View Full Version : Thinking about DE. What to expect?

09-11-2011, 22:48
I haven't played 40K in a while but a group just started very close to me and I have been itching to get back in. So new beginning, new army. I have been thinking heavily about DE. I have a couple fo questions though.
1. WHat should I expect from them? Fast, tank busting weapons? One trick pony?
2. Is an army made up mainly of raiders any good?
Any help is appreciated.

09-11-2011, 23:29
You can do a raider spam with tons of warriors or wyches. They have a really steep learning curve as they are not forgiving if you don't play exactly to their strengths. You'll also want to decide early if you're wanting a warrior/wyche combination with raiders and venom support or a hamonculae horde (check out the codex first). A friend gave me some good advice: if you don't have 40+ bodies on the feild, you're not doing it right :D