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11-11-2011, 21:53
Hi forum readers,

Busy making a 2000 pts list for a game versus Wood Elves this sunday.
I know my opponent will be using a lvl 4 wizard, not really familiar with the wood elves magic.
I know he has about 4 tree kin, 1 tree man and some fast moving eagles.

So I have been trying to make a fun list but still manage a minimum draw. I dont like to get massacred.

1 Skarsnik 275.0

1 Night Goblin Big Boss 34.0
Great Weapon
1 Night Goblin Big Boss 100.0
Battle Standard
Armour of Silvered Steel

58 Night Goblins 252.0
Spears; Standard; Musician; Boss
Big boss and BSB go in this unit

30 Night Goblins 170.0
Standard; Musician; Boss ; 2 fanatics
30 Night Goblins 170.0
Standard; Musician; Boss; 2 fanatics
Skarsnik joins one of these units.

30 Black Orcs 425.0
Standard; Musician; Boss

9 Squig Herd 90.0
1 Pump Wagon 45.0
6 Trolls 210.0

1 Giant 200.0

Models in Army: 180
Total Army Cost: 1971.0

So no lvl 4 wizard, but I think the little waagh isnt powerfull enough to do anything. I still have some points left. Maybe squeeze in another Big Boss w/gw.

Any comments? Hints? Tricks? Tips? Pointers?

I still have on the shelf to use:
20 converted spider riders
6 squig hoppers
1 bigboss on squig
4 snotling bases
All kinds of NG Bosses

My thanks in advance.

12-11-2011, 03:57
flaming banner on black orcs? I think treemen and treekin still are flammable.

12-11-2011, 23:42
Unless I missed something, you don't actually have a shaman?
Take a Level 2. The signature spell can be gold on squiggies in a flank. (I got it off on a horde of squigs in a flank charge once - it was brutal. They got something like 34 kills)

Speaking of which, the points cost on your herd looks odd. How many goblins are in there?