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19-11-2011, 00:14
Hello folks,

Here, there are 2 lizz players, that use light lore (the one that heals)
and when u challenge the slaan crew, he accepts with their sag.
so, my might heroe can't slay their general, and we get stuck in this battle,

by using wulfrick i think that this will be solved,
however in a tournament, can i still win using him?

so on, should I enter with him as reinforcements?

24-11-2011, 21:13
Well if your opponent knows your are ambushing him he'll make sure there are things protecting the back of his unit. Plus I don't know if you get to challenge his slaan when he isn't in a rank that is in combat (since the slaan is in the second rank and you are attacking from the back).

Wulfric works pretty well charging forward too with a big unit but your opponent will feed you chaff along the way.

If he is healing his unit well you should be focused on killing more of the unit and winning combat by large numbers.

26-11-2011, 02:02
Wulfrik + khorne great weapon horde in 'outflank' + tzeentch cheese chosen running at enemy from the front = brown pants time.

27-11-2011, 03:04
Wulfrik is better off in a tourney starting on the table. If you get lucky, sure you can do some stuff, but if you get unlucky he can come on way late in the game. After the units are setup, just make sure he is in the unit opposite the Temple Guard.