View Full Version : Fateweaver Spells for a game vs Chaos Warriors, need advice

17-11-2011, 11:13

I am playing a game vs Chaos Warriors tomorrow and I need some advice on what spells to take in which head. My suggestion:

Left: Throne of Vines, Regrowth, The Dwellers Below and either Birona's Timewarp, Final Transmutation or Searing Doom

Right: Mystifying Miasma, Okkam's Mindrazor, Soulblight and either Wildform or Purple Sun

The rest of the army are two close combat units (5 Crushers plus Herald and 20 Daemonettes plus Siren Herald), some flamers and a block of Horrors with Herald (+1 Power Dice).

What do people think?

17-11-2011, 21:00
The signiture metal spell works wonders against their knight units :) also i thought you just picked a lore per head and not individual spells? I could be wrong since i traded my book away, but thats what i thought.

- Sid

18-11-2011, 12:38
Nope, he chooses 4 spells per head from a list of 4 lores. That's what makes him so BA-Roken.

18-11-2011, 13:52
metal is probably the way to go against chaos....its one of the few spell lores that im wearry of and i play chaos

18-11-2011, 13:58
Lol okay I read that wrong! in that case i'd definutley pick up the sig metal spell (searing doom i think its called) i'd also considering withering, mixed with wildform will work wonders. Oh and again i could be wrong... but i was under the impression that Kairos could never rez dead models from the lore of life? If its true swap out regrowth for flesh to stone, it makes your guys much better in combat. Can you then cast up thorne of vines and throw everything at skillrazor? Also consider taking that fate of bajuna or what ever its called (number 4 death spell) if you cover yourself with the throne and throw everything at that spell into your opponents lvl 4 you've basicly won. Be wary not to use this guy to harshly tho, i wouldn't blame your opponent for not wanting to play this guy in a friendly game :/

- Sid