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22-11-2011, 08:49
Right first thing I will warn you about this list is that it has a very strong theme around it. Basically Shriek Von Horstman was a EXTREMELY powerful mage when he was alive. Just like Nagash he was extremely powerful in magic he had a natural affinity for all 8 lores so he chose to master all 8. At the age of 60 after mastering all 8 lores his wife died. Realising that the power he currently wielded could not save her he jouryned far and wide to try to find the knowledge to save her. However one night he walked into a necromancers crypt and he realised with this necromancers help he could save his wife and so he became the necromancers student quickly mastering everything his master taught him. After 100 years he went on to find a vampire his master had told him of (After Killing his master in true evil fashion) and so he finds the vampire and the vampire demands that he duel 5 of his followers to prove that he is worthy of not only his necromantic knowledge but also of being made a vampire. The duel between Shriek and the 5 acolytes lasted 5 minutes because with one spell he completely destroyed the acolytes. And so he gets turned intoa vampire and learns from the vampire and after 70 years his power has grown beyond that of his master and he disposes of him. He is now trying to find a ritual to bring her back to life fully.
So onto the list

Shriek Von Horstman 455 points
+Magic Level
Dark Acolyte
Master Of The Black Arts
Avatar Of Death
Skull Staff
Crown Of The Damned

Elizabeth Von Horstman 185 points
Forbidden Lore (Fire)
Feedback Scroll

Eldrad Von Horstman 225 points
Wight King BSB with Banner Of Drakenhof

The Regiment Of Undeath 495 points
50x skeletons with full command spears and war banner

The Ghouls Of The Local Crypt 168 points
20x ghouls with crypt ghiest

The Cart Of Undeath 100 points
Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone

The Crypt Guards 400 points
25x Grave guard with full command Banner Of The Barrows and Great Weapons

The Loyal Knights 320 points
10x Black Knights with Barding Full Command and Banner Of Hellfire

The Creatures Of Darkness 140 points
7x Fell Bats

Total points 2488 points