the magic phase, he miscasts on two dice. He rolled the spell, rolled the miscast result (four) and THEN said "oh wait, I meant to move my vampire lord into contact with the greatswords before the turn.

I'd consider myself pretty easygoing about stuff like this, but when he's missed two chances to move the guy, already rolled the miscast AND the miscast result and then decides on his optimum course of action, I'm not having it. This was the only really salty moment of the entire tournament, and he rated me low on sportsmanship for it, but I'm not too ashamed.

he explodes a few grave guard but he just brought them all back anyway, and he wins combat, also killing the wagon. The Halberds and the arch lector both break (though the greatswords hold) and thereby give up half their points since there's no chance to rally either one. In addition, he had killed enough greatswords so that they couldn't hold the objective (although the grave guard were low enough that he couldn't hold it either). This ended up costing me a cool 450 points, turning a 20-0 win into a 14-6.

08-11-2011, 23:38
ound 5 vs. Chaos Warriors. The scenario gave 150 points for killing the general and another 50 for any other character, up to 3 characters (so max 300 total). as I'm writing this report, I begin to think we actually played seven turns. Whoops.

His list: 5 Marauder horsement with flails and no mark. 18 Nurgle halberds with the Banner of Rage. 7 Tzeentch knights with the Blasted Standard. 20 Tzeentch Warriors with shields. 35 Khorne Marauders with great weapons. In the warriors he had a level 2 of tzeentch (pandaemonium and flickering fire) and a chaos lord (3+ ward and ogre blade) and also a battle standard. Critically, none of them had the crown of command.


Chaos 1: He failcharges the knights and moves everything else forward. The outriders get away just fine. Magic doesn't work. The Marauder horsemen move up past the building on the right-hand side.

Empire 1: I attempt to charge the marauder horsemen with the greatswords on the right but I roll a 3. He stands and shoots anyway and kills 2 greatswords. The outriders fail to rally and continue running toward the board edge. Both mortars misfire (harmlessly) and all my spells fail to cast. 10 handgunners also roll zero 5's or 6's to hit. The most epic turn of fail I can ever remember happening. Moving on then.

Chaos 2: The marauder horsemen I didn't charge instead declare on the fleeing outriders and push them off the board. Everything else moves up. Magic sees flickering fire take one wound off a mortar but nothing else happens.

Empire 2: I try again to charge the marauder horsemen and this time I make it, and now it's a flank due to their failed charge. I also attempt to charge the handgunners out of the way of the pope wagon so I can charge the chaos warriors with the wagon itself. The handgunners fail and roll a 6. I land a direct mortar hit and kill a large number of marauders (though the other one misfires AGAIN). Magic does nothing.

The greatswords completely ruin the marauder horsemen, need a 7 to overrun off the board, and end up with their flank facing the chaos knights with no battle standard anywhere in sight. Awesome.

Chaos 3: The nights charge the greatswords. The marauders and the chaos warriors both declare charges. The marauders declare on the handgunners (who flee, effectively getting them out of my way), and the chaos warriors try to charge the BSB's halberds. Marauders, redirect at a mortar and, needing a 6, roll a 5. Warriors, needing a 5, roll a 3. This lands us here.


The greatswords kill nothing, fail their stubborn 8, break and get run down. I had a re-roll (from the charity raffle) that I should have used here, but I forgot about it and didn't end up using it this game.

Empire 3: The chaos warriors take a pope wagon in the teeth, and the greatswords charge into the marauders. The handgunners rally. The swordsmen move up to both get in the way of the nurgle halberds and to get out of the way of the knights. I use up all his dice on junk spells and have two left to timewarp the greatswords, which I do, reasoning that swordsmen are awful. The mortars don't kill any knights and it's on to combat. The chaos lord can't hit the arch lector on 6's (weapon skill 10 plus the glittering scales) and takes a wound through his 3+ ward. The greatswords don't disappoint, dominating the marauders in combat (although the marauders pick the wizard out of the unit) and breaking them.

Chaos 4: the knights move around to get into position and the halberds charge. The marauders decide today is not a good day to die, and boxcar their rally check.
His magic phase (like all of them for the rest of the game) consisted of his sorceror throwing six dice at pandemonium and then having it dispelled by my nine dice.
The arch lector rolls hot and beats the chaos lord to death with his own statline. The halberds send swordsman bits flying everywhere, but steadfast holds.

Empire 4: The greatswords, still timewarped, not only charge the marauders off the board, but only have to move forward one inch as a result. Cool. The halberdiers grit their teeth and flank the nurgle warriors. The pope wagon timewarps the halberds. The mortars can't kill a knight, again. A large number of state troopers meet nasty ends, but the swordsmen are steadfast and the halberds are stubborn so everything holds, and I pick off maybe 2 or 3 warriors. The arch lector wounds the chaos BSB in a challenge.

Chaos 5: the knights, after some debate, opt to flank the halberds rather than rear the swordsmen.


Magic phase as above. In combat the arch lector finishes off the chaos BSB and I trade about 15 more state troops for about 3 or 4 more chaos warriors. The swordsmen have had enough, and the last five of them (four when the banner dies) run away and eventually off the board. The halberds stubbornly hold. The chaos halberds turn to face them.

Empire 5: The greatswords turn around to face the tz warriors. timewarp goes off on the halberdiers again. They and their priest actually manage to kill a chaos knight, and 4 or 5 halberds, before losing 10 or 12 of their own (they were now down to 18 models plus the bsb and the priest). The arch lector flails ineffectually at the chaos sorcerer

Chaos 6: the grind continues, and a bunch of models die (including another knight). A wound also gets put on the BSB through his 2+ armor. The arch lector kills the chaos wizard.

Empire 6: Greatswords charge the tz warriors, timewarp goes off AGAIN on the few remaining halberdiers, and combat goes like you'd expect. This continues the pattern of my opponent reforming to put guys into contact with the bsb, and me killing just enough guys to get the bsb out of danger at ASF speed. However, all remaining halberds finally die, and so does their priest, but the BSB stubbornly holds. Also the greatswords break the warriors and the wagon runs them down while the greatswords reform.

Chaos 7: he kills the BSB and reforms to look at me.

Empire 7: I charge the arch lector into the three remaining halberd warriors and, after some thought, do not charge the greatswords into the knights. This was a mistake: we simmed this combat after the game and the greatswords handily defeated the remaining 5 knights and ran them down. Spilt milk however, since the whole turn should never have happened.

This was a 14-6 win for me, since the mortars and handgunners survived completely unmolested and the greatswords barely had a scratch on them either. I could have done much better though, either by re-rolling that stubborn check early on or by finishing up with the other greatsword unit.

Tournament overview: Good players, good comp scores, and only one hellpit abomination in the whole room (!) make for an awesome tourney. That guy won best overall, though, of ****** course. Thank you, Jeremy Vetock.

I finished sixth overall in battle points with 68/100, got a painting score of 40/60 (more than I deserved, I thought), and scored 2/20 in sportsmanship. So, lots of room to improve: I'm sure I can get up to 80/50/0 next year if I really try :-D

8 Guys from our club were there and four of them took home hardware. The northstar gives out awards for best general in each army book as long as more than two show up, and we won best lizardman, best beastman, and best dark elf. I was three points behind the "best empire" winner, which makes me deeply regret those damn chaos knights in the last round, but I had lots of fun, learned a ton, and will definitely be returning next year.

thanks for reading!

Lord Solar Plexus
11-11-2011, 10:17
Thank-you for sharing the easy to follow and well-illustratred reports, Silas. I think you did a pretty good job and put up a credible fight during the whole event. Sounds as if you had some invaluable good fun, too!

11-11-2011, 20:54
Thanks for the reports sir, they were very well done. Also, I'm on your side - after 2 chances to move the guy, I would veto the movement too.