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15-11-2011, 21:49
So I'm running a tournament this weekend and just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything (plus maybe you'll want to try out these too):

Game 1: Poisoned!

After returning from a successful campaign, you and the boys are hitting up the local bar for some good drinks and good laughs. After downing a jug of mead the bartender asks you if you’d like the antidote… an antidote to the poison you just drank! With your body tingling you quickly call your men to arms only to hear the blares of battle horns, and they aren’t yours…

Players roll off for sides and the winner deploys first, with the deployment zone being 18 inches from the long board edge and more than 12 inches from the short board edges. HOWEVER the general (alone) will be deployed on your side of the building that is placed in the very center of the board (except in the cases where a unit must be with the general such as temple guard, then they are placed too). The other player then does the same. The player that deployed first will get first turn on a 3+. Filled with rage and adrenaline, the general gets +1 attack, +1 strength, hatred, and killing blow for the entire game. The game lasts 6 turns.

- Kill the bartender (opponent’s most expensive model other than his general).
-Burn down the bar by having an unengaged unit stay within 2 inches of it for two game turns (start of 1 of your player turns until the end of the next).
- Kill at least 1 model with your general.
- Have 2 of your units in your opponent’s deployment zone by the end of turn 4.
- Have your general back in your deployment zone by the end of the game.

Game 2: Find the Cure!

Making it out with your life was good, but looking back it might have been better to keep the bartender alive for questioning rather than killing him and burning down the bar. Now your doctors are scrambling to figure out what poison was given to you and meanwhile it ravages your body and mind. In desperation you lead your army into enemy territory, tearing apart each homestead you find, just for the futile hope that you might find the cure…

Players roll off for sides and the winner deploys first. The deployment zone extend out 18 inches from the long board edge but is divided into 4 18X18 sections. Once characters are placed into units (if they wish to be) then roll a dice for each in turn. On a 1 it goes into the far left (first) zone, on a 2 it goes into the second zone, on a 3 it goes into the third, on a 4 it goes into the forth, on a 5 you get to pick, on a 6 your opponent gets to pick. If there is no room to place the unit then it will walk onto the board from any short board edge on turn 2 in the remaining moves phase. The other player then does the same. Roll off for first turn. During the game, whenever a unit moves into a piece of major terrain (don’t count single trees), and there is no enemy unit in it, place a coin or marker that shows it as being controlled. Enemy units can later take it for themselves by moving into it when it is unoccupied or by clearing it out in combat. Due to the advancing poison your general will be at -1 attack, -1 str, and -1 wizard level. The game lasts 6 turns with a 7th on a 4+.

- Control the most pieces of terrain at the end of the game.
- At the end of the game control the piece of terrain that was the first one you took control of (so you can lose it and take it back).
- Destroy the first enemy unit that takes a piece of terrain.
- Capture more medical texts (banners) than your opponent.
- Your general must survive the game.

Game 3: Go Out With a Bang!

You’ve exhausted every resource, but there is just no hope. All the top doctors in the land can’t figure out what poison was given to you and all they can agree is that you few mere days to live. You could feel sorry for yourself, or blame yourself for killing the bartender, but you have business to take care off. Now is the time to name your successor and go out with a bang. You don’t want to be known as the general that got poisoned, you want to be known as the general who got poisoned and took a legion of his enemies down with him…

Players roll off for sides and the winner deploys the first unit (alternate after that). Units may be deployed anywhere within 30 inches of the right corner of their long board edge, however the general and his unit gain the scout special rule with the added benefit of being able to charge on turn 1. Pick one non-monster model to be the successor, this model gains +1 wound, +1 attack, +2 weapons skill, and +2 leadership (use unmodified leadership to determine who the general is). The general on the other hand is at -2 attack, -2 str, and -2 wizard levels. Roll of for first turn with the player that finished deploying first getting +1. Starting on player turn 3, roll a dice for your general, on a 4+ he lives but on a 1-3 he dies and the successor now becomes the general. If passed roll again at the start of the next player turn. The game lasts 6 turns.

- Destroy an enemy unit on turn 1.
- Destroy an enemy unit on turn 2.
- Destroy an enemy unit on turn 3.
- Kill at least 1 model with the successor.
- The successor must survive the game.

So what do you think? Any obvious loopholes that are going to kill one of them? Any of them just plain stupid?

15-11-2011, 22:21
I like it. I especially like the deployment rules for game 2. The point of the objectives is simply whoever achieves the most wins? Some objectives being achievable by both forces, some only achievable by one?

I'll assume it's a magical poison or something (deals with Daemons, Tomb Princes and Slaughtermasters).

Second scenario: first you have to ensure everyone has enough terrain (and coins. do not confuse game markers with beer money!). Second, does the first unit which deploys in terrain count as the first unit to take any?

The third scenario could do with a 'the poisoned general kills at least his own points cost in enemy models'. That ought to satisfy even the Daemonslayers, though it might result in players taking cheaper poisoned generals than successors.

15-11-2011, 22:36
Whatever objectives you meet are the points you score. Some of them (like capture the most banners) can obviously only be scored by one player.

Good note on making sure to bring enough coins. And yes, first one in gets the terrain and then you need to take it away from your opponent.

17-11-2011, 17:38
Be interesting to see how this pans out - I am from the "keep it simple" mind frame when it comes to running events as with some many rules/things to think about it can be quite challenging to run - have you played any games using the above Malarion?

My only fears are the system could be open to abuse by certain armies - but then again it's nice to see something that's not just the standard missions!

I might try this out with my gaming buddy to see how it works out!

17-11-2011, 19:14
I haven't gone through all of these missions yet, but this is a lot like the other ones I've used in the past.

It sometimes comes up that certain builds are better suited to a mission than others but my hope is that this makes everyone take a balanced army so that they are ready for everything.

17-11-2011, 19:40
I like Scenario 2 & 3 but:

I'd be tempted to include some form of extra protection for the lord in scenario 1. Maybe +1 toughness due to being drunk or something. I'd also try to find a way to make things a bit more even in terms of "guard" units for the general.

I think there would be way too much diversion from say a Slaan with temple guard to say a massive greater daemon. Also what would you count a Seer on a Bell as? Would you allow the unit pushing the bell to be with him? My last point is catering for flying general. A foot slogging Dwaft Lord is at a massive disadvantage to a Tzeentch Lord on a disc.

(If you can't notice I play Skaven,Daemons and Warriors :P)

17-11-2011, 19:54
Only thing i'd mention is that it seems like a themed campaign more than a tournament, with each mission running directly into the next it gives the impression of progression through a story more than anything else. Which is great btw, don't get me wrong I like these missions, they just don't seem like a tournament to me ^^ ofc its just my opinion, as long as you slap them up on youtube i couldn't care less lol, you normally produce interesting fights :)

- Sid

18-11-2011, 06:17
First of all, excellent idea to prepare a bit more exotic tournament setup. Have You tested the scenarios ? It's always quite tricky to come up with scenarios that are balanced for all the armies out there. And what about army composition restrictions ?

-Burn down the bar by having an unengaged unit stay within 2 inches of it for two game turns (start of 1 of your player turns until the end of the next).
Please clarify this a bit. If I started the game, and have an unengaged unit by the bar on start of turn 2, is the bar burned if my unit is still unengaged at the end of my turn 3 ? Or the opponent's turn 3, or end of turn opponents turn 2 ?

- Kill at least 1 model with your general.
Does shooting or magic count ?

- Have 2 of your units in your opponent’s deployment zone by the end of turn 4.
Do they have to survive the game ? Do they have to stay in the opponent's zone ?

- Have your general back in your deployment zone by the end of the game.
Is it enough that he visits the own deployment zone, or does he have to stay there and survive the game ?