View Full Version : missing rulebook pages?

15-11-2011, 16:25

I have played warhammer 40k for two years now and
I am enjoying the game mechanics and so on.
I bought the 5th edition's starter edition (some time ago though)
and were like: "Cool, much of models to two army, and rulebook! Cool!)

I read rulebook few times, then I figured it out: Where my 33 - 49 pages have gone?
It was really frustrating to found out, that I don't know anything about assaults, morale and independent characters!

I had to print those pages from downloaded rulebook to get my rulebook whole!

Can I do anything anymore for this matter?
Just coping with those extra pages in my rulebook or?

Thanks in advance!

15-11-2011, 16:29
Take it to your local GW or contact GW customer services and ask for a replacement.

15-11-2011, 17:16
Do this.
Mind you, you are missing pages in the small book, but they are mostly fluff and superfluous things like extra scenarios (I think)