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14-11-2011, 17:09
Dark Elves 2500 – Hag Graef Theme

Supreme Sorceress – Lore of Dark Magic
+1 Magic Level
Sacrificial Dagger
Total - 285

Malus Darkblade
Total – 275

Sorceress – Lore of Fire
Tome of Furion
Total - 115

Death Hag
Cauldron of Blood
Total – 225

Dark Elf Warriors (40)
Full Command, Shields
Total – 295

Dark Elf Warriors (20)
Total – 140

Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen (20)
Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer
Total – 235

Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen (20)
Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer
Total – 235

Shades (5)
Additional Hand Weapon
Total – 85

Shades (5)
Additional Hand Weapon
Total – 85

Cold One Knights (10)
Full Command
Standard of Hag Graef
Total – 345

War Hydra
Total - 175

Total - 2495

C&C Please :) as a point its not a competitive list, just something fun ^^

- Sid

14-11-2011, 23:45
45 views and no comments, should I assume everything is all good here than? :)

- Sid

15-11-2011, 00:05
I see no problems with it, often people won't comment on it if its a fluff list as it's what you wan't for your army. If you'd been asking for a tourney list then you will get a lot of people commenting on what you need.

I'd prefer a unit of corsairs than the unit of 20 spearmen but thats my personal choice and would fit in a master for them.

15-11-2011, 10:55
lol i spose that makes sense xD and i took the 20 spears to be killed off by the dagger lvl 4 ;)

- Sid

15-11-2011, 23:42
Since this is a fluff list did you consider a chariot and a bolt thrower?

Standards on xbows seems wasteful. Malus has to be general right?

Lvl 4 is light on magic items.

15-11-2011, 23:51
Yeah the sacrificial dagger is too awesome not to take lol, my choice of the corsairs is due to they theme heavily in the darkblade books.

16-11-2011, 23:20
Umm i took Malus instead of a pendant lord because he was always gonna sit in the cold ones so i decided he'd be more fun xD umm he doesn't have to be the general (both have LD9 but i'd make it him anyway for when i pop daemon) i decided against pimping the sorceress because i cant think of anyhting else she needs? If she hits combat i've done something wrong anyway xD i like reaper throwers but they cost soooooo much lol if / when i expand into 3k i plan on getting 4 ;) for the chariots i dont get on well with metal models (i fall out with my chaos ones all the time hehe) although if they get a resin / plastic kit at any point i'll jump on them. umm i have 20 corsairs but i wanted to get in the 40 spears and 40 rxb's because i like the models. Also i take standards on the rxb's because when needed i go 5x4 and throw them at things, between that and parry they actually work better than spears alot of the time ^^

My new concern, after wanting to write my own fluff for the army i've considered dropping malus for the unkillable dreadlord again, so i have one question, is this list a little to good for friendly based games? I've been reading some tactic's and every time people ask for help vs delves they always outline 3 consistant things, 1. Hydra 2. Pendant Lord 3. the dagger... i have all three which is why i ask.


- Sid