View Full Version : Is this a good trade?

24-11-2011, 04:15
I'm currently trading my tyranid force


Hive Tyrant (magnetized wing or extended carapace, sword&whip, 2xtalons + all bits)
Tyranid Prime (2xtalons, devourer)

16 genestealers (talons, rending claws)
2 Broodlords (talons, rending claws)
20 Hormogaunts
8 Termagants (still on sprue)
3 Tyranid Warriors (talons, devourers, 1 w/ hvy weapon)
Lots (8) of ripper swarms as well

3 Zoanthropes
2 Hive Guard

1 OOP Carnifex (talons and venom cannon)
1 New Carnifex (all options are magnetized and bits included)
1 Trygon/Prime
1 Mawloc

for this Dark Eldar force:

30 Warriors, 16 Wyches, 1 Beastmaster, 4 Kymerae, a Raider (I think), a painted Archon, a pro-painted Archon, 4 Incubi, and 16 custom Scourge

I was thinking of starting the Dark Eldar as a new army, so is this a good base to go off of?

24-11-2011, 04:56
Depending on if those are the new models and what is made of what the DE looks to be 275(ish) US worth of models. Your Nids seem like more, but I don't know Nid pricing real well.

The main thing is what you want to do with DE. Those things are sort of incongruous. 16 Scourges is a lot (especially as usually the most you see is 3 units of 5) and thirty warriors is quite a bit too. Using all that is a pretty unfocused group and that is not even enough Beasts to really work with. And unless you don't want to run a vehicle list, you are going to be needing quite a few to even get going.

I personally wouldn't do it. You'd probably be better off selling your Nids if you are willing/wanting to get rid of them to build a DE force. You'd have a better chance of building what you wanted that way.

24-11-2011, 06:34
don't do it mate.

your nids seem like a reasonable, playing force. the guy could just get them and start playing games.

his dark eldar have one(ONE!) transport, in an army that spammed transports LONG before the game became mech-focused. to play his Dark Eldar army, you'd need to buy so many Raider and/or Venom vehicles, on top of the trade!!! you offer a complete full army, he offers a VERY incomplete one.