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11-11-2011, 14:55
Supreme sorceress (Dark Magic) 385 points
Level 4
Tome Of Furion
Pendant Of Khaeleth
Ruby Ring Of Ruin
Dark Pegasus

Death Hag 225 points
Cauldron of blood

Sorceress 125 points (Fire)
Dispel scroll

26x spearmen points ( Sorceress goes here) 212 points
Full Command
Standard of discipline
A leadership 9 bunker is pretty much a good idea and the reason for the shields is because I regulary play against orcs and gobbos and if they shoot at me I do wish to be able to survive their shooting.

15x repeater crossbowmen 170 points

10x Black Ark Corsairs 125 points
Full command

9x cold one knights 343 points
Full Command
Standard of hag graef
Ring of hotek

Total points 1585 bang on the dot.
This list is pretty simple its mainly for trying out things which I have never used before namely a supreme sorceress and a cauldron of blood. The plan is that the army slowly advances while the crossbowmen shoot while backed up by the magic of the two sorceresses while the cauldron goes around buffing units. The spearmen act as a bunker for the level 4 while the level 2 goes in the crossbowmen.

11-11-2011, 16:15
Rune of Khaine is a bit unnecessary, the Cauldron is already ace in combat and those points could instead be more Corsairs.

The xbow champion is worthless, he could be another corsairs. You'll also only need the banner if you'll be playing the scenarios, and even thought it's not that big of a deal.

ASF banner on the knights would be much better.

11-11-2011, 18:08
Okay il swap for the always strike first banner. Also the ten corsairs in the list is all that I have. I will swap the crossbow champ the banner the rune of khaine and the frenzy banner for a dark pegasus if I have enough points with that to give to the level 4