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Once Bitten
17-11-2011, 17:09
My gaming group seems to be playing rules differently than most other people, so I thought I would describe what we do and see what people think.

When a unit breaks from combat, they flee away from the enemy unit w/ the most ranks. The direction of their flee movement is not 180 degree from their current facing, but rather the direction is based on the center of their unit and the center of the unit from whom they are fleeing.

The BRB spells this out under the charge/flee reaction section rather than in their flee-from-combat section. However, in that latter section it says that the unit fleeing from combat flees exactly as described in the charge/flee section. (I don't have my book on me or I would provide exact wording and a reference.)

Although this interpretation of the direction of the flee movement seems subtle, it can have huge implications when units are not lined up perfectly with each other. Imagine a small unit fleeing from a horde unit with which it was not aligned directly in the middle.


In this case, both units would rotate southwest instead of moving directly south. And, if the horde models were on 25mm bases and the small unit on 20mm bases, the rotation would be even greater.

What do you think? Are we playing it correctly?

17-11-2011, 17:16
Yes. Units flee from other units along a line between their centre points which extends in the direction of flight. This is true of unit's that break in combat and also units that flee for other reasons, such as when they declare a Flee! reaction to a charge.
Warhammer is not played on a grid and units are allowed—even encouraged—to move in odd directions.

17-11-2011, 17:47
It's true, it's centre to centre, but most people just turn the units straight around. It does matter sometimes, fortunately last time it happened with me, my opponent knew what I was talking about, and his unit fled off the board at a 45 degree angle rather than staying on and escaping if they'd simply turned around.

Unfortunately, there are no diagrams in the rulebook that show a fleeing being resolved where centre to centre and a straight turn aren't the same thing...

17-11-2011, 20:02
The BRB mostly uses the phrase "directly away from the enemy", which is very vague and GW-ish. However, the FAQ actually clears it up. Yes, you flee along the line drawn between the units' centres.