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24-11-2011, 09:35
Over the past few weeks I had decided to do a Pre Heresy/Heresy Era army for participating in the Tempus Fugitives narrative campaign events run at Maelstrom Games and Warhammer World. To date, I had always been on the Xenos side, or simply helping run the event but it was about time to take advantage of the rules expansion pack on the Legions of the Astartes that had been produced (www.tempusfugitives.co.uk).

So I done a wad at Forgeworld, added some bits from MaxMini, raided the bitz box and started painting :)

The general idea was to come up with a 1000 point list, and a 2000 point list and although not fully finalised, it enabled me to get purchasing and painting right away, and can tweak weapons and wargear at a later stage.

So the force was going to be lead by Sigismund, the 1st Captain. He has a side advantage of allowing me to use Vets and Terminators as Troops, handy in the campaign, at least one full legion unit of 20 models, and some assault type troops. Also, I HAD to have a LR Achilles. Iconic to the IF. And a Contemptor because they are cool.

Anyway its pictures that you all want eh?!

Cleaning up and assembly of lots of FW minis

Airbrush the base coat of the Tac squad (MkII FW models)

Airbrush base coat of Legion Veterans (MKVI with Maxmini packs)

Prep the Terminators

24-11-2011, 09:37
Turning "Filthy Brown" into lovely Imperial yellow

More Terminators


Veteran progress

24-11-2011, 09:42
Veterans pretty much done just waiting on resin base supplies


Achilles prep
The Vindicator will actually be a Sabre Tank Hunter with a Netron Laser instead of the Vindicator shells. That will be magnetised to use in normal gaming though.

Tac progress
Doing these in batches of 5

24-11-2011, 09:50
I really like those! Love the Grey Knights helmets and weapons on the terminators, and your painting looks great!


Monsterzonk :skull:

24-11-2011, 10:09
Great job on everything! You have a beautifully painted imperial fists army. I will certainly be watching with interest.your painting is so fantastic you really are giving those forge would models justice, well done

24-11-2011, 10:33
Those are some nice and bright 'Fists. Well-painted too. I have to ask though, why the jump-veterans have Bolters? Something special about the TF-rules?

24-11-2011, 10:38
You are spot on Unwanted :) Bolters on Vets as standard count as twin linked. Alternatively they can be used as "Foeblaster" Varients at Str5 Ap4...which is why I went with the FW box mag variety to give the impression of either type.
The build I expect will be questioned throughout the blog as it is not what people are used to seeing. 20 man units having "Relentless" for T1 for example (except from arrivals via DS and Flank).
I can only urge people to go download the comprehensive pack we have available on the TF website...

Hadriel Caine
24-11-2011, 12:26
I was looking at this on my iPhone and decided to turn my pc on to take a better look. I really like the sound of the force organisation. The assault squads look cool with their bolters and the maxmini jump packs.

I like your yellow, its very strong and the definition between armour plates is great. Nice smooth painting is spot on for astartes IMO.

I might be ignorant but if the campaign is with maelstrom games and Warhammer World how are people getting around the certain non GW aspects of most pre-heresy armies? Is there a sanction? Is it overlooked?

I followed the link to the website too and enjoyed the fluff- got me very excited. Might go read some HH...

24-11-2011, 12:32
Historically we were at WHW when we first started Heresy era gaming campaigns. As you rightly pointed out the non GW element of much of what is "needed" to historically recreate armies of the 31st Millenium did raise some eyebrows. Initially it was overlooked to a certain extent, but I think we did begin to get questioned a little more as time went on and more and more people got hooked on the era determined to recreate battles and scenarios from the much loved HH novels and shorts. This was one of (several) reasons that since January 2011 we have moved to Maelstrom where such caveats are not restrictive leaving us to run wild on imagination and conversion without (know no) fear :)

Either way, I am alsoreally glad you like the work to date, both my models and the fluff on the TF site! Several other gamers at these events are regulars on this site with their Heresy armies and tru-scaling projects.
Looking forward to continually sharing on here as I bash my way to 2k ish of yellow marines!

24-11-2011, 15:00
Stunning work! Subbed :)

24-11-2011, 22:46
I love the Tempus Fugitive stuff; particularly The Age of the Emperor, the contents of which are really well thought out both in terms of fluff and actually making use of equipment which previously had no specific rules (like Bolter-mounted chainblades).

Already very impressed by your Fists as well, though I'd strongly suggest visting bits sites and acquiring the arms from the Forgeworld Mk.II Assault Squad models to add a greater variety of poses to your Tac Marines. :)


25-11-2011, 12:05
They are looking fantastic. I'd like to see some individual close ups.

What else are you adding?

25-11-2011, 18:28
My oh my that is some splendid work. Your yellow is rather delightful! And the highlighting etc is really spot on.


25-11-2011, 18:55
Oh boy!!!! The banana men return!!! I love this. Sub'd for sure.

For Dorn, and the Emperor!!!!

25-11-2011, 21:00
Not much to add today, but plan on some painting this weekend for progress.

The toal models for the 2k project (with some wiggle options of course) will be

Sigismund. Not sure on the conversion yet, but possibly using the Boarding Marine from GD and/or perhaps the Fine Cast Emperors Champion maybe.

10 Veterans with Jump Packs (as already seen)
10 Assault Marines
20 Tactical Marines
10 Terminators
Contemptor Dreadnought with Heavy Conversion Beamer
Land Raider Achilles
Sabre Tank Hunter

On basic inspection nothing really yells amazing until the "characters" added as part of the campaign. The 2 5man units of Terminators gain Heroic Intervention (and one counts as troops), the Assault Marines have Heroic Intervention and a one shot per game Flamestorm with Relentless (the rule for the Soul Spear for fluff heads here), and the Tactical Marines can fire bolters at max range at all times even when moving.
So the weird little things should make the list a bit more operationally functional as well as looking aesthetically pleasing to my eyes for the era setting :)

In addition to that core which will make up the 2 lists, i'll be painting up a couple of weapon options such as power weapons/fists and a Land Raider Mk2B which is a Christmas pressie :)

The total project when done WILL cease when it hits 4k. Honest :P

Thanks to all the subbers out there. Will try and keep it moving along at a reasonable pace. After all I have only till March to get the 2k done!

26-11-2011, 11:47
The total project when done WILL cease when it hits 4k. Honest :P

Thanks to all the subbers out there. Will try and keep it moving along at a reasonable pace. After all I have only till March to get the 2k done!

Many an army has had the good intention of stopping when I get to... ;) ONce you get them flowing there's something addictive to Fists :)

Sigismund. Not sure on the conversion yet, but possibly using the Boarding Marine from GD and/or perhaps the Fine Cast Emperors Champion maybe.

Looking forward to seeing your take on Sigismund, he crops up in most of the Fist army's at the events but everyone has a unique vision for him :)

On basic inspection nothing really yells amazing until the "characters" added as part of the campaign. The 2 5man units of Terminators gain Heroic Intervention (and one counts as troops), the Assault Marines have Heroic Intervention and a one shot per game Flamestorm with Relentless (the rule for the Soul Spear for fluff heads here), and the Tactical Marines can fire bolters at max range at all times even when moving.
So the weird little things should make the list a bit more operationally functional as well as looking aesthetically pleasing to my eyes for the era setting :)

If I might pass on my thought's from using the Characters in the AotE pack - Damocharis I've not used yet, but I like the look of and plan on taking too,
Pollux & Rynn are great, but 5 man squads with them are a little fragile with heroic intivention, you need to pick you're targets carefully :) Drill Sergeant Castor I used at the last event, and I really love the fluff for him, but the squad looses a lot in close combat with a sergeant that hasn't got a power weapon, I'd recomend supporting him with a tooled up designated squad leader or giving a couple of the other guys servo arms :)

In addition to that core which will make up the 2 lists, i'll be painting up a couple of weapon options such as power weapons/fists and a Land Raider Mk2B which is a Christmas pressie :)

Ooo I'm looking forward to seeing your Landies, you'll have to let us know how you find the mkIIb for assembeling :)

26-11-2011, 14:53
Really nice yellows there - very smooth with the airbrush! Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

Just a suggestion - if it's a toss up between the FWOD Boarding Marine or Emperors Champion, i'd definately go with the converted boarding marine.

26-11-2011, 23:57
Some great tips Chef. Am trying to work in teleport homers as well to ensure HI goes without mishap. The DSL is the last model to build as I felt the same as you, the unit needs some close combat prowess with Castor leading. 2K is tight to gain unit buffs though unlike 2500 games previously. I may have to drop the Sabre perhaps and rely on anti tank melta and conversion beamer Contemptor.

28-11-2011, 08:29
OK this weekend was not as much as a paint fest as I planned.
What was achieved was:
1. 5 Tac Marines got some dull coat applied and started work on the metal areas of the backpack
2. Finished the yellow armiour sections on Pulux and Rynn plus another Terminator. That now gives 5 with full yellowing done, and blacked in the details ready to paint them.
3. Cast some more icons up for the storm shields of Polux and Rynn
4. Ordered a posh Battlefoam case for them all :)

Still awaiting the bases to be delivered.

Pics tonight of progress

28-11-2011, 14:45
Fantistic work here, sir. Great job painting those yellows, and I love those MaxMini jump packs. Really though, this whole force is lovely. You have great abilities with a brush and a keen eye for detail.
Keep going with this lovely project :)

28-11-2011, 22:31
Quick update time


You should be able to make out the green stuff molded sculpts taken from Lysanders legs and chest on the 2 front Terminators. As the real estate on the shoulder pads is limited, I have added Fist icons to the legs. Some also have stud work on them as well for the more archaic styling.

Not looking forward to painting the swords but am sure will work out in the end!

29-11-2011, 03:24
They are looking really nice.

Simple but effective use of greenstuff to pull off a nice unit upgrade. I'm sure the swords will come out well, if you don't have an airbrush wet blending will provide a nice effect.

29-11-2011, 04:00
Looking great man they look great, I love the green stuff icons great job

03-12-2011, 00:25
Quick verbal update. Ordered some more of the jump packs and shoulder pads as I think I will be making a second unit of Vets and 5 more Termies after playing with some list ideas. Thought i'd get the parts considering christmas shipping may get funky shortly.

Also finished a BA Captain in 4 evenings as a quick break and part of another forum challenge. Pics will be in my BA thread when the dull cote dries.

After that this weekend its back to the Fists and some picture updates shortly.

03-12-2011, 03:04
...................................i knew your picture was familiar but i just couldnt tell where..........now after looking at your phantom log i saw a terminator that i saw a while back.....may i start by saying its an honor to veiw one of your threads, and to have you comment on mine. You commision fists were absolutly amazing and ive always wanted to as if i could steal the i and f on the shoulder shield, as well as how you did it. Then theres the terminator icon that you did perfectly, im currently debating how gold would look with it..wht do you think?
sincerely Gearhart.

Hadriel Caine
03-12-2011, 03:41
Lovely fists as ever. The yellow is incredibly smooth. I find getting light colours to that sort of finish and saturation to be infuriatingly difficult. White is hard enough on my deathwing. The terminators really do look cool. GK helmets are spot on IMO.

04-12-2011, 22:28
Been working on the Terminator Power Weapons/Relic Blades this weekend. Some more work to go, and undecided if to bring the lighter shades further down the blades.
Went with red as a colour as its more old school compared to the blue white mixes of the current styling. Red was very common back in Rogue Trader and 2nd ed days.


Hadriel Caine
04-12-2011, 22:35
I believe it has been known as GW's 'red period' which is an unfortunate nomenclature if you ask me.

That said I do like the use of the colour. OTT often suits space marines. The power blades are great. Lovely quartering light representational scheme. Well executed.

Whats next?

I was v inspired by your log amongst others and made my own version of Lion El'Jonson to go with my Deathwing. I would love your opinion as a heresy era regular.

Found in this subforum.

12-12-2011, 11:14
@ Hadriel, I'll try and take a look at your Lion model and see what I think!

More updates from me, not a huge progress from before but progress IS progress right?
Not shown in the pics is the next 5 Tac Marines had foundation bgown/bone blending on pre yellow glazing stage. Also taken delivery of more Jump Packs ready for Vet squad 2 :)


12-12-2011, 11:49
Excellent chipping, and the swords are lovely.

12-12-2011, 15:22
They look fantastic! The damage is great and those swords are amaZing. The shield was a great touch :) I like the fist icon

12-12-2011, 21:39
Good work. The swords look great and I really like the shade of yellow that you've got.

15-12-2011, 10:30
OK just some wordy updates this week due to work committments rather than hobby taking control a bit of late.

I have been working on the second set of 5 Tactical Marines this week. I have completed the bone/brown highlight stages and began glazing with the yellow ink, so they are taking shape as Imperial Fists at last!
I have also primed all the bolters and spec weapons for this unit as well.
Still waiting on the resin bases though which is annoying me!

My aim to complete the infantry before the end of 2011 is now a little unlikely, but hoping to make some more inroads this weekend and over the festive period when I have a few days off work at last. No doubt i'll be given endless duties off of the wife such as sales shopping (grrr) but we shall see!

15-12-2011, 10:49
shopping during the holidays is never fun, too many people. But your work is great and fast so i have no doubt youll atleast get a good chunk done :)

Hadriel Caine
15-12-2011, 12:29
They are really coming together now! Don't let shopping duties get you down. Close your eyes and think of Dorn. Don't say it out loud because the missus may confuse it with 'Dawn' at which point your in trouble.

I really like the storm shield on the second squad. You're getting through your terminators much quicker than I am getting through mine...

15-12-2011, 18:08
wow! gorgeous :) subscribed

zellen von swirl
15-12-2011, 20:36
very very nice subscrided

Brother Ludovic
16-12-2011, 12:11
Beautiful Imperial Fists :) Btw, I don't know if you've already included it in this blog (I quickly scrolled through), but how did you paint your yellow?



16-12-2011, 15:21
These fists are some of the best i have seen. How did you make the Pre-Heresy Terminators?


16-12-2011, 15:37
@Ludovic - i followed a guide I found on google. Basically it is filthy brown and highlighted by adding bone. Then glazed with yellow ink turning the muted browns a nice imperial golden yellow :)

@Apothecarian - Its a bit of a mini kit bash really. Standard plastic Terminators using torsos without eagles on. Added GK heads, and shoulder pads from maxmini. The swords also come from the GK set and cut off and glued to normal Terminator Sargeant Power weapon arms. Their swords are far bigger and more imposing! I am trying to work out how to use 2 handed glaives from that same GK set as the supporting arm mounts the wrist bolter which I wanted to avoid to look too GK like. Might avoid the idea entirely though :)

16-12-2011, 16:29
Looking good! Yellow looks awesome and those terminator swords are 1st class!

16-12-2011, 19:37
Thank you for the quick tutorial for the Terminators!

18-12-2011, 23:15
love the assault squad:)

19-12-2011, 08:46
Hmmm, not as much on the progress front as I would have liked this weekend!

1. Finally got all my resin bases courtesy of www.BNSminiatures.co.uk
2. Built another Terminator and prepped the other 4.
3. Started work on a second Vet Squad wiuth Jump Packs.
4. Ran out of plastic glue. No way was I going to my local highstreet on the last weekend before christmas just to pick any up! The car parks were full at about 8am as was...
5. Finshed the yellow work on batch 2 of the Tac Marines and blacked in the details.
6. Tinkered with the lists again, nothing massive, just trying to get more combat orientated weapons in the Jump Pack units.

19-12-2011, 22:35
Painted up the mass of bases tonight and applied some GS Fist icons and studs to terminators. Still out of Plastic Glue till Thurs and too cold to prime anything that needed it.
Will do a fresh batch of pictures when the Vets are on their new bases to show progress for those missing their image fix on this project!

(Thanks again to all the new subscribers btw, great motivation!)

Residual Selfimage
19-12-2011, 22:58

From one PH nut to another... spot on!!!
Great attention to detail! I'll definately keep coming back to keep track of your updates!

21-12-2011, 08:37
All the 25mm bases are now painted up, as are the remaining 40mm for the Terminators and Sigismund. Started on the 60mm for the Contemptor as well.
Want to try and push on and finish the first 10 of the 20 strong Legion Tac Marine unit next as they only need detailing and weathering really which should not take too long. That will be a nice milestone marker then giving 10 Vets, 10 Tac, 5 Terms done - a good 600 points worth

22-12-2011, 08:41
It has made a huge impact difference to finally have Marines standing up. I have now mounted on the new bases the Legion Vets and 10 Tac Marines :)
(and for those that care, now have new plastic glue thanks to a sharp early work exit and visit to Dark Sphere games yesterday)
So I can get on with some more assembly work at long last. I have a feeling Xmas eve may see some air brush action once more to get some more base coats down on the remaining Terminators and Legion Assault Squad, plus the Designated Squad Leader of the Tac Squad that has gained a Chain Axe to bolster the units rather primitive close combat prowess!

24-12-2011, 15:49
Christmas update for you all :)


Last photo shows current status of whats on the production line. Both assault marines in black need finishing off, one has a melta the other is the squad leader Damocharis who has the Soul Spear.

Unfinished terminators at the rear, and the remaining Tac Marines on the right showing the DSL with chain axe and 2 missile launcher chaps.

24-12-2011, 16:44
Great progress keep it up looks fantastic

the damned artificer
24-12-2011, 16:51
Great progress on your fists mate :D They look really good.

24-12-2011, 17:18
Sweet. Seriously looking forward to those Mk.II Assault Marines to be completed. :)

25-12-2011, 11:15
question witch codex are you gona use? the stander Vanila marine codex? if so then Assault Marine sargent cant have combi-Melta :<

nvm i se you got 2 Melta guns so id recon you are gona use Blood angel codex

25-12-2011, 12:21
As mentioned earlier in the thread somewhere this is not a "codex" build and uses a pre heresy expansion written by the Tempus Fugitives. Link provided in that same post :) it is specific for wars in the 31st millennium including primarchs etc. veterans have foe blasters that can be swapped for combi weapons for free. Hope that clears up the build confusion!!

25-12-2011, 12:39
Wow the Assault Squad is awesome. The equipment is a bit confusing at first. but than I read the rest and I like it.

Are thos Jet Packs from Forgeworld or MaxMini?
And what did you use for the Terminator Shoulder Pads?

Merry Xmas

26-12-2011, 00:15
Jet packs on the finished vets are max mini but the assault squad are full FW mk2 with jump packs. Terminators are max mini pads and GK heads and swords.
Merry Xmas to all those following!!

28-12-2011, 23:52
And now Christmas is passed, and some new models arrived, it was time to get pinning, gluing and airbrushing!


the damned artificer
29-12-2011, 01:13
Why that load-out for your contemptor seems familiar :p It's the exact same as mine has except I choose to use the graviton gun instead of the plasma :D

The LR achilles look great, will it be weathered up a bit ??

29-12-2011, 04:28
Top notch work overall! I really like your dynamic post on the contemptor!

29-12-2011, 10:01
The LR will indeed be very battered by the time its finished. At this stage its just the base armour colour shade and highlight completed. Plenty more to go. The next stage is the armur chipping, then its the weathering powders and oils.

The Contemptor is a bit tricky to get a reasonable pose I found. So much of it is posable, but to glue and pin in in that position is pretty tricky! BUt I think I managed to get it looking aggressive enough and ready to let rip with some big gun goodness.

29-12-2011, 10:11
Why that load-out for your contemptor seems familiar :p It's the exact same as mine has except I choose to use the graviton gun instead of the plasma :D

Having thought about Contemptor loadouts mself, I must question the Heavy CB and DCCW combo, as the former is a move and fire weapon most effective at long ranges and the latter, well, requires closing with the enemy.

In terms of aesthetics (and Haywire's posing) the model looks ace, but I just can't reconcile the game mechanics. Any help?

29-12-2011, 11:45
There were three reasons I went with the load.
1 Long range anti tank. Without devastators or Predators etc, I needed a nice off the bat Str 10 potential boom boom.
2 They draw fire like moths to flame, especially with only 1 other armour lump in the list. And odds are, it will either get a stunned/shaken/weapon destroyed result. I can then fall back on to fleeting plasma blasting Combat rippyness.
3. It looks amazing and is very "heresy" in feel to old school Mechanicum dark age tech.

29-12-2011, 12:31
All good points in gaming terms, as I suppose there's no 100% right answer; Sod's Law will dictate that a shooty Contemptor gets routinely shaken, and a fisty one gets immobilised. However, you've evidently synergised it with the rest of your army which is the best possible solution.

In fluff terms, you're bang on. LOVE the Conversion Beamer itself. :)

01-01-2012, 22:15
awesome:) the yellow has come out really well:)

01-01-2012, 23:12
There were three reasons I went with the load.
1 Long range anti tank. Without devastators or Predators etc, I needed a nice off the bat Str 10 potential boom boom.
2 They draw fire like moths to flame, especially with only 1 other armour lump in the list. And odds are, it will either get a stunned/shaken/weapon destroyed result. I can then fall back on to fleeting plasma blasting Combat rippyness.
3. It looks amazing and is very "heresy" in feel to old school Mechanicum dark age tech.

Nothing to do with the experiences of Ed's contemptor pouring long rang fire at your phantom then? ;)

Army's look great, can't wait to see it :)

03-01-2012, 12:25
Hey Chef, no nothing at all. :P Actually his Contemptor was neutralised from the Nightwing strafing runs for most of that game, it was the other units blasting Cobras and Lynx's in T1 taking 1k points in 2 shots that encouraged that selection a little hehe!
The Phant is invincible. Even from such things as HCB's. Honest!

New year painting the IF's starts tonight. Tidy desk policy now in play as a new year resolution. All commission work now complete. Ready to go once more into the breach...

04-01-2012, 13:09
Minor update - Land Riader Achilles has gained some battle damage! Basic armour chipping applied. Tonight I plan on adding some oil staining, and rust pigments before allowing to dry, dullcoat and then onto the mud effects. Oh and the first metals (gun metal) with black wash applied too. Will picture it for the blog at the weekend.

08-01-2012, 19:57
First 2012 WIP f the LR Achilles. Has it seem too much action? Perhaps!


A few more details to go on the sponsons and Fist icons and the rear engine block.

the damned artificer
08-01-2012, 20:52
I think it looks awesome, like it's been to hell and back a few times :D

08-01-2012, 21:56
It looks fantastic! Very nice indeed.

Whats next on the list?

08-01-2012, 22:10
Once this lump is finished, i'll be finishing some infantry next, They are nearly done, just damage and bolters for the batch of 10 to do.
After that I suspect it will be the Contemptor.

Glad people think its not completely overdone. The idea that its a front line fighting machine in the worst of the imperiums history was to be reflected in the amount of grime and damage its taken.

Cheers all!

08-01-2012, 22:34
Looking great mate, it's outstanding but if it's a model of your it certainly wouldn't fall under anything less :)

always a pleasure, Gearhart

10-01-2012, 15:08
the land raider looks just awesome:):)
keep up the good work

16-01-2012, 12:05
Well after a weekend away with the wife, things are back on track once more.
The LR is now complete! A fully finished picture set will be done hopefully by the end of the week.
I have now also basecoated and 2 layer highlighted and black lined the yellow segments of the armour on the Contemptor Dreadnought. So just a couple more layers on that before the yellow glazing smooths the transitions and turns the brown/bone colour to golden imperial yellow.
I have also got some of the bolters done for th Tactical Squad, so can start marking various elements as "completed" in this force very very soon. That will make me feel alot better that progress is being properly made.
I dug out the GD FW Boarding Marine who I think will be making the basis of Sigismund from the loft ready to plan some options on him as well. Basically he needs a big ass sword and some pretty iconography to semi look like a Templar in waiting.

Space Fink
16-01-2012, 12:44
Loving this tank fella. Marine tanks need to look like they see action.

My heresy era and 41st millennium Fists.

16-01-2012, 12:52
Already seen your IF's Fink, they are wicked. Suitably grimy and battle worn, just the effect I want on mine :)

Hadriel Caine
16-01-2012, 17:45
The battle damage is a bit over the top for my tastes but it is very well done nonetheless. Still love your yellow- its so vibrant!

18-01-2012, 22:39
2 very hasty pictures for this weeks progress :)
Currently yellowing up the Contemptor, probably another 5-6 glazes required here, before I paint in the details.


Apologies for the daylight bulb reflecting all over the model, its not the best shots, but gives you the impression of whats going on here!

22-01-2012, 20:06
The Landraider looks great and the Dreadnought looks very promising.

Keep it up.

30-01-2012, 08:44
Been far too long again since this was updated, but today only words I am afraid.
The Contemptor hs now about 80% finished. Weapon arms and soem detailing still to go, but on the whole its nearly done.
I have assembled a further 10 jump pack veterans in MkVI armour with some close combat kit (3 Lightning Claws and a Power Fist) to augment the combi meltas. these have now been primed and basecoated.
I have made a simple Assault Captain conversion. Using a MkVI body from the metal Vets kit, replaced the chainsword with a GK power weapon as a Relic Blade, and added a bolt pistol. Looks suitably like a Captain to me.
Still got to make Sigismund.
5 More Tac Marines have had their armour work finished and yellowed with glazing.
Still a shed load to do, and 33 days to get finished. Its going to be tough. I forsee at least 2 sickies from work...

30-01-2012, 09:00
Love checking this log, your doing an awesome job. The yellow looks very good, nice and crisp. Look forward to seeing your update pics.

05-02-2012, 09:50
Been working on a second unit of Veterans for the Skyhook game from the Campaign pack.
These are more close combat orientated, but the final list will mix and match close combat with the combi meltas from the first squad.
I've taken 3 lightning claws and a power fist in this lot to boost the combat effectiveness of the units. Mathhammer also says that lightning claws fair better that power weapons, and get better as the targets get tougher. So there is some technical reasons for these choices too :)


Once again they are all kitted in Mk VI Corvus armour as this was available shortly after Istvaan, and the IF were closer to Mars than anyone else to get it first (well second as it all went to the Raven Guard first officially, but some sets may have gone walkies...)

14-02-2012, 08:23
And its time for more updates folks.

First up is a solid lump of metal ressurected from a generous donation from a friend. Fits the theme better than the plastic one I bought. This was fully stripped to pieces (already assembled, old bad prime and tonnes of epoxy) and repaint work commenced. It is missing a gunner arm that I will have to replace with some plastic and a weapon mount, but easily fixable.

Then we have progress on the Legion Assault Marines

And finally where we are now with the infantry painting...a couple of models still missing from this that were drying when I lined them up (3 Terminators and Sigismund)

14-02-2012, 10:40
Looking great! The whole army is coming along really fast.

14-02-2012, 11:43
Pre-heresy is so cool and you really do it justice.

23-02-2012, 09:09
The road to Godhammers Skyhooks and planetary battlegrounds are nearly locked into the Navigational systems and Iron Fist battlebarge is undergoing final rites of embarkation.

The Xenos will be purged from the Galaxy, glory to the Emperor and to Dorn!

Sigismund - very simple weapon swap from Thunderhammer to large GK sword and pinned in place. Now primed and ready to be sprayed and finished this weekend.

The Landspeeder now has a base to stand up on, still needs cabling, and rivets painted.

The last remaining Terminator is ready to kick ass

The Contemptor is nigh on finished.

23-02-2012, 17:21
Bloody love the progress you've made - you should have seen my grin upon clocking that 2nd Ed Land Speeder. I especially like the Contemptor's pose - just like he's paused mid-stride to freem something.

26-02-2012, 00:10
After 5 hours of housework, I got 5 hours of painting done!

Sigismund so far....


26-02-2012, 05:21
hey look at this! fantastic stuff and the boarding marine is fantastic, great choice for sigismund. keep up the great work!

26-02-2012, 06:45
Love the OOP speeder, im searching for one at the moment.

27-02-2012, 12:24
@ Lex - I was lucky and gifted it by a friend recently! Seen on eBay occasionally for about 25 I recall.

Well the 2000 point Heresy Era army is now finished baring battle damage! Wont have time to do that before the campaign this weekend at Maelstrom Games so will be a revist post event.
Pictures to follow shortly :)

29-02-2012, 20:05
And its pre campaign picture time!


29-02-2012, 20:06
Assault Captain

29-02-2012, 20:06

29-02-2012, 20:07
Contemptor Dread

29-02-2012, 20:07

Tactical Squad

Assault Squad

29-02-2012, 20:08
Land Speeder

29-02-2012, 20:09
Achilles Land Raider

29-02-2012, 20:21
So incredibly awesome! Although they're my arch enemies as I play Mid-Heresy Iron Warriors, I have to confess that I really like your army.

It'd be great to play a match or even campaign against you and your IF.

29-02-2012, 21:43
Looking great mate! Really fantastic Must feel great that you've finished too

29-02-2012, 21:54
There are still a few bits to complete after this weekend, I need to finish the battle damage across all models and some shoulder black highlights need doing as well. Then they will de declared fully done :)
Glad you like them folks!

03-04-2012, 18:26
FOr those that were interested in this project its about to get upgraded!
OK I still need to work on that battle damage (taken a break and then doing some Blood Angels again)
However following the FW open day, I now have the following to add to this force

Storm Eagle (on order due in 4 weeks)
2nd Contemptor
10 Mk3 Iron Armour models, character conversion kit and Umbra bolters (these will be more close combat Veterans when done and will form Sigismunds bodyguard and ride in the already owned buy unpainted Ceastus Ram
Predator Exterminator
I understand that there is MkIV command squad on its way plus the Amothacary models which may end up in here somewhere too!

So watch this space shortly as I get back to yellow after a small BA red break :)

the damned artificer
03-04-2012, 20:14
Sounds awesome, looking forward to the update :D

I just ordered some IF brass etch and the new tartaros termies myself, so hopefully I'll have updates soon myself :D

03-04-2012, 21:06
Oh and I forgot, 2 Rapier Lasers for good measure :) Decided I prefered my Maxmini converted Termies over the Tartaros versions, although they might make for good Primarch Honour Guard perhaps...

04-04-2012, 08:14
Beautiful progress, I am quite impressed with your force. You've built an impressive army that looks stunning.

04-04-2012, 09:10
beautiful work fella, one of my favourite Imperial Fist armies! The contemptor dreadnougth is particularly inspiring.

30-04-2012, 22:20
Well how long has it been since I did an IF model now? Await no longer...
Bring on the guns :)
And voila, the Rapier is done!

30-04-2012, 22:24

the damned artificer
30-04-2012, 23:59
The Rapier looks fantastic! Really nice to see one in yellow, and I definitely needs at least two of these :chrome:

01-05-2012, 07:50
I have a second unde construction :) I am thinking I need some thunderfires as well...Glad you like it TDA!

the damned artificer
01-05-2012, 08:22
Uhh yeah thunderfire cannons would definitely look awesome :D And they are up for release in finecast during May, so if you can get a hold of a good cast you don't need to tackle the metal monstrosity :p Had a lot of trouble building mine as it really fit horribly together.

I bought a few lascutters and graviton guns from a bitz store to spice my IF's up with some siege gear, ever considered that?? I personally don't game so I have no rules problems to consider, but they could easily be proxied as plasma or melta weapons :)

01-05-2012, 08:25
Yeah I think they would have to be in Finecast even with the reported issues with that. The weight alone is bad enough in your bag! As a resin fanboi of FW I am sure I can fix any cast fails. Still, they are not on my immediate list for this force as I have some armour lumps to paint next. Time to fire up the airbrush!

the damned artificer
01-05-2012, 08:31
Yeah it's a real shame that there's so many issues with the finecast range as resin is in general so much better to work with than metal, but it is essential to get a good cast and I have been lucky to have some good ones, but also unlucky to have some train wrecks that looked like they had been cast by a very angry goblin and chewed on afterwards. unfortunately I've noticed some similar problems from forge world on their spin cast kits, which I hope they will rectify. My Tartaros pattern terminators was in general not up to the standard usually expected by forge world.

01-05-2012, 17:32
Nice work on the Rapiers! Want to get me 1 (or many) of those! :D

I've been considering doing a conversion of a Rapier w/ conversion beamer and a techmarine on the back. How did the MkIII crew with lightning bolt details assemble? Some of the pics made it look like the legs/body might be joined, which kinda sucks for how I wanted to convert those bodies into Mk1 Thunder Armor :p

01-05-2012, 17:42
Yes the Marines are a single body on these. 2 heads, 2 bodies, 4 arms and 2 backpacks...

08-05-2012, 11:14
And there is more activity on building up some flying machines for this army :) All Heresy stylie - pilot conversions, removed aquillas etc to fit the theme.




08-05-2012, 11:16

08-05-2012, 11:17
Here you can see that the front wings are pretty much done as are the rear wings. They have been "yellowed" and shaded. The main fuselage needsw its next few highlight and shade stages to catch up to those sections.


08-05-2012, 11:19
Next up on the FW construction and painting front is the Caestus Assault Ram. Sorry no early WIP's as I got carried away with the painting:)


08-05-2012, 11:21
A few bits still to go on this one. The Plasma cannon, the central area behind it, and the rear engine block plus some minor details such as the front lights, and missiles etc.


08-05-2012, 13:28
Awesome! Do you use an airbrush on your vehicles?

08-05-2012, 13:32
For the main part of the painting of the body yes I use an Iwata MC-C Micron with Iwata tank compressor.
Filthy brown
Edge filthy/bone.white
Yellow ink glaze (4 parts ink, 10 parts glaze medium, 10 parts airbrush thinner approx. - 3-4 coats turns the pale brown/bone into the golden yellow.

08-05-2012, 13:35
Brilliant! Thanks for the quick response. Army shot for us?

08-05-2012, 13:39
No worries, I'll do a full army shot when the latest units are completed. Hopefully no more than 2-3 weeks time subject to work and weekend availability.

10-05-2012, 22:23
Barring a base for the model, the Caestus Ram is ready for service to the IF and Dorn!
(The base is being made by a fried who casts resin bases and did the rest of the army. He is doing my Storm Eagle one too.)


10-05-2012, 22:23

the damned artificer
10-05-2012, 23:47
Ohh man why do you do this to me! It's so awesome and I want one :D :D

Can we have some interior shots as well ?? :D

Nomrana Est
11-05-2012, 00:29
Although I've never really liked the Caestus, you've done a great job on it. It looks really menacing, and the way the paint appears faded and worn just adds to the realism of it, something which I find very appealing with these sorts of models.

Oh, I'd also like to cast my vote for some interior shots if possible.

11-05-2012, 07:46
Sorry to dissapoint...
I always paint my models for gaming use, as such I tend to glue all doors and weapons fixed to avoid damage in transport and game play.
Same in this case, the front ramps are sealed.

Still, glad you like it!!!

the damned artificer
11-05-2012, 08:15
Oooww :(

Ohh well, I'll live :p What's next on the agenda?? :chrome:

11-05-2012, 08:57
Next on the desk right now are a Storm Eagle and the new Predator Executioner :) I also have some Heresy Marines and a second Rapier to work on. The Pred is part assembled just need some more magnets to make the weapons interchangeable. The Storm Eagle is base coated but awaiting delivery of the correct misile pods from FW.

the damned artificer
11-05-2012, 09:43
Sounds awesome :) If you want cheap as dirt magnets then I bought these on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110846260357?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_3752wt_1021 they are 1x3mm discs and they work great, I have some from the german manufacture supermagnete.de and these are equally as good and only cost 1/10 of the price and includes free shipping :P

I need to get an executioner, a normal deimos predator and a few deimos rhinos for my fists, they really are gorgeous models :)

18-05-2012, 22:22
Some progress from me :)

Want to make this a bit more special than the Ram as if its Dorn's personal one (ok he would have a Storm Bird, but I am sure he has one of these as well for good measure. So will think of some iconography suitable to give it some decoration before then weathering can begin.

18-05-2012, 22:37
Have I told you lately that I love your log longtime? No?

Well I do, and if only I wasn't broke, I'd be trying to emulate what you're doing, and get a bunch of FW goodies...

18-05-2012, 23:56
Much appreciated Unwanted :) Glad you like what I put up!

20-05-2012, 21:48
How's this for some "popping" detail?
In addition, all metal areas have been washed with a mig oil blend of black and engine grease and drying under my day bulb now.


the damned artificer
20-05-2012, 22:11
Looks ace, but it's the legio astorum insignia ?? Is there some clever fluff to tweak this into the story line, or is it simply because it looks god (which it does) ?? :D

20-05-2012, 22:28
A. It looks good.
B. It is supposed to represent "Terra" ie the homeworld of the IF in my eyes...admittedly very wide and shameful eyes.
C. I saw it in the IA Masterclass Vol 2 on the knee of the Reaver, and just had to have a go at replicating it.

the damned artificer
21-05-2012, 02:46
Works for me :chrome:

And yeah, I consider Terra to be the imperial fists true homeworld, as they do have a very special bond to Terra that not many of the other legions had :)

25-05-2012, 11:40
Quick update from me today.

25-05-2012, 15:36
I am loving it! It makes me want to get one but I'm holding back for now. I cant add one to my imperial fists.

Could you get a photo of it next to the assault ram?

the damned artificer
25-05-2012, 16:13
Those jet engines look ridiculously good Haywire! Well done :D Would you care to indulge a fellow VIIth legionnaire into the secrets behind achieving one such effect?? :chrome:

Also, how is the gravitational point on this model ?? My initial thought is that it is somewhat front heavy??

25-05-2012, 16:26
is it wrong that I think it looks better without the additional wings? LOVE your models buddy, would love to get a game in against an army like that!

25-05-2012, 16:52
@ TDA: Actually I think it is more rear heavy than front, due to the large solid resin engines, wings and mounts at the back. The front is more plastic. This is why the balance point for the flying stand is pretty far back I expect, but its still not centralised as far as I can tell. Not much can be done about that except with weights I guess.
Hmmm, the engines were a bit of guess work. I was trying to achieve something like the IA masterclass did with the Valk. There were no real detailed instructions to follow so I just made them up.
Basically its an airbrushed coat of boltgun mixed with black to start with.
Then airbrushed with boltgun, mithril and silver.
Washed heavy with mig oil engine grease and black over a gloss varnish stage
Dry brushed the initial airbrush mixes back on.
Then i sponged on tin bits, and tin/brass mixes to the ends of the engines and the horizontal lined bits to give that burned worn look.
Another couple of washes of mig oil brown was applied to the intakes and rear section.
The horizontal bars were glazed with Tamiya clear red to give a heat glow effect.
I may have then done a little more light drybrushing again at the final stage before matt varnishing the lot.

@Cypher, you dont live that far away fo that game...and I have played at Bromleys battle bunker a couple of times in the past. Your local gaming group "The Bromley Red Caps" also attend campaign events that I also go to!

25-05-2012, 17:05
I'll gladly take you up on that offer, perhaps Mr Shaw would like to get in on that game too? I'll drop you a PM

the damned artificer
25-05-2012, 19:27
Thanks mate, it looks really awesome :D

25-05-2012, 20:15
Coming from you TDA, that means alot! Cheers :)

01-06-2012, 12:34
Storm Eagle now finished :)


01-06-2012, 12:35

01-06-2012, 12:35

01-06-2012, 16:09
Wicked sick.

01-06-2012, 16:18
I assume wicked sick is good right ?! If so, many thanks!!!

01-06-2012, 16:41
Pretty awesome M8!! Well done.

the damned artificer
01-06-2012, 19:10
Splendid finish on the bird mate, the weathering is spot on :D

A shame about the stretched pics though, is it an upload error or something ?? :)

01-06-2012, 20:21
Stretched pics? Thats how it is!!! Its long :)

01-06-2012, 22:10
looking absolutely amazing fella, the colour blending and the weathering is simply first class. you are a very talented painter indeed. you have set the bar very high for those of us who own a Stormeagle, if i can paint mine even half as well as you i'll be really stoked! looking forward to your future updates.

01-06-2012, 22:21
Petay thats a very generous comment indeed, really appreciate it.
What force is your StEagle being added to? I'll have to swing by and check it out!

Next on my list thats just getting is armour blends now is the Executioner Pred. Finally a FW model that went together very well without any drama!

the damned artificer
02-06-2012, 01:11
Stretched pics? Thats how it is!!! Its long :)

Ahh my bad, the first pic just looks like it's stretched :D Might just be the background throwing me off :p

02-06-2012, 10:49
I assume wicked sick is good right ?! If so, many thanks!!!

It's verging on Imperial Armour Masterclass quality, mate. Seriously.

02-06-2012, 21:50
Stretched pics? Thats how it is!!! Its long :)

That's what she...

Ah, screw that, it's a gorgeous finish. Only thing that could use a slight bit of attention is the marking on the wing. The chipped look is good, but wouldn't some of the paint chip all the way through, like in some of the other weathered spots?

02-06-2012, 22:15
looking absolutely amazing fella, the colour blending and the weathering is simply first class. you are a very talented painter indeed. you have set the bar very high for those of us who own a Stormeagle, if i can paint mine even half as well as you i'll be really stoked! looking forward to your future updates.

seconded! absolutely gorgeous stormeagle! can't wait until i will order mine from FW! absolutely gorgeous kit! However i have to say i think i prefer it with the landing gear

11-06-2012, 12:49
Some further progress from the last few days on various IF models for you! I even kept the Talon built out of the box...not to everyones tastes but looks ok in yellow :)


the damned artificer
11-06-2012, 13:06
Great update :D

The deimos executioner is beautiful, really well done mate!

And the storm talon looks good, even though it's an out of the box build as yellow can save almost any sm model ;)

11-06-2012, 13:12
Thanks TDA :) I am sure the pics will appear on FW's Facebook site once finished (well the Executioner will at least). The plan is to enter them in the Armies on Display thing if I can build a suitable base for them all as well. Lets see how my free time and creativity pans out.

the damned artificer
11-06-2012, 13:19
That would definitely be awesome (both)

What theme are you contemplating for the AoP board ??

11-06-2012, 13:28
Some kind of fortress attack or defence perhaps to fit in with the IF strengths. Have yet to really think on it much. I have some 2x2 plyboards and dense foam to construct it with and a few Cities of Death bits kicking around to make it from.

the damned artificer
11-06-2012, 13:36
Sounds like a solid theme :D

You could do a segment of a breached wall as the backdrop and have them emerge from the opening onto the 2x2 in an aggressive manner :)

11-06-2012, 13:39
That has a lot of potential! Its a shame I cannot use my Terminators really, as they use parts from maxmini and Scibor, but the rest will be fine and you only need a few models. What with the Eagle, Ram, Executioner, and some FW infantry, I have it covered :)

the damned artificer
11-06-2012, 13:42
Yeah and the termies can always teleport in later for the glory shots :D

Also this theme gives you a huge playground of defensive mechanisms to add as detail to the board like dragon teeth, barbed wire, blown up gun turrets etc to really catch the siege atmosphere :D

12-06-2012, 22:46
And we are done with this guy. Was going to make the weapons magnetised, but decided I like it equiped as is for elite troop and tank busting whilst still being mobile.

Apologies for the piccies, its dark in my kitchen :)

But I think I am now down with this little fella.


the damned artificer
12-06-2012, 22:57
The plasma glow is gorgeous! And the fist icon, is that a green stuff mold of the banner from the IF/CF upgrade kit ??

13-06-2012, 07:59
The Fist Icon is a GS mold from the IF/CF icon pack done ages ago by GW. I borrowed some from friends and took blu-stuff molds of loads of Fist Icons and now use them liberally across my models :) Same for the FW icons used on the Ram and Eagle. I got a set of IF/CF icons with the Mk2B Land Raider Kit, and just took copies to save on costs. Green Stuff from an online retailer and job done! The plasma glow I am particularly happy with as it was all airbrush and then fine lined along the edges of the 'coils'. Only took 20 mins but looks pretty nice IMO.

13-06-2012, 15:12
It looks fantastic, Well done mate,

the damned artificer
13-06-2012, 15:24
I do the same thing too, I just use resin instead ;)

13-06-2012, 17:56
Love that predator, absolutely fantastic kit and you did a great job painting it up. Your yellow storm talon does look much better than flying blue brick :D

25-06-2012, 08:59

Really nice work, congrats! Quick question: do you find filthy brown awkward to airbrush? I'm trying it myself and it either clogs in about a minute oris way too watery and runs everywhere. Which is annoying as I don't get this with any other colour I've tried so far.



25-06-2012, 09:06
Mchael - no I have not had a problem at all with airbrushing Vallejo Filthy Brown. Goes on very smooth in 2-3 coats as a prime over black with no clogs or over thinning. I use Tamiya airbrush acrylic thinners with about a 50/50 ratio to paint and ensure it is well mixed. If you leave it to sit for a while, it seperates in the mixing pot.

25-06-2012, 11:19
Ok thanks, I'll try some different thinners and see if that helps!

03-10-2012, 10:03
Well, its been a while!!!!! Ummm yeah, been painting a 2k Necron Army for the last few months (ill need to post the pics up I guess as I know the rules - pics or it never happened!)
Anyway, with the spate of new Heresy Era stuff from FW, its time to get the yellow mojo back on.

So on the desk this past 2 weeks has been the Spartan.

First, the tracks, which do not fit
So some cut and sawing later

Then some glue and clamps

03-10-2012, 10:04
Then once mostly assembled

Add some base coat

03-10-2012, 10:05
Start the highlighting and shading process

03-10-2012, 10:07
OK, I need some new pics since the last ones were taken. Currently the model has been given its yellow glaze, and the sponsons are now primed black ready to be detailed as well.
So its looking quite Fisty now. Note I forgot to remove the Aquilla till late on the front ramp. That will be covered with a cast up IF Icon as well as the door panels also getting Icons.
I want to add some smoke launchers to the model as well. The kit does not come with any, yet the default wargear includes them.

03-10-2012, 12:09
Hey man great log! Can i ask what glue do you use for FW resin and where is it available?, as my current one fails me on FW.

03-10-2012, 13:36
Thanks :)

I use a glue that i get from Maplins right now (am in the UK). It is a brand called "ultraloc" and comes in 3 different densities. Really runny I use for basing adhesive, and the thick viscosity for the FW resin. I am sure eBay or Amazon will stock it.
It seems to work pretty well, but all weak joints are reinforces with brass pins where needed and gaps filled with green stuff.

the damned artificer
03-10-2012, 14:40
Aww again you beat me to the finish line XD I'm frantically waiting for FW to send me my stuff, including a Spartan :P

It looks great! And you didn't paint the interior here either did you?? I must say I am excited to get mine as I will be adding some extra interior details to mine :D And exterior details as well, mine will be the personal carriage for thenprimarch himself :P so it needs to look proper fancy :chrome:

04-10-2012, 09:43
Nope, once again I have not painted the interior and have glued the assault ramp closed.
I thought I would have it finished this week, but I think I need most of the weekend if the wife allows it.
Can't wait to see what you do with yours though TDA :)

04-10-2012, 12:31
It looks great! A really beefy kit indeed! Keep up the great work cant wait to see it finished!

the damned artificer
04-10-2012, 12:46
Hehe them ladies, always hogging our precious hobby time :P

I hope I won't disappoint then Haywire, I will plaster it in lightning bolts and gold I think :p

05-10-2012, 11:08
I am sure you will not disappoint TDA, you have yet to do so, so no reason to start now!
More painting and pics to follow this weekend folks.

06-10-2012, 22:34
Wow - I'm loving your work. The yellow really pops and the paint jobs you've put on those vehicles is simply stunning. The weathering is nicely done and well realised.

The spartan looks very nice indeed. You're making me want one now!!

08-10-2012, 15:46
Lots more paint and pigments applied at the weekend. Alas I failed to finish but got pretty near the end.
All that is left is the sponsons and the IF Icons. So maybe 2-3 more hours effort plus any drying time and its good to hit the table top.

If anyone is coming to the Gaius Secundus WHW campaign in November, expect to see it and the rest of the army there duking it out.

08-10-2012, 19:10
Included for scale is a Plastic GK Terminator and the Pred to get an idea of the size of this thing.


08-10-2012, 19:37
Lovely stuff. I really like how you've done it.

I'm never sure which way to go with battle damage. I think for my own fists I'm going to do little or none, as I tend to think they would look after their tanks a bit better than IG or orks would. On the other hand, they went through a lot and often went for extended periods without resupply during the heresy, so in the context it makes sense. Or at least, damage and mud make sense. I don't think I'd ever have rust on a piece of astartes equipment.

08-10-2012, 19:39
I was awestruck at the paintjob, then started laughing at the approving way in which the Honey Monster is viewing the Predator in the last picture...

But seriously, the scheme for the Spartan tracks is brilliant. I may have to badger you for it in the future...

the damned artificer
08-10-2012, 21:19
It looks marvelous mate :D And damn it's big (no jokes here! :P)

I think i looks suitably mid campaign'ish, they are after all thrown through what must be hell for us mere mortals, so severe wear and tear will probably be appropriate ;)

09-10-2012, 12:19
The slightly OTT weathering is in keeping with my thoughts on the Heresy itself. Although the IF were defending Terra they did stroll out occasionally, and during that bitter time, supplies were inconsistent due to raiders, and the fact that the suppliers themselves would have switched allegiance. Time to paint your nice armour was not an option!

Track scheme - prime black, stipple with bolt gun quite heavily, stipple with silver, drybrush with mithril. Wash with black/devlan - whatever the latest version is. Allow to dry.
Stipple on weathering powder mix of light rust and dark mud especilly in the track joints. Seal with a mix of white spirit and polish (or pigment fixer). Allow to dry. Drybrush again with a light silver.

10-10-2012, 15:33
AWESOME! very jealous here cant wait to see that bad boy finished! glad to see you back as well!

16-10-2012, 08:53
And we are done!


Hadriel Caine
16-10-2012, 11:52
Wonderful tanks. FW have done a great job on the design of these and your painting just makes them pop. I'm very jealous! Wish I had the money for a proteus or a spartan. Maybe if I sell of some unpainted stuff. Whats next for you?

16-10-2012, 12:07
Next, several things really. I have a Draigo wing to assemble and paint for Nov 2013 (which I want to go to town on as its only 22 infantry and 3 Dreadknights), I have several Eldar units I want to finish including the Vampire Hunter, plus I will be ordering the Cataphractii (and Fellblade when released).

I think next though is to finish some standard 40k IF units inc the Storm Talon and Seige Dread I started a while back. They should be quick to complete as I got quite far with them before stopping for Necrons for a bit.

Glad the Spartan meets your approval :)

16-10-2012, 14:39
wow stunning and good to hear your getting those beautiful heresy models how many cataphractii can we expect to see?
very excited to see more from you cheers!

16-10-2012, 15:29
It has to be a full squad of 10 to start with of course! I was waiting for these to come out as the Tartaros pattern did not feel right from the Collected Visions books. Not sure on a weapon loadout yet as I do not have the big book to go with it. Will order a mix of weapons and see what I think. These will fit nicely with my own converted ones that used the Maxmini parts as well and will form Dorns inner circle of guard when he finally gets his release.

16-10-2012, 15:42
It has to be a full squad of 10 to start with of course! I was waiting for these to come out as the Tartaros pattern did not feel right from the Collected Visions books.

Indeed - even their listing in the Forgeworld 2012 Catalogue doesn't feature an Eye of Horus icon, which otherwise denotes that model(s) being Horus Heresy appropriate. :)

the damned artificer
16-10-2012, 16:17
Indeed - even their listing in the Forgeworld 2012 Catalogue doesn't feature an Eye of Horus icon, which otherwise denotes that model(s) being Horus Heresy appropriate. :)

The tartaros termies are in the HH book, the reason for their lack of an eye so far is that the kit has the crux terminatus, it seems however from talking to fw that they fully intend to eithe make an upgrade kit or a seperate set of tartaros termies without the crux as they are actually (like all the patterns of tactical dreadnought armour) available pre-heresy :)

Haywire, the spartan is a beauty, can't wait to see more infantry from you :D I just got my own spartan today, so hopefully I'll have it put together in the next few weeks :D

16-10-2012, 16:24
Watch for those track segments that do not fit! Mine were an entire track segment too long to wrap around the model. Some careful cutting and saving of the spares ensured that I could repair any miscast or plug gaps.
I have never noticed the Tartaros in the book to be fair, must have missed that! Either way the Cataphractii are made of win and fit the Heresy look better rather than being minime versions of the Contemptor. Talking of which, I have a Mortis I need to do...

16-10-2012, 20:45
Nice. I am definitely going to have to get myself one or two.

Looking forward to seeing you do a mortis then!

the damned artificer
16-10-2012, 21:21
The tartaros termies are scattered around on the background images :P But I do agree that the cataphractii termies fit the pre-heresy bill way better, but the tartaros are still better than the indominatus pattern ones (the regular GW ones) which technically was also kicking around at the time :p

And thanks for the heads up on the tracks, I had a similar problem on my proteus... :(

23-10-2012, 12:40
How goes the Spartan track builds TDA? Similar issues to mine or all clean so far? I also recall one section had a bad miscast at one end on a track link. I used the off cut from the excess I had to replace it which worked nicely.

I have now ordered my Cataphractii Terminators with weapon assortments plus the Heresy book. Oh, and a Warhound Titan....

the damned artificer
23-10-2012, 15:08
A warhound titan, damn you're gearing up huh? ;)

It's not going that well atm as I have little time for my own projects (I'm building and paining a thunderhawk as a commission atm) But I dry fitted the track section and it seems I have the exact same problem and will need to remove a track link to get it to work :) It is however an awesome kit, and crazy heavy as well :P

Looking forward to seeing your cataphractii termies mate, and enjoy the book when you get it, it's awesome ;)

23-10-2012, 15:29
Always gearing up mate! Large resin lumps is the future.
The rest of the Spartan kit goes together nicely, its just the tracks that require some work, oh and the side doors are not the best fit either. Minor trimming only.

So Turbo Laser and Plasma Blaster options to go with him as well. Just deciding on the Legio really. Not a huge choice on line to look at, and my shrine of knowledge (the bookshelf at home) is not rull of historical documents going back to the days of Titanicus etc. Lucky the web has a large selection. However GW has not overly delved into the Legio's too much. Quite a lot of names to pick from but only half a dozen or so have paint schemes attributed and heraldry icons. I am sorely tempted with Legio Astorum though. Several reasons - I used its icon on my Fists Storm Eagle (could tie in as a badge of honour), the current IA Masterclass does a Reaver in this scheme so a full documented paint guide with large pictures is there, and finally I don't want to do a red one! There are some other cool sounding Legios that fit into the Heresy as well, but there is very little info, and I am not overly inventive enough to come up with a scheme and icon unfortunately.
There will be a separate thread as I go Titan crazy though :)

Pics of the Storm Talon will be next here (although not technically Heresy era, it assists in 40k games when people cry at the use of FW)

the damned artificer
23-10-2012, 17:41
Kewl :D

I'd have gone with exactly the same loadout myself, what pattern of warhound did you get??

I'd say go with Astorum then, they look cool and you have the logo in your army already as you said :)

24-10-2012, 11:41
And its piccie time!
Talon update WIP shots. Nearly done, just a few more bits to go. This is not is proper base though, as a new one to match the rest of the army needs doing.


24-10-2012, 11:43
@ TDA - I got the best version - the Mars Pattern not the Lucius box on legs of course!!!
I am pretty set on the Legio Astorum now. Need to get ordered a bunch of brass rods for pinning and some new drill bits and dremel attachments. I want this sucka as secure and stable as the Phantom and Rev!

24-10-2012, 12:00
Looking good.

Glad you got the mars pattern as I think it looks way better than the lucius.

Cant wait to see what you do with it.

24-10-2012, 12:14
And as if by magic, the courier arrived. Warhound delivered. So were the Cataphractii. Not bad considering the FW site says they wont ship till 2nd Nov. Unboxing photos to follow shortly!

24-10-2012, 12:59
Haywire, if you want some titan painting inspiration or some 'titanporn', feel free to check out my Weemen blog for Legio Astorum ideas and closeups, in sig block and labelled posts Legio Astorum, I have 3 Legio Astorum Titans done by the awesome artist Richard Gray from richardgraycreations.com, he is Demonrich on Warseer. He did a better job than I could ever wish to be able to do and at 550 a time, I didn't want to mess up the Reaver. Titan 'Honorum' the Reaver, and two Mars Pattern Warhounds 'Canis Bellum' and 'Canis Praetor'. If you need any additional phots of bits, just ask and I'll oblige. Welcome to the Legio... ;)

24-10-2012, 13:07
Oddly enough, that page showed up in my research 2 days ago Siph and spent time drooling :D I have made myself more than familiar with the awesomeness of that Titan Battlegroup!!! If I can come close to emulating your Commission painter Richard, then I would have done a good job.

My only tiny comment/critique is the basing using those 2 ovals under the foot pads. I plan on using a similar technique as I used with the Phantom and place it on a lump of bevelled oval wood.

09-09-2013, 12:59
Been a LOOOOOONG time since I posted on this thread! Needless to say the IF have been growing in numbers constantly and consistently over the past few months.

The latest addition now features the new Legion Glaive model

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/1236101_10151938130569744_1288106763_n_zps08b69a38 .jpg[/URL]

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/1239738_10151938129904744_858635981_n_zpsebf0671e. jpg[/URL]

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/1235907_10151938130319744_35928380_n_zps2d0845c7.j pg[/URL]

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/1236233_10151938130434744_1360050276_n_zps4108ebb8 .jpg[/URL]

09-09-2013, 13:03
The completed Storm Talon (ok not really Heresy Era, but meh!)

Spartan Land Raider

WIP Siege Dread

Tyranid Hunters / Death Watch kind of option here made specifically for a recent GW Campaign Event

09-09-2013, 13:52
How did i miss this blog? :O
Great stuff mate!
I'll be following it closely!

09-09-2013, 15:56
That Fellglaive is immense! I want one! :p

20-10-2013, 01:56
You work is breath taking as always mate excellent job!

31-12-2013, 09:56
Long time since this got updated, but I have still bee painting these Fists! Heading for "40k" Company size at the moment...
Anyway a few additions included these lately:

Some simple objective markers
http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/56F8845C-61D8-446D-818E-8DD678947FD7-7880-000003526056BCFE_zps2be3c67d.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/swchq/media/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/56F8845C-61D8-446D-818E-8DD678947FD7-7880-000003526056BCFE_zps2be3c67d.jpg.html)

And some light tanks - 3 Rhinos and a Scorpius Whirlwind
http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o308/swchq/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/209F75C9-2790-460F-BA1E-8A292EA9175F_zpslnvpmsxe.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/swchq/media/Warhammer%2040K/Space%20Marines/Imperial%20Fists/209F75C9-2790-460F-BA1E-8A292EA9175F_zpslnvpmsxe.jpg.html)

These have since been weathered and detailed but cannot find the pic I took...oh well I'll do a new pic shortly and am due to do a full army shot as well to see how this lot looks en masse!

31-12-2013, 13:09
Looking good. I really like the new whirlwind. Looking forward to seeing your army shots.

31-12-2013, 13:12
Thanks Shaw. I actually gave the Scoprius a run the other day v's Necrons. Ohhhh myyyyy as Mr Sulu would have said! When you hit with the max D3+1 barrage shots it really hurts. 24 hits on a full unit of 20 Necron Warriors with a Lord, none got up. The Lord failed his Everliving Roll to boot. Its pretty impressive from a rules perspective and if you see one facing you, target priority puts it up the rankings in my book. I think I might have to add another one :O

01-01-2014, 11:23
Thanks Shaw. I actually gave the Scoprius a run the other day v's Necrons. Ohhhh myyyyy as Mr Sulu would have said! When you hit with the max D3+1 barrage shots it really hurts. 24 hits on a full unit of 20 Necron Warriors with a Lord, none got up. The Lord failed his Everliving Roll to boot. Its pretty impressive from a rules perspective and if you see one facing you, target priority puts it up the rankings in my book. I think I might have to add another one :O

I'll be picking up a Scorpius as soon as my free shipping voucher arrives. They're reasonably cheap (points) in the legion list and against fellow legions will be very useful for shifting 20 man blobs. the fact they can hide and shoot is also a massive bonus.

Great blog and looking very nice!