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11-11-2011, 14:57
Hey guys i was just wondering how you factor DE into a campaign sort of scenario?? For example i understand why DE would raid a planet multiple times but how could you factor in them taking ground or having to fight defensively??

The only things i could think of was, perhaps they attacked a planet and raided a small settlement they then take the slaves back to a make shift camp while they continue to raid the planet, enemy forces find this camp and attack it!

I just cant see them taking ground and trying to hold it as they have no motive!

11-11-2011, 15:09
It depends on what they're after? Slaves? Sure they may need holding pens/a forward base.

Perhaps they are using an unreliable means of entering Comorragh, or their kabal has been driven out of Comorragh and wants to use the campaign territory to regroup before their return. Perhaps they are simply out of favour with their kabals leadership (if part of an established kabal) and have to 'lay low' in realspace for a while. Perhaps they see the whole campaign as an amusing distraction, their super-jaded leadership treating the whole thing like a 19th century hunting safari: They aren't fighting defensively or attempting to conquer the world because they have to, they're doing it because they're bored and fancy something different.

11-11-2011, 15:30
DE...like their craftworld cousins don't "hold ground" per say like the Imperium. Even with slave taking, it'd be more feasible to just take the slaves and loot and jump back into the webway and drop them off there and pop back into realspace.

Contrary to what the "games" say it's more military sound just to have your "forward bases" in the webway and just make the jump when you need to attack. The only "forward base" a DE would need is the LZ in the form of a Web Way Portal. That'd be the closest thing to a physical base.

It'd be silly to actually build a base in realspace.....unless it could be teleported at a moment's notice. IT's much safer to keep logistical support in the webway than leaving it in realspace. You'd just have to secure those Webway portals

11-11-2011, 15:38
You need something immobile so that they can't take it into webway, and something that's too valuable to leave behind. Maybe a downed spacecraft carrying important cabal relics, or some terrain piece of historical importance to the Eldar? Or maybe just their Archon saying he's expecting their leader to show his skills against the xenos, and his reputation is in line? Political reason would be feasible for DE.

11-11-2011, 15:38
Could this particular Webway portal rely on holding a certain area in Realspace?

Maybe the Dark Eldar intend to make use of a really massive (but long forgotten) portal that, once fully operational, will allow them to bring in sufficient aircraft to destroy the remaining armies in an orgy of agony. They need only hold out long enough for repairs to be completed.

As for taking other ground this could be intended as a distraction in the hopes that the Imperium will focus on reclaiming its cities and ignore those ancient ruins in the desert . . .

If the Truekin get to torture some civilians while repairs are on-going then so much the better.

11-11-2011, 17:26
They may wish to use the planet as a "breeding ground" for slaves, thus total destruction wouldn't be a good idea as they would want the population to mostly survive, just in total servitude. DE can then come back from time to time and err... harvest the crop as it were. If a Kabal doesn't have a strong presence in the Dark City, this would be a good alternative.

Secondly, to construct devices that for whatever reason they are unable to bring in through a WWP (i.e. there are no portals big/stable enough in the area). A Haemonculus could be creating a giant pain engine by stitching together the planet's inhabitants, something which doesn't happen overnight.

And finally, for ***** and giggles as their Archon is bored.

11-11-2011, 20:13
Have another look at pages 20 through 23 of the Dark Eldar codex. There are even a few examples of the Dark Eldar hanging around just to provoke a fight.