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20-11-2011, 12:12
I have been looking at the WoC lately and after having a flick through their army book they seem to have alot of nice stuff. However what I wondered is what are the most optimal things in the list. Like for example I play dark elves and vampires as well so I am used to using things like dread lords blood knights cold one knights etc so is there any must include units in the warriors army or is it best just to buy a battalion the army book a character and a extra box of warriors

20-11-2011, 15:24
With the exception of Forsaken, its really all usable. I'd say pick what you like and build a list around it. Run it up the board and murder things.

20-11-2011, 16:40
Thanks and yeah haha they did seem pretty lame. I will probably just start off with a battalion and a sorceror then expand from there. I really want to take a shaggoth and a war shrine just to give the shaggoth buffs

21-11-2011, 00:57
take a minimum of one unit of hounds. they look crap on paper but their use is in deployment delay and redirection. run them at crazy angles at enemey blocks you want delayed or re directed for other units charges and theyll be worth their weight in gold.

have faith in our warriors AND marauders. both are excellent core units, with marauders being some of the best value troops in the game right now and same going for our warriors. great weapon, mark of khorne marauders will tear things up and give you numbers as well as kick. warriors, well what more can be said, studly stat line, good options, will rip face.

shaggoth is cool, but unfortunatley vunerable and a single warshrine will prove unreliable. the key to getting the most out of a shrine is to have it buff a unit thats already got some of the buffs it gives or has favour of the gods to enable re rolls, incidentally if your using a shrine, ensure that you have all faqs with you and have thoroughly read all the rules for it.

knights kick boat and are quite happy munching on a unit over a few rounds without any loss of power unlike other races knights.

trolls also can be versatile, with their eye of the gods roll and regen they can be beastly in smaller games.

dont be afraid to get your sorcerer (who is almost guaranteed to be your only character in smaller games) stuck in to certain combats. with as simple a gear as a charmed shield hes got a reasonable stat line and can look after himself, extras only building on a decent base.

avoid forsaken, weep, but avoid.

festus,wulfrik,throgg,scyla are all usefull special characters that cna be used to add an extra dimension to your list or just some cheapish extra hitting power.

21-11-2011, 02:39
Get a hellcannon not only does the model look great it is great and the only real shooting we have unless you count marauder horsemen throwing axes or javelins which in my opinion suck

21-11-2011, 08:08
Thanks for the help guys. Yeah I plan to run a army led by a tzeench sorceror lord just because I have seen how powerful that lore can be as ive had it used against me many times. Hellcannons actually do look amazing and I love the idea of a bound daemon in the army fits perfectly with my warband theme of the army. I plan to use hounds as screens mainly. Also would a unit of slaanesh knights be worth the points or should I just go khorne with them

21-11-2011, 11:48
Wha about Archaon to 3000 games ??

21-11-2011, 11:54
Madangel I was thinking about something like that Archon with say 10 knights. Any unit that hits is going to be hurt

22-11-2011, 12:19
Archaon is an absolute beast, he's never failed me at any points level. Make sure he has plenty of people to suck up hits for him and blow the sword asap, he'll solo units this way. I like to throw him into heavy cav ;) Also i've had some success in running forsaken as war machiene / ranged troops. People always take their bad rep into consideration in the shooting / magic phase, present a lot of targets and run a small unit and your opponent will only make the mistake of ignoring them once ^^ i've cought out a few people this way. Their high movement value and high amount of attacks is enough to crush archers. Apart from that most of its been covered, we have some amazing core availiable to you, GW marauders with MoK are worth their weight in gold, throw them at your opponents horde of heavy armour and great weapon units which have become so popular (bestigor, greatswords and executioners for example). I've also had some great success with chariots recently, been running two along side several cavalry units. Target priorty works wonders when your opponent only expects 2 / 3 blocks from WoC ;)

Have fun and good luck :)

- Sid

22-11-2011, 14:23
Thanks I will do. I think I will do them after ive done my nagarythe high elf army :p

22-11-2011, 14:34
Good man! Good luck :)

- Sid

22-11-2011, 15:19
Thanks man :) I really got the idea to do my pre sundering army from having read the malekith book like 60 times

22-11-2011, 15:28
I had that idea aswell after reading Shadow King, was going to convert the knights of Anlec and field mass amount of cultists and the anlec troops :) in the end i decided not to as i aint got the money, i'm a sucker for saving while involved in this hobby, i blame dark sphere for making prices reasonable xD anyway, make sure to post pics! you going along the Anlec route or house Anar? And what army book you gonna use?

- Sid

22-11-2011, 15:47
Im going to use anlec as I have made a high elf prince with items that can reflect malekith and im going to use the high elf book

22-11-2011, 19:59
I do agree with the 10 knights to archaon, my major worry is: 2 warshine or 1 hell canon.

22-11-2011, 20:23
2 shrines of course lets make archaon more powerful than he already is :p

25-11-2011, 19:25
Hellcannon + Pandemonium (pro spelling ^^) = Win

*note your friends will hate you for it so don't do it to often ;)

Also wait on the shrines because there are plastic ones comiong out next year.

- Sid

25-11-2011, 19:48
Oooooo and :O I might just have to ally a chaos sorceror and a hellcannon into my vampire counts