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22-11-2011, 10:25
Hi guys

critics required. Been playing vamps for a very long time now, been to a few GT's and dat but want to really fine tune this list. I always have and always will be a fan of the ghoul. No doubt in my mind that the ghould for vamps is the best core choice...its just me.

Im look at throne of skulls next year and just want to see what people think of a potential (not final list)

vamp lord = 205
red fury = 50
ghoul kin = 25
infinte hatred = 25
+2 save = 25
+6 ward = 15
blood drinker = 50 = 395

vamp bsb = 125
amour piercing banner = 40
forbidden lore (death) = 35 = 200

vamp = 100
-1 ld = 50
9" move = 10
some armour = 20 = 180

2 x banshee = 190

99 ghouls ( poss unit of 49 and 2 units of 25, havent decided yet) = 792

2 x terrorgheists = 225 = 450

5 fell bats = 100

10 dog = 80

like i said it is not the finished article, but i can go with a terrorgheist mount for lord if jiggle points about.

let me know your honest thoughts

22-11-2011, 10:32
Blood Drinker is 40 points for one. -1 Leadership is auro of dark magisty and the 9" move is the talisman of lycni. I would NOT put your lord on a terrorghiest as that will make him even more of a target than he already is. You actually need a better ward than that 6+ because that is not going to save you.

22-11-2011, 10:52

at work so havent got book to hand. if i drop the points and put +5 ward on lord im 8 points under so all good.

i have tried lord on terrorgheist and to be fair it was a fun game. Was devastating but enjoyable and lord didnt die...

how about the rest of the list now?

22-11-2011, 13:25
I wouldnt really know what else to put into this list as I generally either run a Blood Dragon list or I run a magic heavy list. I would say get more ghouls in as you can never have enough

22-11-2011, 13:35
i could filled 120 if i really want to be a horrible man.#

i just like the feel of over powering of ghoul pain..

was wondering of a seconf vamp with forbidden lore. so i can have one with beasts and one with death. or even both with death...:evilgrin:

22-11-2011, 14:16
Now that would be evil and I would actualy play against that with my planed pre sundering Naggarothi high elf army :D

22-11-2011, 14:30
and more than likely beat me hands down...

but i would put up a good fight....or try to....

22-11-2011, 14:45
Haha well you could try but Prince Malekith will have your head :P

22-11-2011, 14:58
my old lord had him once....took along time but did get there in the end...

malekith is expensive tho!! even in 2400!

what rules he running now...like i said havent got any books to hand..:(

22-11-2011, 15:15
Im using the high elf book so its a custom Malekith pre sundering so before he had the armour before he had the crown etc