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24-11-2011, 17:44
Hey guys!!!!!! I really want to play all slannesh cause i have really nicely painted guys so here's my list:


Chaos Lord with MOS, Steed of Slannesh, Rending Sword, Talisman of Protection, Shield, War Banner, Sophoric Musk (350)


Sorceror with MOS, lvl 2, Infernal Puppet (160)

Sorceror with MOS, lvl 2, Dispel scroll (150)


25 Warriors with MOS, adhw's, FC (440)

14 Warriors with MOS, shields, FC (250)

14 Warriors with MOS, shields, FC (250)


5 Chaos Knights with MOS, FC (260)

6 Chaos Ogres with MOS, Chaos Armour, adhw's, FC (320)


Chaos Giant (225)

Total: 2405

So what else should I add!!!! All of these units i have used to good success except for the boobworm(really dont want to drop him but am open to any equipment suggestions.) Thanks a lot guys.

24-11-2011, 19:23
Make knights bigger and small units Of warriors use Halbreds. U could try 40 marauders with gw too

24-11-2011, 20:28
Your lord can't take the War Banner, only the BSB or standard bearers in Warriors, Knights and Chosen can take magic banners.
I'd add mark of Slaanesh to the Giant and personally I'd probably combine the 2 smaller warriors into a unit with halberds and switch your lord out for Sigvald.

26-11-2011, 16:28
Okay thanks a lot guys. I think I might change a few things. I can make the Lord on foot:

Chaos Lord, MOS, Halberd, Shield, Talisman of preservation, Book of Secrets-Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll, Third Eye (353)

And get rid of the sorcerors (I dont love lore of Slannesh). Hopefully the Thirdeye will be enough to keep my magic going strong. The dispel scroll is there so i can get rid of a monster spell(it is hard to dispel with a lvl1) This guys still not to shabby with 5 strength 6 attacks, a 2+ armour save, and a 4+ ward.

I want to keep the small warrior units as a sort of tarpit(however they still do decent damage) and have the ogres combo charge with one unit and the knights combo charge with another. This sounds like a good tactic to me.

So now i just got rid of 310pts by taking out the sorcerers.

-Add MOS to the Giant

- Add 5 chaos knights to the knight unit and give them the banner of flame (monster hunters) for 225).

-Take 5 Chaos Marauder Horesmen with MOS, Flails, Musician, Standard Bearer (85)

-Add 1 more warrior to each shield unit (32 pts)

This takes my army up to 2498 while using all the models I have. Also I should tell you guys that the M horsmen are actually very good as they usually vanguard and and get behind the enemy first turn if i use terrain as cover properly. Then, on the second turn, the enmeny either turns around and gets charger in the rear by either the ogres or knights or the enemy gets charged in the rear by the horsemen and in the front by the ogres or knights. It works pretty well. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

immortal git
27-11-2011, 00:41
Get a MoS on that giant, how can you resist!!!

27-11-2011, 13:11
Get a MoS on that giant, how can you resist!!!

I couldn't resist thats why i put it in with my revisions;) Any more commments on the list? Also, how do you guys feel on my Lord? Do you think he will be enough for magic. I know he is only lvl 1 but I can still cast most enemy spells by throwing alot of dice. Also i dont plan on using big spells as I don't really want this army to be centered around magic.