View Full Version : 3000pts Lizardmen

22-11-2011, 22:13
Im entering a 3000pts tourney after xmas, should be good fun.
This list gives me 31pts spare, any ideas?

Slann (life)
C. hands
+1power die


Cube of darkness

30 skinks
2 krox

30 skinks
2 krox

2X10 Skink skirmishers

10 skinks
1 Jungle swarm

10 chameleon skinks
2X5 chameleon skinks

3 Terradons

30 temple guard
flame banner
Potion of speed on champ

1 salamander, 1 extra handler
2 salamander, 3 extra handler
2 salamander, 3 extra handler

23-11-2011, 10:40
More skinks

23-11-2011, 13:42
I was tempted to make a scratchbuilt stegadon. Kinda like the horse of troy, stuffed full of the little scamps... :D

Seriously, any ideas for the 31 pts?

23-11-2011, 15:45
You could drop 4 Temple Guards, you'd have your 30 with the base size from the Slann anyway. Then try and squeeze another Terradon in, and maybe some more handlers for your lone Salamander? Oh, and get the Bane Head on your Slann, it's a nasty combo with Cupped Hands to take out lvl1-2 mages. The LM FAQ states that you give your miscast to your opponent AFTER you roll the result, so wait for one that is bound to cause at least one wound, give it to the lvl1-2 mage that you also targeted with the Bane Head, and BOOM! Off he goes...

23-11-2011, 16:50

How did i miss that? Cheers BertusB, that could have been embarrassing!
I always take the banehead normally, turn one i IF a powered up dwellers on the main enemy unit and then bounce the miscast (with banehead of course) to try and take out the enemy LVL4.
Looks like im done, could squeeze out those TG like you said though which would give me an extra 64 pts to play with.