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09-11-2011, 04:43
Hello all, this will be my first battle with my new OK army that I have been buying and painting. So my opponent is a close friend who has about 8 more years of experience playing Warhammer on me. He frequently places 1st or 2nd in local tourneys. Here are the Ogre models I have to work with and we have lots of models I can proxy. I would like to use most of my models seeing I just spent a lot of money on them.


x6 Ogres
x6 IG
x4 LB
x2 Firebellys
x4 Mournfangs
x24 Gnoblars
x2 Sabretusk

Anything else I will have to proxy. Also we will not be using Special Characters in this battle. Here is what he will be fielding...

Orc Warboss (+1S, 4+ward)
NG Warboss (+2S, -1 to hit in cc, 5+ward)
Orc Bigboss BSB (2+as, luckstone)
Orc Shaman (lvl 2)
NG Shaman (lvl 2, scroll)
x15 Black Orcs (shields, flaming banner)
x2 Orc Boar Chariots
x20 Orc Big Uns (shields)
x30 Orc Boyz (shields)
x36 NG (spears, Nets) no FANATICS
x6 Trolls
x2 Rock Lobbers
x2 Doom Divers
2x5 Spider Riders
x2 Mangler Squigs

I don't expect to win against him but I would like to not embarrass my Ogres on there first trip out on the table. Any help with a list and tactics that I could use would be a huge help.


09-11-2011, 05:38
This is going to be rough. OnG are a tough match up for Ogres.

I'd suggest you need more bulls, you have too much in chars and I'd consider not using your tyrant and one of the bellies.

Check out Malorians Ogres in 8th video and The Ogre Kingdoms Ogre batreps on YouTube. Also, tmarichards vids for a crash course in Warhammer. Check out Ogre Stronghold.

Get your mate to teach you the game for your first few games. Maybe if you can find a couple of others get some doubles in too, as that can help.

Enjoy yourself and good luck!

09-11-2011, 11:21
Like Lowmans said, way to many characters, and way to few Core Ogres.
I play O&G myself, and this list isn't THAT optimal, but will eat Ogres alive.

How many points are you guys playing (to lazy to grab rulebook and calculate the O&G list :p)

09-11-2011, 15:40
2500 points. Also I think you guys are missing my point, I can proxy anything to put together my list. I just listed the models that I have currently. I would not field 4 characters in a 2500 point army, also I know that I dont have enough core for an idea list. That is where proxys come in. I need help putting together a list that can match up with his list and have a chance. I already know that I'm not nearly as good a player as he, so I really don't want to make any huge mistakes with my list. Hence why I am seeking advice from some of the experts on this website.

So if anyone can help me put together a list that can match up with the O&G list I will be facing Saturday, that would help me get started. Please disregard the models I have and help me put together any competitive list. Also please give some insight to why the list you recommend could work.

Thanks Lowmans, Im in the middle of Malorians Ogres video. It is very helpful.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Gork or Possibly Mork
09-11-2011, 20:58
I think bull hordes with some dirt cheap bare bones gnoblars units along with 3 sabre tusk and some mournfangs is a good option against horde armies like OnG. You'll
probably want some shooting to take out those manglers at the very least.

The thing about ogres is they don't deal with attrition very well so you need to create key match-ups get in there quick and smash stuff and tie-up or divert the rest.

You will need good magic defense so a Slaughtermaster and a backup caster is good to have. I usually take a firebelly ( sometimes two ). I usually take hellheart if i can find the points and i always take a dispel scroll.

For deployment use your cheap drops to stack one side heavy in a denied flank. That way your flank is protected by ogre horde after horde and the board edge or possibly terrain and the other is protected by the chaff which makes time your ally so that your facing half of his army against mostly the full might of yours.

The ogre hordes can churn out alot of kills and will eventually break steadfast. That's the idea here. You want to overwhelm half his army at a time with horde units that can dish it out fast and can take a bit of a beating and still be fine while diverting the rest of thier army.

I know alot of ogre players disagree with the many hordes idea but against armies like OnG i've found i get whittled down too easily, steadfasted, counter charged and eventually broken down and picked apart.

With a concentration of hordes, denied flank and cheap fodder you biggest threat is a few spells of doom and if they have enough fodder ( especially ones that do damage like manglers etc. ) to slow you down enough to get the other half of there army into position to counter with multiple units.

With many smaller units you have to be really clever a manuevering and playing the cat and mouse game and that's not so easy to do against more experienced players. It can become a much tougher uphill struggle in a game of attrition that Ogres are hard pressed to win.

Anyway rambled too much and none of this is set in stone. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck.

11-11-2011, 20:09
Make sure that you kill the manglers with some sabertusks. Those things will wreck your day otherwise! Other than that, you shouldn't need hordes vs. his list - his highest model count unit is 36 - and that's gobbos. While the black orcs and the big 'uns will hurt, there are not too many of them, so I would say that if you can get in combat with one unit of them at a time and buff your unit(s) in that combat you should be fine. The last bit of advice I'd give you is to find a way to wreck his warmachines. Diver and Lobbas are both pretty nasty vs. ogres, and not something you want firing at you all game long. If all else fails, get into combat quickly to keep them from blowing you apart!

11-11-2011, 20:14
Thanks for the advice, I will take it all in as the battle unfolds.

12-11-2011, 00:35
I would say that every ogre army needs their littul slaves...with few words i have OK as a back up army ( i play LM and BR as main) but i always and i mean ALWAYS field 80-100gnoblar trappers with only champion ( usually 2 units 40-50each) keep ur general or bsb close and toss the fodders/tarpits AHEAD!!! :D

12-11-2011, 01:28
Get a dispel scroll. Foot of Gork is really terrifying against Ogres. And while a dispel scroll might not stop all of them, it might the crucial one.

14-11-2011, 16:02
Remember that in the magic phase, boosting your units in combat is WAY BETTER then casting a spell that hurts a unit not in combat. So boost your T, S, and get Regen if you can in every combat you can