View Full Version : A hopefully unorthodox 2400 pts. Tomb Kings list.

22-11-2011, 22:52
Dear Internet Community,

I've decided to blow the dust of my Tomb Kings, so here's a list pretty much thrown together from what I have available. Also, I've prioritised things I think are cool and want to play, rather than what I know the Internet (you guys) want me to play (so no massive Archer blocks and Khalida, or similar silliness). We normally play 2400 pts. around here, so that's what I'm gunning for, but as you can see, the list as of now is only 2180 pts., so there's room for additions. Here we go, with the list!

Tomb King 170
Fencer's Blades 35
Glittering Scales 25
Dragonbane Gem 5

Liche High Priest 175
Level 4 35
Earthing Rod 25

Liche Priest 70
Level 2 35
Dispel Scroll 25

4 Skeleton Chariots 220
Standard 10
Master of Chariots 10

4 Skeleton Chariots 220
Standard 10
Master of Chariots 10

20 Skeleton Archers 120

40 Tomb Guards 440
Full Command 30

8 Ushabti 400
Standard 10
Ushabti Ancient 10

Screaming Skull Catapult 90

So there you have it. The King goes with the Tomb Guard, obviously. High Liche Priest goes with Archers. The second priest I'm not so sure about, I was thinking of giving him Lore of Heavens for some magical flexibility but I'm not sure where to put him. Also, I'd originally intended for the Tomb Guard to have the Banner of the Undying Legion, but with two Wizards already, and them being a natual focal unit for most of the Neherakhan buffs in the first place, I don't know if I'd have the Power Dice to go around for it.

I've got 220 to burn, and a little smorgastboard of potential candidates for additions to the list. This is what I have, model-wise.

Tomb Herald
2 Tomb Scorpions
Bone Giant
4 Tomb Swarms
5 Carrion
25 Skeletons with hand weapons and shields
A handful unassembled Horsemen

So, what can you make of it?

22-11-2011, 23:54
Sadly, only Lore of Nehekhara, Light or Death are available for Tomb King wizards.

I'd recommend the Tomb Herald BSB. There are still a number of benefits to be had from passing Leadership tests, even if the units are Unbreakable and Immune to Psychology. Swift Reforms seem to be very important since you can't march (especially for the chariots!)

And there's always the risk that your Hierophant cease to... Exists.

Within range of the BSB the Tomb Scorpions should be able to tie up most minor enemy units that would otherwise hinder you.

23-11-2011, 00:20
Sorry, I was thinking about the Lore of Light. The Machine and his Ogres has me confused.

Ed.: Looking over it, Lore of Light isn't nearly as cool as I remembered. In fact, I don't like one bit. So I'm unsure what do do with the second Priest now. Maybe just ditch him and go for the Banner of the Undying Legion instead?

23-11-2011, 10:32
Or maybe give him lore of death and use him as a power dice generator :)

24-11-2011, 01:26
I would strongly suggest starting with 5 Carrion and going from there. The remaining 100 or so points, I'm not sure what I'd do with them...

I might try to field 2 units of 15-18 skeleton archers (20 would take you over what you have left at a glance). A BSB might not be a terrible idea either to help keep your King on the board even longer via Sworn Bodyguard!

YAY for lists with symmetry!

24-11-2011, 01:41
Would you be running your TG with halberds or stock?? I'm starting TK and not sure how to about kitting them out.

24-11-2011, 11:00
I am running mine with hand weapons. Primarily, this is because I already have 30-odd of the old ones, which didn't have any other options. Secondly, I'm not convinced about the halberd option. It seems a bit expensive, and it pretty much renders their mandatory shield moot. That said, since it's not much of a choice for me, I haven't given it that much thought. Halberds might just be the bees knees for all I know, but I don't think you can go too much wrong either way as neither option strikes out as a no-brainer.

As for the list, Carrion appeal to me too. I originally got the models back in 7th, when 20" move flyers were absolutely golden in an otherwise very slow army, especially once you started magically speeding them 40"! However, with the 8th edition rules, I've sort of put them on the shelf, having problems copting with the fact that 10" flying is still a serious asset.

25-11-2011, 20:07
The halberd option would be nice if the model had initiative 4, I guess. While you can up the unit's initiative with one of the spells from the lore of light, that's hardly a reliable upgrade.

S4 and the parry save will have to do.

25-11-2011, 23:28
A few things you might want to consider:

1) You have a king worth of 4 necropolis knights. For his points cost, he won't be adding more than the necropolis knights. Although, he has character. What is a Tomb Kings army without a Tomb King?

In addition, you didn't list the models.

2) Wizard setup depend alot on how you have constructed the rest of your army. Running Casket + Hierotitan I've found is overdoing it, but going one or the other is recomended. Hierotitan actually favours high lvl wizards whilst the casket favours a good amount of spell selecton (contrary to what people think).

As for your secondary wizard, I'd believe lore of death would fit him nicely. Putting him in the TG unit with king gives him LD10 for spirit leech which is nasty.

3) One of the chariot units REALLY should have banner of eternal flame. There are so many monsters out there that this 10pts investment could turn a combat loss into a win. They even help you at taking that beasty out in the shooting phase!!

4) I personally think those TG are a bit to big, but it's just my perferance.

Besides tinkering with what I told you, I think that some carrion (for warmachines and redirecting) and a colossuss (for that extra 'oompf' in combat) would work best. Altough this is mostly because the internal balance of the TK book is very bad and all other units you've lined up are really, REALLY, bad.

Hope this helps.

26-11-2011, 15:15
A few things you might want to consider:

Good advice, thanks a lot!

I'm no stranger to replacing the Tomb King if he proves out to be total overkill, but damnit they're Tomb Kings. Also, I loathe the Necropolis Knight models, so there's that.

The Tomb Guards unit might be too big, I guess I'll try them out and see. I will probably drop them down to 38, "replacing" two of them with characters, to shave off points.

Looking over the list, if I do that, include the Banner of Eternal Flame, and shave off another 10 points somewhere (Ushabti Champion, perhaps? Or a spell level on the Level 2? Or some of the wargear on the King?), I can squeeze in a Colossus with additional hand weapon and 3 Carrion.