View Full Version : what year is the old hive tyrant from? the very first one

Chaos Warlord
19-11-2011, 09:04
i had one about 12 years ago, and im keen on knowing wich year they started producing them, was it in the mid 80's?
or did the hive tyrant not show up until 1995 when the first edition of the tyranid codex came out?


Emperors Teeth
19-11-2011, 09:44
The 2nd ed Tyranids seem to have been released at WD issue 188, which was in August 1995. This was the first mention of the Hive Tyrant model, so I presume this was when it was released...

Source: http://www.gamehobby.net/white_dwarf_magazine/white_dwarf_188.html

(cause I lost my White Dwarfs... :cries:)

19-11-2011, 12:15
Yep, that sounds about right to me. The earliest Hive Tyrant (http://www.solegends.com/citcat1997/1997p088-01.htm) catalogue entry seems to confirm 1995.

19-11-2011, 15:08
I keep thinking they first turned up in the list found in WD 145, but it wasn't until 188 where they first appeared.

19-11-2011, 15:28
Well, if this is to settle a bet or something, *technically* the first Hive Tyrant model was a plastic Tyranid warrior you put both set of weapon arms on, dual Boneswords and Deathspitter (as opposed to the ordinary warriors having to choose one of the weapon options), per Codex Imperialis book and armylist pamphlet in the 2nd ed starter box...

(1st ed Tyranid List in WD didn't have a Hive Tyrant as a leader, instead being led by a genestealer Patriarch and/or Magus, and before that, in the RT BRB you had the ordinary method of upgrading a rank and file model to various levels of "hero", but it wasn't called a Hive Tyrant in any case...)