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18-11-2011, 23:00
Sit back and wait for the enemy while destroying them with shooting and magic attacks. Use Harpies to flee from charges. Let the Black Guard and Executioners. Advance to stop threats, while Crossbowman redirect shooting to other units. Shades to give them something to think about.

Corsairs x30
Musician / Frenzy Standard
340 pts

XBow x19
214 pts

XBow x19
214 pts

Lvl 4 Sorc (Fire)
Sacrificial Dagger
Seal of Ghrond
Guiding Eye
340 Pts

lvl 2 Sorc (Shadow)
Dispel Scroll
Ruby Ring
184 pts

Harpies x 5
55 pts

Hag w/ Cauldron
225 pts

Bolt Thrower
100 pts

Bolt Throwe
100 pts

Black Guard x 20
Musician / Banner of Murder
306 pts

Executioners x 24
Musicain / Banner of Eternal Flame
316 pts

Shades x6
Extra Hand Weapon
102 pts

Total Pts: 2497


19-11-2011, 03:45
Personally, I would swap the Fire and Shadow from the Lvl4 and Lvl2. I don't think there are 4 spells worth having in Lore of Fire. With ruby ring you run out of power dice to get that spell off with 6 other spells (that's less than 2 dice per spell!)

If you dump the guiding eye and ruby ring you could take the lifetaker crossbow on one of the sorceresses and champions in the xbows in case they ever see combat.

19-11-2011, 03:49
Personally I think swapping the bolt throwers for more crossbow would be more efficient but that's your call shooting is tough to win games with so you need a lot of shots with so many modifiers.

19-11-2011, 05:21
I agree with the other posters. If you must use shadow, let your level 4 use it. I prefer Dark but that's me. I think dumping both RBT for another 20 man xbowmen is better overall. I'd dump the 20 black guard and take a unit of spearmen to make the Dagger less painful. Also, try to round out the Executioners to 30 and go horde.

Even with all that shooting, with 8th Ed you'll find many units too big to be that effective against. But nobody will like it either. :D

19-11-2011, 06:24
Agree with other posters, especially regarding shadow lore and lifetaker. i would take out both bolt throwers and bg and drop to 2000 pts. bg are awesome, but not sure if it fits the theme. if you want 2500, i would add two hydras and more shades. hydras are either great distractions, taking fire from others, or they can run up and blow fire--one of the best range attacks.

Sorry shift key broke,


19-11-2011, 06:31
Also, if you really don't want to use mindrazor on corsairs (which you seem to hint at with lvl 2 shadow sorc), handbows on corsairs actually works. you pass the frenzy test, run up and fire at them. then they charge you and you fire at them again. thats 60 + 40 attacks, assuming you are running them as a horde, before you're in base contact.

the trick to shooting is lowering their t withshadow magic.


19-11-2011, 14:32
yeah swapping the lvl 4 and lvl 2 makes sense. the corsairs have Handbows, I forgot that on description.

I know lots of other armies are bringing big nasty monsters so hence the Bolt throwers

03-12-2011, 20:16
Sounds like a fine list And I agree with the other posters made swap and maybe drop the bg or executioners for more corsairs provided you have the minis to do so.