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09-11-2011, 10:19
Hey all,
I have been collecting orcs & goblins for quite a while now but have never really gotten into the gaming side. I recently convinced a couple friends who were interested in warhammer to start, and they each bought a battalion. One bought dwarfs, and the other high elves. We will mostly be playing for fun, but one of my friends is very competitive so I'd like to be able to beat him and not get destroyed every game.

Can you recommend an army list for a 750-1000 point game. We will be starting small to get the hang of warhammer. But we will increase the point limit as we get more models and we get more experienced with warhammer.

This is a list of what I have now.
1 Orc Warboss on Boar / I also have the standard bearer from the same set.
1 Savage orc shaman on boar
BFSP Night Goblin Warboss
BFSP Night Goblin Shaman

20 Forest Goblin Spider Riders.
40 Night Goblins
50 Savage Orcs
5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz
6 Fanatics
1 Arachnarok Spider, not finished, still need to decide what to put on the howdah.
1 Stone Troll
1 Orc Chariot.
20 Orc Boyz

I really do not like the regular orc boy models. So if its possible I would like to not include them in my army.

09-11-2011, 12:20
First and foremost I suggest that you try to find out for yourselves how the game works, reading from the internet and taking the mathematically best lists is not much fun I find! Been there done that! Really, make up your own mind, otherwise it is all about who find the best list and have the most money for buying them.

I have a few tips though:

With O&G you will need bigger units, with low initiative you will strike after the opponent.
Keep you BSB and general protected, the leadership is not the best.
Overwhelm the enemy with bodies and crazy support units!
Never forget that animosity can ruin you plans, never rely on a single units, have redundancy.
Do not spend too many points on characters.
Night goblins with nets make good units if you have enough of them, 40+
Savage orcs are really good at fighting!
Monster, trolls, chariots, mangler squigs make great support units, to distract the enemy, and hit their flanks
Warmachines are great, but not crucial, you can use the high strength attacks vs monsters, knights and other units you boyz struggle with.
O&G magic is great, but not overdo it, animosity might ruin your plans!
Boar boyz hit really hard, but expensive, they go down fast, same goes for Black Orcs, you will need cheap units as well, OnG is not an elite army!
Keep low Leadership troops close to your General and Battle Standard Bearer.

Good luck!

VS Dwarfs, watch out for nasty warmachines, take enough bodies
VS Elves, take big enough units, they will strike first and kill A LOT!