View Full Version : 2000 point Army Of The Red Duke

21-11-2011, 08:26
The Red Duke 415 points
+1 magic level
Dread Knight
Red Fury (Plus 1 attack for every wound)
Infinate Hatred (Hatred in every round of combat)
Cadaverious Curiass (Makes him immune to killing blow and poison)
Talisman Of Presevation (4+ Ward Save)

Vampire Knight Varsian 190 points
Dread Knight
Infinate Hatred
Blood Drinker

The Dukes Personal Standard 225 points
Dread Knight
Infinate Hatred
Crown Of The Damned
Enchanted Shield

The Peasents Levy 495 points
50x skeletons with spears full command and war banner

The Cannibal Peasents 80 points
10x crypt ghouls

The Blood Cart 100 points
Corpse Cart with Balefire

The Knights Of The Duke 490 (The Red Duke The Red Dukes Personal Standard and Vampire Knight Varsian go here)
7x blood knights with full command royal standard of strigoi and the dragon bane gem

Total Points 1995