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my will be done
21-11-2011, 19:03
Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated


Black orc Warboss
sword of swift slaying, potion of initiative
(in block of savage orcs)

Savage orc great shaman Lvl 4 w/ lucky shrunken head
(in block of savage orcs)


Goblin big boss BSB
Basha’s axe of stunty smashing
(in goblin squad)

Night goblin shaman Lvl 1

Night goblin shaman Lvl 2


40x Savage Orcs w/ musician, Std bearer and big stabba

60x Night Goblins w/ musician, standard bearer, netters and 2 fanatics


20x Black Orcs w/ Boss, musician and standard bearer


2x Doom diver catapult

2x Mangler squigs

So my plan is to fire the doom diver catapults at flankers. Have the night goblins as an anvil to hold a unit in combat while my deathstars kill it. The night goblins go in a squad in a shooty army, or near a squad otherwise

21-11-2011, 19:17
I think you have too few cheap support units and too little protection on your general and BSB.

21-11-2011, 19:28
I have never seen anyone give the Basha’s axe of stunty smashing to a gobo big boss....

21-11-2011, 21:43
I think you have too few cheap support units and too little protection on your general and BSB.

yep, agree with avian.

i would drop the two fanatics in the n.goblin unit and take a unit of wolf riders. maybe that second goblin shaman as well and get a pump wagon or two. having invested in the manglers (admittedly not that much), which can do some real damage, you want something that can stop things just sitting on them.

pump wagons with their random movement + impact hits are good at taking out scouts/skirmishers/fast cav as they don't get a stand and shoot or flee reaction. Also you can move them before the manglers in such a way that you can hopefully shield the manglers from getting landed on in your opponents turn.

my will be done
22-11-2011, 06:24
Why Wolf riders, i can see them as flankers or a nuisance but not a bad nuisance.

22-11-2011, 07:02
Movement 9 + free reforms is a great combo for that late-game distruption unit that needs to prevent a critical enemy charge.

23-11-2011, 11:54
Agreed your chararcters are very soft, consider talisman of preservation on warboss or bsb. A goblin bsb isn't gonna benefit as much from a big fighty sword as an orc character. Consider taking a regular warboss and a black orc bsb its about the same points but your bsb will be a lot thougher. If you put the bsb in with savages they get rid of animosity and then you can put your general in with black orcs.

Also I see no need for the lvl 2 night gobbo, its magic overkill. I would drop him, pick up a dispel scroll and add more black orcs. Things like the big stabba and the black orc champ can also be traded in for more black orcs. Its all about the bodies.

my will be done
23-11-2011, 19:04
I was putting the BSB as a goblin so they got rerolls. I thought otherwise they would just run

23-11-2011, 19:16
They just need to be within 12" to get the benefit, the BSB doesn't have to be in the same unit. With a bit of planning, that shouldn't be too difficult. :)