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12-11-2011, 19:27
Hello i would like to know what fluff means ive been on warseer since the summer and ive been hearing that word and i had know idea what it meant

12-11-2011, 19:33
Fluff is the background.

Anything that the black library makes, stories or the description of the warhammer world (for example) is fluff.

That's a very basic outline but more or less covers it. Do you know what I mean?

12-11-2011, 19:34
ya ok thanks eh

12-11-2011, 22:16
It goes back a long way, in gaming circles. It's not just a Warhammer term; you may hear it in relation to D&D too i think. The principle is that 'fluff' is flavouring and context, the 'in-background' reasons why anything happens to be how it is; the counterterm for the actual game rules and mechanics, the stuff you actually play the game with, is 'crunch'.

Understand the term but be sensitive about using it. I know some Black Library authors use the word 'fluff' freely because everyone knows what it refers to; I know others who feel it's too dismissive of the hard work which goes into storytelling and worldbuilding.

(I've had an idea for some time that people who love the lore, and who buy army books for the background and not the stat profiles, should reverse the terms - crunch is the lore and fluff is the rules, for them. This idea hasn't really taken off.)

13-11-2011, 08:07
Perhaps the Glossary (http://www.warseer.com/forums/vbglossar.php) would have helped?