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17-04-2006, 21:51
Ok my questions involve the Chaos Khorn world eaters army lists.
question 1.
In the chaos codex it doesn't mention if you can give a character in therminator armour demonic flight or not? Since that is so can i give it to my lord with therminator armour, plus if that is so then you can give chosen theminator champians it to considering you can make the whole squad aspiring champians or therminator champion have demonic flight?

question 2.
can you have say five chosen therminators and three schosen marines in the same squad and use the rule on the above question?

question 3.
what is the rule of :Every third chosen model in therminator armour in each unit or retinue may exchange their combi-bolter for a weapon from the following list. can i have two of these weapons with five of my chosen in therminator armour and three with out?

question 4.
this is a basic 40k question but can lords in therminator armour take plasma pistols and can they be tatken as an aditional close combat weapon?

thank you to all who reply to this as your answers will help me greatly on wednesday and thursday.:skull:

17-04-2006, 22:15
First: This thread really should be in the rules section of the forum.

Yep it does.
Daemonic flight does not have a * next to it. This means it cannot be taken with terminator armour.

You can have any combination of chosen in terminator armour, power armour, asp champs in power armour and asp champs in termintor armour you like.

Yep for evey three. So on hitting 3 terminators you get to choose a Reaper autocannon or Heavy flamer for one of those three. If you want a second Reaper autocannon or Heavy flamer you need another 3 termintors (bringing the total to 6). NOTE its every three models in terminator armour NOT any old three.

No. Again like Daemonic flight, Plasma pistols do not have a * next to their name in the armoury section on page 14 of the chaos codex.