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19-11-2011, 19:09
A quick report as I am very inconsistent with these things. My friend and I are playing a campaign using the old Mighty Empire rules. We started off with 4.5k in armies and this battle was to decide the ownership of the only tile currently linking our territories and linking our two kingdoms.

This was the big battle for our first round of our campaign. I had 1.5k Empire and my opponent had 1.5k of Orcs and Gobbos, with a 200pt garrison force of greenskins from the village on the tile. All the army lists had been pre-generated before the start of the campaign, but I had lost all of mine (garrison forces 'n' all) so this was a quick throw together list.

I took a general, warrior priest and battle standard. Units were 24 Halberdiers with 10 each of swordsmen and handgunners in support, 12 Halberdiers, 9 Knights, cannon, mortar and 20 Greatswords. My opponent had 1 orc boss, a black orc boss, a lvl 4 shaman, a lvl 1 night goblin shaman (in the garrison force of 25 Night Gobbo archers with 2 fanatics,) and an orc bsb. He was supported by 25 Black Orcs, 25 Big Uns, 25 Boys, 3 trolls, 1 rock lobber and 12 orc archers.

The battle was one of poor dice rolls tbh. I was surprised it lasted as long as it did! I had nothing to counter his magic and despite a lack of direct damage spells, two really got me: Ere we go, the Little Waargh! spell that grants armour piercing and the Big Waargh! spell that gives the shaman +3s/A and +1 ward save. The Black Orcs never made it into combat. My cannon and mortar killed 3 models between them, my hand gunners killed 2.

We decided that in the end, my friend's trolls were his MVPs because despite breaking twice and being run down, their timely intervention prevented a flank charge from my halberdiers which would have, chances are, broken the big uns and cleared the centre of the field while the Blorcs we still out of position, while his Big Uns held on pinning my knights, warrior priest, BSB and Greatswords until the Blorcs could get into place for a flank charge. On my side the Greatswords died to a man killing over half the Big Uns and a Troll in the process.

Everything else was fairly ineffective. I didn't enjoy the game as much as I usually do because I have a lot on my mind, but it was a comprehensive defeat and great start to the campaign by my friend. I don't think there was anything too wrong with my battle plan but obviously facing 5 levels of magic and ineffective war machines hurt my chances a fair bit.

Still, onwards and upwards!

Lord Solar Plexus
20-11-2011, 15:37
Too bad but these things happen. I'm not too familiar with O&G but it looked as if he not only had more magic but outnumbered you by quite a margin.

20-11-2011, 16:38
Yeah but normally I can negate the equivalent of 1-2 ranks per unit with war machine fire. Just didn't happen this time.

His Rock Lobber wasn't all that either. Maybe the weather was wrong for war machines.

01-12-2011, 12:12
The Trolls certainly did the business - they are intended as a bodyguard for the General - and served well in this case. It was the magic that caused you most of the troubles in this battle. You managed to redirect the Black Orcs, but it was clear what was about to happen when they were going to charge your knights in the side with Two Handed Weapons drawn!

I'm sure you will get revenge soon, but first blood to the Greenskins!

01-12-2011, 17:05
Yah-boo sucks to you ;-)

10-12-2011, 16:12
Right next battle is next Wednesday and is at the end of the first campaign season; and its over the same village. In terms of the campaign I have the edge over my friend, but he has definitely come on top in terms of battles. This time the battle will be about twice the size and involves both army generals.

Could be brutal.

22-12-2011, 09:08
Second battle, at the end of the campaign season. It was fought over the same village as before because it commanded a key valley between the two empires. I had 3k of Empire in 2 1.5k armies, my opponent had 370opts over 3 armies including the 200pt garrison from the village.

Early exchanges seemed to indicate that we would have our usual game of ***** dice rolls. My opponents trolls faild 2/3 stupidity tests despite sitting next to the general and my pistolliers got wiped out by 12 orc archers over 3 combat rounds despite getting the charge in; my opponent was effectively firing with 1/2 his war machines where I was losing 1 a turn after the first turn due to misfires. Yet his turn three proved to be devastating. None of our magics were all that (although I lost 10 spearmen to foot of Gork, I had Life and Beasts), and shooting was its usual mixed bag.

In my previous phase I failed 3 charges of 7" or less including my Knights, Flagellants (charging down a hill) and main spearman unit (yes it needed to charge). My Greatswords got in an mashed up a unit of Orcs. So not too bad.

In my opponents turn things got messy. Charging my spearmen his Big Uns got animosity but his Blorcs got in and were countercharged by my swordsmen detachment. Still that gave me 30 Spearmen, Arch Lector, Battle standard, wizard and 10 Swordsmen against his 25 Blorcs. Alright I had to reroll all my 6's but still.

2 dead Blorcs.

I think I lost about 12 in reply. After CR I needed 3 with BS reroll. I failed and the spearmen, swordsmen fled, were run down and the Blorcs crashed into the detachment of Handgunners on the hill.

On the other side my opponents night goblins sidled up to the knights and let loose both fanatics. I lost 5 knights, broke on Ld9 (Warrior Priest) fled through the fanatics, lost the rest but the WP who, being within 4 inches of the table edge and being below 25%, couldn't rally. Add onto that my Flagellants had done ok, but were now below 50% strength, I had lost 3 out of 4 war machines, all I had left was an intact unit of isolated Greatswords about to face a giant, and a unit of 25 Halberdiers with a detachment of swordsmen and handgunners facing about 6 units of orcs and goblins relatively untouched plus trolls and a giant. There would have to be 2 turns of readjustment before the remaining units could engage and time was running out. I had lost both wings and my centre was disrupted so I bowed to the inevitable defeat.

This is the second time I have taken on an army slightly larger than mine, on the same territory, and lost. Now most people would say that it was going to be bad because of the points difference, but this is what campaigns are all about. In essence there was nothing wrong with my deployment and my opponent had a slight fatuation with my knights and cannons. I certainly won't shirk from an uneven fight again, but I need to try and develop better redundancy into my plans.

So season has ended. I have the better Empire but my opponent has the strategic adbatage holding the one currently open pass. Next season there are more passes opening, the seas open and 2 hidden kingdoms become unveiled. I think I have up to 6200pts available for troops, my opponent has about 5400. Aside from some tweakig its proving a good campaign and its pushing both of us to find hobby time.

Hopefully within 2 weeks we can finish the paperwork and start the new season!

23-12-2011, 09:31
I had 500 more points which certainly buys a lot of Orcs!
I had to do some searching around old figures to make the numbers especially as I had two units of Black Orcs in this battle (one in each army banner). Luckily I found my very old metal black orcs was the mid 90s so was ready to go!

I was worried about the big horde unit of Spearmen, but the Black Orcs have so far proved to be a match for everything thrown at them. I was not too worried about them running as they had the hero that is Stubborn leading them, but I was expecting a few more then 2 casualties.

The dice rolls for the panic test for the cavalry was grim. In all our battles recently I have not seen the fanatics so lucky.

The greatswords did make mincemeat out of the normal orcs though. It would have been an interesting scrap if they had taken on the Black Orcs.

I still want to add some savage orcs to the army, and have not used my boar boys or chariots yet. Also in my hunt for the Black orcs I dug out another stone thrower and bolt thrower - will be handy for any forthcoming sieges.

I am looking forward to the next few rounds!

24-12-2011, 14:05
I forgot to add a unit of 12 stoopidhead halberdiers with full command losing in combat to a single stoopidhead goblin wolf rider champion.


31-01-2012, 20:34
Season 2 started today with mixed news all around. While I definitely got the upper hand today, this was mostly down to my opponent managing to destroy more of his armies with exploration rolls than I did in 3 games. The discovery of a Temple full of Rats and the Wyrmfather destroyed almost 1000pts of troops before a single battle had been fought.

On the positive side we have decided to adopt the general's compendium baggage system releasing all the points we had spent of baggage, so I have another army ready to be deployed :D

Good evening, toys are always fun!

03-02-2012, 15:27
Time for another battle - bit of a different type of army for you to face this time. Just have a think about all the stuff you have not seen in the first two battles....

17-02-2012, 13:03
Its great to feel normality return.

A simple battle where I tried something new. I was even more confident considering I had 2k and my opponent 1.6k. This should have been straight forward, if a little tough. Thankfully reality reminded me why I don't do any kind of real competitive gaming (aside from the fact I don't enjoy it).

I had a Lvl 4 Life Wizard
Lvl 2 Fire Wizard
Battle Standard
Warrior Priest
24 Swordsmen with 10 Handgunners and Halberdiers
24 Halberdiers with 10 Handgunners and Halberdiers
24 Greatswords with 10 Swordsmen
5 Knights
5 Outriders

He had (roughly)

12 Wolf Boyz
12 Boar Boyz
A Giant
25 Big uns with Spears
25 Savage Orc Boys with Spears and kebab stick
Boar Chariot
Level 2 Shamen
Level 1 Shamen

Put simply it was my advantage until turn 4 when a flank charge on Savage Orc boys resulted in +1CR and a passed test by the Orcs, my Greatswords dissolved to the Big Uns (even with Flank support - Swordsmen killed 1 orc per turn). The next turn his big uns crashed into the flank of my Swordsmen unit attacking the Savage Orcs and my centre wiped out. To add insult to injury, in an attempt to win what was a drawn game at that point, I charged his Giant with my Halberdiers, failed big style, ran and got munched.

I lost over 400 points of troops in the campaign and my Battle Standard got captured but escaped in nothing but his underpants. Ironically I reckon I still have a bigger army than my opponent, but a consequence of the campaign system was that my parent units became smaller than my detachments, so some reorganisation was needed.

I love my army........