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11-11-2011, 22:31
If you assume that Nurgle is Earth, what elements would the other gods be. I know this sounds like a weird question and I know that chaos gods are not based on Elements but go on, indulge me.:p

11-11-2011, 22:32
Khorne is Fire
Tzeentch is Wind
Slaanesh is Water

Sigmar is Heart.

11-11-2011, 22:50
What kind of power is Heart anyway?

The Chaos Gods have no elements, apart from Chaos.

Eddie Chaos
11-11-2011, 23:12
surely Slaanesh is earthy ;)

11-11-2011, 23:55
The pagans had five elements; hence, they were represented by the pentagram. They had the four obvious ones, and the fifth was spirit; therefore, "heart" is the crappy, cartoony version of spirit.

12-11-2011, 01:43
What kind of power is Heart anyway?

The Chaos Gods have no elements, apart from Chaos.

It's the one that lets you have a pet monkey.

Athlan na Dyr
12-11-2011, 08:21
Well, Khorne is fairly obviously fire, what with the whole 'raaargh! I'm ANGRY!' thing he has going on, his indiscriminate destructive tendancies, etc.

I put Tzeentch as water. Tzeentch is fluid, adaptable and everchanging. To me, this is more water than air.

And Slaanesh gets what is left.:rolleyes:

12-11-2011, 09:02
By their powers combined.......

I'm sorry, flashbacks are killin me this weekend. I really shouldn't operate heavy machinery while reading warseer.

12-11-2011, 15:27
I'm quite fond of studying, comparing, and contrasting magic and elemental systems in various fantasy settings and some real world belief systems. As such, I've had some fun comparing the Chaos gods to the 'classical elements' in the past. Initially, I connected Nurgle to earth, Khorne to fire, Tzeentch to air, and that leaves Slaanesh with water.

Nurgle being earth makes some sense. An earthy color scheme, green and brown, and a tendency towards being tough and slow ... typical earth traits.

Khorne being fire is pretty easy. Burning anger... consuming rage.

Air is often likened to the mind. Expansive, vast, open, etc. Tzeentch likes planning, schemes, magic... which generally require intelligence, and wisdom. Air commonly also has 'light', 'fast', and 'moving' qualities: this can be compared by saying someone is a 'quick thinker', etc.

I had a hard time seeing Slaanesh as water.... There are some immediate connections that can be brought to bear: speed being one of them. Water is often described as 'running' (out of a faucet, or say, downhill). Ultimately though, I thought this was the weakest link. Slaanesh units are typically described as moving quickly and fluidly, but the only connection I made at first was physical. I wanted to find a deeper connection.


So, I continued thinking about it. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it's actually pretty hard to shoe-horn each of the Chaos gods into a single element.

Nurgle can also be compared, rather strongly, to water. Nurgle is described as being a god whose power is often fluctuating. During times of plague and disease, war and famine and pestilence, his power waxes. When these things are not prominent problems, his power wanes. This has strong ties to ocean tides.

Additionally, one of his central themes is stagnation and rot. Why don't you just walk up to some puddle in the street and drink out of it? Standing water stagnates, collects dirt and pollutants, and generally becomes icky. A house that is subject to a flood, can become uninhabitable because of rotting wood and supports, and large amounts of mold growing in the walls. Water is important for life, but has quite a tendency to promote rot and decay.

Few people turn to Nurgle because they want to. Many find themselves afflicted with Nurgle's rot, or some other disease, and turn to him to save themselves. A theme commonly found with water, is that while 'soft', given enough time, it can erode mountains. Slowly but surely, it will wear an opponent down. A good, chaos hating imperial citizen may find his will to resist the call of chaos being eroded away by his disease, and eventually turn to willingly siding with Grandfather Nurgle.

Warriors of Khorne are, I imagine, rather tough fellows. Their life is spent in pursuit of combat, and war. They are undoubtedly very tough and strong... Typical 'earth' qualities.

There are also some comparisons between Slaanesh and earth. 'Earth' is commonly portrayed as being very physical and materialistic. Slaanesh followers are often vain, shallow, and materialistic individuals, seeking after pleasures of the flesh.


There are undoubtedly other comparisons that can be drawn. These are just what have occurred to me so far. I however, must get to bed.

12-11-2011, 17:00
Thanks for the replies and votes people. :)

I am surprised though that nobody thinks that Tzeench is fire. You know with the flamers and the flickering fire of tzeench and the fact that fire changes pretty much everything it comes into contact with...

12-11-2011, 18:11
Khorne is an angry Russian female wrestler on her period.

Tzeentch is the weird old librarian who mutters to himself.

Nurgle is the long haired unwashed rocker with questionable plant life growing on his toe nails at your local club.

Slaanesh is the attractive Tai girl that turns out to be a Tai boy.

Not very elemental, but more fun.